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  1. Wow thanks!! and hell yeah, the Wrench works very good, I really like the arrangement of the cockpit/airbrake hehehe! and I see you have the same problem I have, reaching 2km height when preparing to land... but I guess that can be improved NO! Not challenging you at all I want to submit Soon(tm) another replica... but it's been difficult to make it work properly as the wings of the original have a bit of a weird shape... to be continued...
  2. Mmm... no, M1 descending with FAR and wet mode. I guess as the aerodynamics of this 'plane' are so weird, at least as I built it, FAR is more demanding. Without FAR, pure stock, I saw 805ms @ 13km stable, where the engine is less thirsty (but still wet mode) Did you manage to land it vertically without FAR? So FAR xD I couldn't...
  3. Hi! It's been a long time I don't post anything... lately I'm finding more and more annoying having to rely on Imgur or any other image posting site to upload the images for the posts. Anyway... I was working on replicas (sort of) lately. Again, yes. I made a quite flyable C.450 K.450 Koleoptere, and here you have it, working properly with FAR although the only way to achieve Mach>1 is descending: https://kerbalx.com/myrddin/K450-Koleoptere
  4. First to like.... unfortunately I'll have to wait to watch it until tomorrow
  5. I thought I was the only picky one. I did read, thus I didn't submit the survey. Now I finished reading all the posts. Although @Dman979 did a great job (out of his scope, we know ) explaining it, in some cases it seems that what bothered us is not the fact itself about having the T&C, but the 'rudeness' so to say, the difference between our day by day here with the community and 'that' (where is a pukeing emoji when you need it?) Meh, enjoy. One more like that, one less KSP2 that BigCompany will sell.
  6. Hum... I would say 'hold your horses' until you have unlocked the aerospike engine, for a classic 'non-propelled' asparagus ascent. And build your rocket in the most aerodynamic way that you can, as Eve's atmo is... well, soup
  7. Thanks for the hard work, @IgorZ!! Much appreciated! I think I need to report an annoying bug in my 1.11 install. I don't really know if it is better to report it here or in CKAN thread. CKAN marks the new version 1.8 as compatible for 1.11.0 to 1.99.99 so I updated it before reading in the OP that this is not true (minimun version 1.12). The observed behavior which made me report the issue is that in an already deployed vessel with a RTS-1, the option from the GUI to transfer just liquid fuel has disappeared. All the others are still there, including Oxigen, or LF+Ox, and so on. Reverting to 1.7 has proven to be the proper solution, but I guess CKAN info about compatible versions is not *ahem* really accurate (again). So, IgorZ, up to you, if you want me to report it to CKAN, no problem at all Again, thank you!! J
  8. No, you broke it. Come on, just 3 science points from a crew report from the surface of the sun? That's definitely broken, ME!
  9. Now let's just wait for the release Good job!
  10. In my case, all these kinds of contracs don't work, can't be completed: Attach part/finish vessel Repair vessel Bring XXX surface feature from XXX So yeah, Control Alt F12 became my friend lately
  11. She is seriously gorgeous!! Good job!!!
  12. Mmm... OK, I'll bite... Demo is required I can't really tell if Val is taking the jetpack with her, which adds weight to the launch
  13. Grand! Now bring her down (alive if possible )
  14. Just decided that RSS with RP is not for me... At least not now with the little spare time I have nowadays. On a different note, today SN11 emulated my first tries to manually power land a first stage
  15. What about the landing legs? They look awesome, but I was checking in the Probes Plus page and couldn't find them in the album... they look pretty neat! (yeah, a bit lazy to fire up KSP and after 10 mins finding that the legs aren't there... )
  16. I'm still playing in my old rig from 2012, plus a 4 year old Nvidia 970, with about 130 mods install : I5 3570k@3900//16GB Ripjaws//CrucialSSD//Corsair HX850W And yeah, at the current prices, I'll wait. I guess I'll just replace the MoBo, the CPU(fan too if it is not compatible with the new socket) and the RAM on first stage, keeping the case, the PSU, the 970 and the SSD for a while. Hopefully in a year the prices would have dropped a bit. My guess (based on Intel/NVidia as I have 0 experience with AMD CPU/GFX since many many years ago): i5-9gen minimum, i7-10gen (or newer) recommended 16GB minimum, 32GB recommended 20-25GB HDD minimum, 20-25GB SSD recommended (plus what you need for mods, etc) GTX1060 (or GTX1660, hopefully not) minimum, GTX 3xxx recommended (whatever is in the market in that moment) Build a rig from scratch with all those components... well, right now it would be a pain in the wallet, wouldn't it?
  17. When I saw the reply coming I thought 'oh no, someone saying "add moar boosters" ' But yeah, totally right, I guess I stand corrected!
  18. I'm just facepalming meself thinking how to land one of these demonic things, together of course with the reactor to provide power.... yeah, I can't wait to play it either. 2022 is soooo far away...
  19. Já sei hahahaha! I was not expecting a rapid unplanned disassembly anyway, but hey, that happened in the past already... And lithobraking with RUD, yeah, it works for me eeeeverytime hahaha! I actually don't know if it is because of realistic atmospheres not being installed in this instance, or what... but the damned thing doesn't stop!! I can barely open the drogue chute!
  20. I've been trying to replicate the Perseverance expected landing in my RSS install. Have big problems with the aerobraking... or lack of it Just hope the real thing does it as expected 2h later today!
  21. Not much done today, I dedicated one hour to watch the new movie from @Oraldo revak, "Mirror": Try it, I'm confident it won't disappoint!!
  22. I don't know why it didn't come up in my youtube recommendations until today........... Watching it, made a pit stop to comment... great job man!!! Will edit later once I finish it Finished... OMG, it is truly amazing! Sharing it immediately in the WDYDIKSPT thread Let's push your views and likes!
  23. It's easier than you think... ya verás
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