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  1. Those containers were originally in KSPI in the early days - they were created by zzz and released to Public Domain. If you look around, you can still find the models and textures. They're parts with no animations, so they'll work perfectly well under 1.3.1 so long as a cfg file is created for them.
  2. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    That's pretty awesome! I've got a signed photo of Alan Sheppard (and some other memorabilia) from his Apollo 14 mission - my grandfather went to high school with him. Not quite as cool, though - I saw the Skylab test article at the National Air & Space Museum a couple of times, and had a minor obsession with Skylab when I was in Junior High. I haven't lofted the parts in MOLE yet for Skylab - I might put that on the list to do this weekend since I have some time to actually PLAY KSP this weekend. MM needs to be at least the same version or higher than the one in MOLE. The BARIS "do not delete" folder needs to be there. If you have older WBI mods co-mingled, then that might be an issue.My recommendation would be to delete the WildBlue directory and re-download the latest versions of the mods and reinstall. It's really easy on Windows to end up with a stale file. On Mac, copying the folder deletes the old one entirely, so it's much less an issue on Mac.
  3. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    I've had zero problems with MOLE on 1.3.1. @Quoniam Kerman - are you running KSP on Windows? If so, and if you installed "over the top", you might try deleting all the WBI subdirectories and re-copying them in. (and verify the versions you downloaded) Most likely culprit would be a BARIS-related file, since that had the most changes recently across WBI mod versions. It's most likely a stale file that wasn't compiled under 1.3.1, and reinstalling should fix it. If not, then try installing just the WBI mods in a clean secondary install of KSP. And no, I haven't been doing software support as my main job for the last 20 years, why do you ask?
  4. I was paring down my browser favorites this evening, killing lots of old KSP links, and I ran across this blast from the past: I have to say, both the mods and writing have come a long way - they all showed a lot of promise back then, and you definitely delivered.
  5. [PSA][1.3]Panarchist Space Alliance Dev Thread

    Update on the PSA Greenhouse - I've rebalanced it for USI-LS, but I don't think it's working correctly.. I've added support for Snacks and TAC-LS, but Snacks isn't balanced yet and is WAY undepowered. TAC-LS hasn't been tested yet, it's next on my list.
  6. I went with the following: thrustmaxkso = mass = 0.8 (this puts performance / mass in line with stock engines) cgholdkso = mass = 1.25 KSO_Cabin = mass = 4 leftwingkso = mass = 0.8 rightwingkso = mass = 0.8 rearkso = mass = 1 tailrudderkso = mass = 0.125 omskso = mass = 0.16 (this puts performance / mass in line with stock engines) and left the ailerons and the landing gear at their original weights. That moves the CoM just enough to make the craft stable in nearly every normal flight situation, regardless of tank loading. It's also a lot more believable in terms of relation to the STS orbiter, though not entirely. The cabin mass of 4 is pushing it, but I consider it warranted since the cabin can hold 6 kerbals. Pretty sure Helldiver and Nazari had fuel in the wings because it's common in aircraft. The STS orbiters obviously did not have fuel in the wings, but then they didn't have fuel, period. The OMS pods had hypergolic propellants for OMS and RCS, but they were intended to be detached and serviced / replaced as necessary. Not so with the wings.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I was able to fix the Dauntless by increasing weight in the command section and decreasing it in the cargo bay, but the Super is all one part so that wasn't an option.
  8. I'm providing them in the format they were posted in. Given the licensing terms of the original, I'm not comfortable posting converted versions - you'd have to ask Nazari or Helldiver about that. Regarding a release of 1.3 / 1.3.1 compatibility patches, did shdwlrd happen to figure out how to fix the KSO25 Super's weight issue? Adding or subtracting fuel and oxidizer in the fuselage shifts the Center of Mass in the wrong direction. Makes it a real challenge to land. I cooked up some alternate weights for the Dauntless which work a lot better and make it much more flyable - still haven't rebalanced the USI-LS patch, though.
  9. [1.3.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Teaser for the flight operations writeup. (yes, I am still working on it) Sent ASC-01 Amelia Kerman out from KSC for flight operations: The Amelia Kerman had just finished a recent shipyard maintenance period, and had flown to KSC to pick up the soon-to-be embarked air wing. As part of preparations to receive aircraft onboard, the call went out over the 1MC for everyone to muster on the flight deck for FOD walkdown. A FOD walkdown is where all available aircrew and deck hands walk the length of the flight deck from bow to stern to find any stray bolts, screws, pebbles, chunks of non-skid that have broken off the flight deck, or any other Foreign Object which could Damage (FOD) an aircraft engine, or be flung at high speed down the deck to damage aircraft or gear, or injure crewpersons. Most crew don't enjoy FOD walkdowns - they get tedious, and they must be performed daily, sometimes twice a day, in any and all weather conditions. Typically, the FOD walkdown involves most of the available crew at the start, because many show up late, or are rousted and made to go up on deck by senior enlisted people (Petty Officers) until there are 2 or 3 successive lines of crew walking down the deck. A couple officers usually walk backwards near the front of the line to manage all the people, and 1 or 2 run back and forth with trash bags to collect anything that people find on the deck. In general, this is pretty tedious to simulate in KSP, but it does make for some pretty pictures. If the airship is airparked with engines running, the whole line will appear to slowly move aft, which actually looks a LOT like the real thing. FOD walkdowns move at less than 1mph, the objective is to check the entire deck surface and inside all of the padeyes. Once the aircraft are on-board, FOD walkdowns continue to be performed each day prior to flight operations. On days with a high OPTEMPO (Operations tempo - rate of sorties), there may be two sets of flight operations, one starting about 7am, and another in the evening - each "session" being several hours long, with a FOD walkdown before each.
  10. [1.3] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    I had something similar - 6 days in the VAB integration screen became 8 days in KAC in the space center scene.
  11. [1.3.1] KerbalKomets - Add komets to your game!

    Patience. @Angel-125 hasn't updated it yet. All mods which leverage the KSP difficulty system UI will crash 1.3.1 until they've been updated, and I'm sure it's on his list to get to - he stated on other WBI threads that he's busy with RL stuff at the moment.
  12. "Shippy McShipFace" - classic.
  13. Panarchist Space Alliance

    Originally, I intended for this to be based on a career save, but since I want to have certain things in place prior to the "start", it looks like either this will be a sandbox game, or I'll need to create my own tech tree before flying the first "official" mission. Kerbals have already developed aircraft parts up through propellers and early jets (turbojets), and the Skots have been flying airships for a couple of decades or more. Many of the structural parts and a few other select pieces (like some of the wheels / gear) would have been "discovered" / invented years earlier. I also added a couple more mods, and reinstalled MKS and some of the related mods - my problem is I like WBI and USI both way too much, and it can be difficult to run both simultaneously since both put quite a few hooks into the base game. Both mod constellations are exceptional, and each has its strengths. I also updated everything to 1.3.1 versions, so I think everything's just about ready to go - hoping to post the actual first installment "soon" (TM).
  14. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Thanks for cranking that out! Looks great now, no more issues.
  15. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    1,000 times THIS. The bug tracker exists for a reason, and the more info you can give to the devs, the more likely it'll get fixed. Fixing bugs involves the following: 1. Reproducing the issue 2. Figuring out why the issue happens (root-causing the issue) 3. Figuring out how much work is involved (evaluating the root-cause to determine LoE - Level of Effort to correct, mitigate, or work around) 4. Addressing/Fixing the issue (writing code) 5. QA the issue (verify the fix, and iterate 4-5 until done) 6. Release the fix There isn't anything WE can do about 3-6, but none of that happens until 1 and 2 are done. Step 2 can take A LOOOOOOOONG TIME. The more (and better) info you provide, the less work involved for the devs to complete Step 2 and move on to the rest of it. The "break points" in the process are steps 1, 2, and 3. If the devs can't easily reproduce the issue, then the issue will be dropped. If the devs can't root cause the issue in short order, the issue will be dropped. If correcting the issue takes 6 months, and it only impacts 1% of the user base, (or is trivial for the user to work around, or is cosmetic) then the issue will be shelved, dropped, or addressed next time that code is worked on. It doesn't do anyone any good to simply complain that something doesn't work, or hasn't been fixed yet. (other than to make the poster feel better - and incidentally stress out everyone else) What does good is to be specific, to do some investigation first on your own as to when and how the problem happens, and to be polite and professional when dealing with Squad, or in cases of mods, the mod maker. Especially since that mod maker might end up working for Squad.