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  1. Yes, and they were also complaining BARIS wasn't "realistic" - this is why @Angel-125 added the quote in the BARIS OP about realism and little green men. It's also why BARIS was pulled for a week or two and grudgingly restored, with much less publicity and fanfare. (Thanks Angel-125 for restoring it - I've been a happy user of BARIS since the start - it's still my favorite part failure mod) So this one has a lot less baggage, and the benefit of experience. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.
  2. Sandcastle is Angel-125's base building mod for the Wild Blue constellation.
  3. RefLat and RefLong are only used in group objects. A group is simply an anchor - and yes, they're planetside coordinates. It was implemented several versions of KK ago (after AlphaAsh left) to solve the specific issue you're talking about. A group can hold any number of objects, including 1. The primary advantage to a group is that you can move a Group Center, and it will move all the objects associated with that group as one, maintaining the relative location.
  4. Assets are normally associated with a Group Center. The Group Center uses RefLatitude and RefLongitude for location, with SeaLevelAsReference and RadiusOffset for the height. Individual Assets ("Instances") use RelativePosition, which is the distance (in meters, I think) from the RefLatitude and RefLongitude of the associated Group Center. (Instances have a "Group" attribute) RadialPosition is the vector from the center of the body that a static is placed on when it has no associated Group. GER-Space has a definition in the KK Github wiki. You're probably best off creating a Group in the location you want and then assigning your objects to it.
  5. Awesome, thanks! re: evileye.x's comment - Kerbalism is the opposite of simple and lightweight. It's pretty outstanding, but kind of an all-or-nothing deal, it doesn't play with others well.
  6. The OP has both https and http links. It's pretty rare now, but not long ago there were still a fair number of people not using https or using browsers which didn't fully support the protocol. The OP is 8 years old. If you want someone to explain why they're not using the SSL link, well that's another story and a good question.
  7. Any chance you would share the instance file?
  8. Maybe a flying pony? (or not, I mean any pony can fly with enough boosters)
  9. That was before KSP got 5x the player base of those days. Be patient and kind - the 0 Rep, 2 Comment folks of today may end up being future modders or major community contributors. Now, if the asker has 100 Rep and 500 comments, that's a whole 'nother story...
  10. Looking forward to that - is there a dev thread for it? I sincerely hope there will be some way to opt in other parts (by adding a PartModule or something) so that intrepid patch writers can create optional addons for those of us who want the chance of a 'chute failure, or tanks leaking, or whatever. If that's not going to open a giant can of worms, that is.
  11. Are you trying to use it in an atmosphere? Because it only works in space.
  12. Compatible, yes. Whether or not someone has actually written the config file to put them in the tree is another matter - probably best to ask in those threads, since they would be maintaining any such patch file.
  13. Source code is here: https://github.com/SerTheGreat/NavInstruments/tree/continued
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