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What did you do in KSP today?

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Continuing today with the Kerbal high altitude flight (KHAF) Training Program. Test today of the X-1S "Skygazer" went phenomenal..... In respect to kerbal standards that is :D. All preliminary data suggest Kerbal kind is ready for space! Effective immediately- All personal will be notified of the true nature of KHAF's goals.... The Final Frontier!

The "BH-1" performed remarkably while carrying the X-1S up to an altitude of apx. 9000m

Screenshot (25)

Release WAS NOT smooth. In Kerbal fashion, the assembly was put together hastily and poorly..... In order to meet extremely stringent deadlines, of course. (Hey, we have other things to do today)

Screenshot (26)

Lighting the engine on release resulted in.... lets just say bad things.... Pretty pic, and all looks well, but it isn't. Thank the Dev's for revert or today would be a day of mourning instead of celebration. Jeb did not survive.:(

Screenshot (27)

After a few tweaks the flight went off without a hitch reaching a maximum altitude of 80.02 kilometers.

Screenshot (30)

Well, things were going without a hitch. Bye Bye landing zone.... Good thing that will also serve as a test zone where engineers will be dropped later today to begin construction of a lunar base mock up.

Screenshot (31)

Gotta bring the big boy home. 

Screenshot (33)

And in Kerbal fashion we forget to drain the remaining fuel from our wings before landing. I suppose it's a good thing they were heavy enough to snap off as it prevented further damage to the body.

Screenshot (34)


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I finished my Jool 5 yesterday, so today I built my first airbreathing SSTO!  Got to orbit first try, ha!

Here it is in the VAB *ahem* SPH.  No idea what I'm doing, so I just eyeballed it.  That's my usual way of building things.  I want to be able to say, "I have never used the RAPIER engine," so I didn't use it.  No oxidizer on the craft.


Great shot of the Mun on the way up.  About to get those plasma effects.


Burnin' for space!  I actually passed my Ap and started losing altitude for about a minute while burning for space.  Kind of scary.


SPAAAAAACE!!!  The cockpit's heat bar got about three-quarters full, but no heating problems on the rest of the plane.


And we have achieved orbit!  Yay! :cool:


Man!  That's a whole lot of extra dV!  Anyone think I can do a trip to the Mun on that?  I am a noob in this department as I have absolutely no experience with spaceplanes... :P

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5 hours ago, RoninFrog said:

my first airbreathing SSTO

Way to go!  (RAPIERs are trainer wheels...)

Mun?  Easy.  You need 1170 to go from LKO to LMO.  See the Subway Map in this.


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Today it is orbital.  After rejecting out of hand the idea of switching the Whiplashes out for rapiers, I decided that the perfect tool for the job was the oft overlooked Thud

D94FBB048D759444EC06D8F447A5C9628E58A1FAOf course with only one of them, firing through the COM but not along the control Axis, insertion requires a bit of guesswork. Maybe i should have gone with 5 Twitches and 2 Sparks instead. 

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1 hour ago, Rhomphaia said:

Maybe i should have gone with 5 Twitches and 2 Sparks instead

I recently had to save a great, failed idea (GFI) that had 2x Whiplash and 2x NERV that couldn't quite make it to orbit in a situation in which the mass of every Kerbal onboard was telling against success.  A bunch of Twitches saved the day and didn't add much to the total mass.  Which was satisfying because they are dead weight in interplanetary space when you want to run hi-ISP/LF-only.

Re the "guesswork", lighting up the Thrust Vector indicator in the VAB and eye-balling it down the center-line should get you close enough, do you think?

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First trip to Duna in my USI Life Support playthrough.  The ship is carrying about 12 years worth of supplies for a crew of 4.  Lots of overkill in case I mess up the launch window.  Here the good ship Tripoli is docked with the Home Station.  Because of the way the life support works, Homesickness is based on the most habitable ship/station you've visited while away from Kerbin.  Home Station has a Homesickness negation of 50 years, meaning any crew that visits it will end up very comfortable being in space.

Shout out to Nertea for the excellent space station parts that end up making everything look beautiful.


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Finished up two new rovers that will serve as the foundation to our expansion through the kerbal system. Both are nuclear powered, have isru capabilities and carry enough  life support to run a base for more than a year. The larger one comes equipped with items necessary to build a temporary base.

Screenshot (47)

So.... How will we deliver a nuclear powered rover to our engineers testing out a mock-up surface base just off the edge of a desert to the east? Sounds like a good time to test out a high altitude delivery. 

Screenshot (40)Screenshot (41)Screenshot (42)

Jeb!!!!!! You all right there buddy? 

Screenshot (43)

After adding a docking port and scaling the plane up to 5m, I finally got in the sky. The wings kept snapping on takeoff. It was a LONG, slow flight! It took 30-40 minute's and draining my tanks to 900 units to ALMOST reach cruising altitude. Bad timing too. It's night time where we are going.

Screenshot (44)

 We have reached our destination! The drop went off without a hitch. After a few reloads....

Screenshot (45)

Maverick and Goose Kerman bringing the plane back around.

Screenshot (46)



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I finished up the FRSI and AFRSI textures (the white portions) on the Mk-33 today:


The AFRSI textures look quilted if you look closely. I still need to texture the probe core up front, the nose cone, the underside of the core parts, and the wings, so there's a lot more to do. But the Mk-33 is coming along nicely. I'm still aiming to be done sometime mid summer :)

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Landed my first SSTO Pandemonium I on the Mun and returned to Kerbin, landing on the runway!

Munar Orbit:


Landed near a crater, less than 300 m from the rim.


Gotta go explore the crater.  Don't trip, Jeb!


Taking off was interesting, as I couldn't lift my nose off the ground.  Eventually, I got off the surface by using a bump as a ski jump.  Eyeballing the return trajectory:


Not slowing down much, huh.


I didn't capture the first time and missed a good shot at a runway landing, but by pure luck I reentered the second time over the desert peninsula, giving me a second shot at landing on the runway!


Not gonna make it like this, but fortunately I have a smidgeon of fuel left in the tanks.


Haha!  Lookee there!


This design might actually be useful in my career games.  Fully reusable to Mun's surface and back.

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Coulomb is now on the way to Jool.  After a Zephyr injection boost, a 5-minute ion 'burn' finished the job (3.8 km/s dV remaining):



This is my second wave to Jool.  This time, I am sending 3x Epiphany, a Jolly Roger, this Coulomb, a Xenon IV supply ship, a DSRN V and I will be soon launching a Beep satellite constellation.

All slated to arrive sometime in 2022.


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On 4/25/2020 at 12:55 AM, Lewie said:

Today I built a rover and sent it to Duna! This was the first time I ever have gone interplanetary so this was a big deal. It went great, up until the de orbital burn. I didn’t have quite enough oxidizer left, so I had to get out and have Bill push it, while Jeb stayed inside. I accidentally pushed too much, so I landed in the south pole. Know I have to revert my flight, and go back to an earlier time. I’m kinda bummed about that, because so far I didn’t have to revert my flight once, and this was the first time I ever have gone to a celestial body outside of the Mun or Minmus. I was about to do it, when my PlayStation turned off because of the stupid time limit. Sorry for the ramble, but yep. That’s what I did in ksp today.

I had to revert time when I built a Minmus colony.

THREE hours of work wasted.

And I had to do it for a key binding that activated time warp.

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On 4/21/2020 at 3:24 PM, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

Is that the best you got? This plane can do it in less than an hour, and that was just one of the slower entries in the "Around the World in 80 Minutes" challenge.


It's actually quite simple.

  1. Post your screenshots on your imgur account. It doesn't even have to be public
  2. (Unless you haven't already) crop it so that only the parts you want to show are visible
  3. Copy the "direct link" of the picture in question
  4. Paste the link on the KSP Forum post.
  5. Voila.

(Sorry if I see it now:() actually my spy-plane  could have gone faster but it was already overheating; thanks for the photo upload thing :)  

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I got my Moho spacecraft all the way to Moho after tweaking with manuver nodes for a long long time....

Did my Moho capture burn and then I realised I did not have enough fuel to get back to Kerbin, even after ditching my Moho lander.

Guess I'll have to send a refuel mission now....

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