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What did you do in KSP today?


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Only accomplished two things today - my Eva-1 lander and the Modular Mobile Base (MMB) ISRU module arrived at Eve and landed.

First up was the MMB ISRU module.  All was going well till I realized the team responsible for the landing stage (parachutes and such) was taking a nap during vehicle assembly.  The inflatable heatshield did a remarkable job slowing the MMB module (as low as 18 m/s) but it also created a violent spinning force along the longitudinal axis at low speed, making a safe landing unlikely.



Despite the spin, the heat shield took the brunt of the impact, but the MMB continued to roll, ending up inverted with the solar panel & one of the radiators smashed.  With the loss of the solar panel & no way to right the MMB, the order was given use the self-destruct charge that was intended to destroy the inflatable heat shield to instead destroy the entire MMB.  Despite the failure, it is still a pretty remarkable for a no-parachute landing


Next up was the Eva-1 aerodynamic lander.  While it has nowhere close to enough dV to take back off, it was theorized to provide a gentler and more controllable landing for a pair of kerbonauts, so this unmanned test vehicle was sent to test the theory.  Pictured here after deorbit burn & jettisoning of the transfer stage


Eva-1 was remarkably stable during entry, despite a loss of signal during the hottest phase.  Also, despite the extreme heat, Eva held together until slowing down enough to regain signal and re-trim for gliding to land


Even in Eve's upper atmosphere, Eva-1 slowed down to a crawl (<200 m/s), needing bursts from the linear aerospike to keep its speed up even at over 30km


Dropping through the cloud layer, Eva was getting low on fuel but still several hundred kilometers from the intended destination (an emergency fuel station landed on the previous Eve mission) so it was time to look for a good landing zone.  Also, some maneuvers to see how she handled in Eve's soupy atmosphere were in order.  It turns out stall speed is around 18 m/s with the gear down, which will make for a nice, gently landing




Once landed (in Eve's midlands, a previously unexplored biome) some basic science data (temp, press, seismic & a graviolli reading) was gathered and sent back to Kerbin.  For the present, Eva-1 will remain parked but she is equipped with a self-destruct charge if mission control decides to use it.   Now I just need to build something to bring two kerbals back to orbit.....


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7 minutes ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

Nothing today but...

KSP 1.10 Releases tonight at midnight for me. So I will be staying up to post an image of jool's surface for y'all. (stay tuned)

What time zone do you live in? 

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1 minute ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

It might be actually a little bit ahead by an hour. MDT, Depends which region of mexico. More likely 11:00PM than midnight

Ayy I live in cdt so I’ll be getting that update at 10(ish)

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2 hours ago, Lewie said:

Nope. Central daylight time.

Oh well it didn't release when I thought it would. I need sleep so I am going to kick off for tonight sorry folks.

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5 hours ago, Cavscout74 said:



What mod is the linear aerospike engine from?  I've not seen that before.


Lovely looking plane but by why the choice to use the aerospike rather than electric props?  Is the plan to develop it for use on other bodies too?

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Confession time: the KSP bug bit me again a few weeks ago. Since the transfer window for Moho happened before the window for Jool in my new Career, and (more confessions) I've never actually done a real mission to Moho, I took the opportunity to us a Moho mission as a sort of refresher course before tackling the Jool-5 challenge again.

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Third and final planned flight of my Eve landing mission. Mundon flew out to get surface reports for a couple of biomes the earlier expeditions had missed, one of which I didn't even know was nearby. On the previous flight, I noticed the unique Olympus biome was only 70 km away from the landing site, so I flew over to pay a visit.


I'd always wondered but never tested how well the ASEV would handle a water landing, so I decided to try it on the way back. 



The rotors are even low enough that it can propel itself at a blistering 13 m/s. The ASEV might actually be water craft!


Note to self - "the ASEV is not a water craft."


After an embarrassing attempt to turn around, I save-scummed and tried to take off vertically. Weirdly, the rotors seemed to be having some sort of friction losses after being submerged. At full power it barely took off, and in horizontal flight the rotor RPM was less than half what it should have been. The ASEV limped back to the landing site at 50 m/s, but fortunately had enough power to make a controlled landing. Still, that was a weird outcome I wasn't expecting.

With surface explorations completed, now Mundon and Thompsy just need to wait for the ISRU systems to finish filling the tanks. At the current rate it should only be a few days.

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Alot! Began building my Mun base today. Crane dropped a small rover onto the surface and found a nice flat spot. Got lucky too, one of the new terrain anomalies is in walking distance. 


The AUNR II (All U Need Rover) in transit to lunar orbit. 

Screenshot (76)

Mun Landing.

Screenshot (77)


Landing all the inflatables for the base. Gently dropping the second stages down as they still have around 1/4 tank of fuel that will come in handy. The fuel tank knocked my storage over in this pic. Luckily I quick saved. Im weary of the landing legs jumping on load.


Screenshot (78)


Built a new 10 passenger SSTO capable of non atmospheric landings. Took me awhile to get it right. I take off from Kerbin with about half a tank and rendezvous with an an enormous space station I 100% cheated into orbit (Mainly to see how well it would run on mysystem. It ran amazing!). Dropped Bob off for a little stay, refueled and then set off for the mun with all my engineers to begin building.

Screenshot (81)


Before setting out on the three month mission. Jeb took a moment to enjoy the view from the stations zero G capula.

Screenshot (82)Screenshot (83)Screenshot (85)Screenshot (86)

I began building the base....... And..... It blew up, killing bill. Better luck tomorrow.

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Well, it took many, many debug flights and landings (sometimes in the middle of nowhere), but I finally got the ascent portion of my script working well enough to get to orbit.  Some highlights:





Max Q



Having to keep the gear retracted until the last moment to reach the runway



"100... 50... 40... 30... 20... 10... butter"



"Where are we this time?" 

"No idea..."


Orbit!  With only fumes left in the tanks! :o 

I need to make some tweaks to the script though.  The inclination wasn't quite on point and the gravity turn could be a bit more optimized.  I might also try to let the script use the more-efficient OMS engines for the latter portion of the circularization burn, once there is no worry of falling back into the atmosphere.  Oh, and of course it might be beneficial to tell the script to drop the external tank when it's empty.  :sticktongue:

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I love that Squad / Private Division let us know the release date this time - so, yesterday I copied my existing directory with my JNSQ save SOMEWHERE ELSE, and stripped Kopernicus, JNSQ, and most of my mods out in preparation for 1.10. Then I fired up KSP and built a new station to toss in orbit around stock Kerbin. (new game save)



This morning, Steam had already auto-updated KSP, so I jumped right into 1.10 and launched Jeb and Bill up in the Ariane 5 from Cape Kerbin:


Having replaced the dead load in the Ariane 5 with a 1.875m spacecraft I am calling "Janus I"


I have to say I am loving the new decals, and the parts, and the new Jool texture. If they added life support and parts failures, I practically wouldn't have to use mods. (ok, adding clouds and such would be nice too)

Side note: It definitely seems to be running faster at a given number of mods / parts. Really liking this release overall so far.


Ok, now where did I park that space station from yesterday? Jeb and Bill have a date with KSS Destiny.

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In anticipation of the update I started a new career yesterday. Now it was time to set foot on Mun. How did it go? SPLENDID!!! Why would you even ask?


Don´t you think Bob is looking embarrassed right now? well, GOOD. HE pressed the wrong button. (And bill is broadcasting his entire knowledge of swearwords to the whole planet) Que rescue music after the dl of 1.10 is completed. :D

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I'm more of a rocket's guy, but few days ago I started with SSTOs.


Yes, I know, it is so inefficient giant for a small satellite.  I should have started with "small" SSTO, but I tryed to build one that can go interplanetary to Duna, where there's a small station in orbit with a reusable lander, so the SSTO could be used as a "taxi" to that station and back to Kerbin without refueling.

I'm still far away of finishing this project, this is just one of the first prototypes, tested by doing something simillar but to Minmus.


There's a huge room for efficiency, TWR and ISP improvements, and that's the way I'm trying to evolve the next prototypes.

This one at least was enough to start testing another thing: the reentry and landing profile. And I think I achieved a kerbal's very standard landing profile:


No kerbal were injured, the front part of the SSTO was the less damaged one.

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Started a stock (almost) career for 1.10. Since fairings needs to be updated by modders, I have removed ReStock for now, I'll get it when it's released, and this is where I see all the amazing work done by the ReStock team on relooking the parts, now it's more ... well, that's stock I guess :D

Anyway, been around the Mun and docked two spaceship around kerbin. Without RCS, I have not enough science for that right now (maybe I should take some data gathering contract to improve the situation).


Of course, most of the maneuver have been done at night, so cannot really eyeballed it and I had to resort to the navball only of the two craft. And moving at a relative speed of .3m.s with those poodle. Anyway, it took a while, but I made it eventually, and Jeb and Val returned safely at the KSC, each in their own spaceship.

Next mission is Mun landing. I do have some satelites to deploy, and the endless stream of stranded kerbonauts will provide for more crew, while sending tourists in suborbital flights have proven to be a reliable source of income.

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I found 2 gamebreaking bugs in 1.10 and then did the Rosseta mission and lost the Philae lander after switching back to Rosseta (the comets are that big.)

What I learned about 1.10 is don't use the telescope and use task manager to close the game (or bad things will happen.)

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