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  1. You'll get that message if any other vessel (including debris) is within 260m of the hangar. In your last pic, those objects look like they might be inside the 260m limit.
  2. @Sir Mortimer - Can you please update the Requirements section of the OP to include the dependency on Harmony? Thanks!
  3. And then you can even store actual airships in there. ;-)
  4. @Angel-125 There may be an issue with the Heisenberg IVA under 1.11.2 - I am going to verify in a stripped down install. RasterPropMonitor works fine with ALCOR and others, but in Heisenberg the HUD is opaque and HUD and MFDs are blank / dead. This is a heads-up, I need to verify on an install with just JSI and Heisenberg - my current install (new computer) has 136 mods so if it persists on the bare bones version I'll get you a screenshot, logs, etc. EDIT - Looks like a mod conflict, it's not present in the bare bones install. If I can isolate it, I'll follow up with the conflicting mod m
  5. Built a new airship aircraft carrier, and parked it in the airship hangar at KSC:
  6. Today I successfully parked one of my airship carriers in the airship hangar from Kerbinside Remastered. For reference, the maximum length you can fit in there is about 90m. AS-04 is 85m long. 90m would be completely clear of both door areas. Not sure when it would exceed the safe area, or if clipping would destroy the airship. (Didn't want to find out yet) If it's safe all the way to the actual doors, then you might get 110-120m airships in there, but it would be really tight.
  7. Ah - yeah, I only did it with a small reactor, so I can see how that would be a pain. That's actually one of the most complex issues in space travel, and a serious problem for any ship with a high energy density powerplant or propulsion system. There's just too much heat being produced that can't do anything really useful. The exception being electrical power generation from the waste heat of the propulsion system - but that only extracts 1/3 of the energy and the other 2/3 remains lower temperature waste heat that needs to be gotten rid of. Unfortunately in space you can't shed heat f
  8. I *do* use IVAs, but realize the amount of work involved - glad there will be some, and my attitude is that I seriously appreciate them when they are there - so thanks! "Might make an appearance" - there's a shortage of truly good greenhouse parts, so I would encourage you to do that over another cupola if you are inclined. I'd love to see your take on one of those. Also very glad to see more non-inflatable parts. They certainly have a place, but I'd imagine the animations are a lot of work.
  9. @linuxgurugamer - any chance of getting VOID to report in hours / days instead of (or in addition to) years? I'm playing a resized Kerbin (2.667x scale) and 1Y is less useful as a reporting measure when I don't actually know how many days are in a year at my scale. (I was actually hoping to get that data from VOID) Maybe I'm just not using it correctly, or the info is available somewhere else and I just missed it?
  10. I actually really liked that mechanic. I mean, it's not like my engineer has to frequently swap that out anyway, but I liked the idea of a refuelling actually requiring some time and effort.
  11. Spacedock link is here: https://spacedock.info/mod/767/PSA Greenhouse I haven't gotten around to updating the compatibility info. PSA Greenhouse is a pure parts mod - so it's compatible up through 1.11.2. If you do use it, and find any issue with balance re: Snacks, let me know and I'll update it and post a new version on Spacedock.
  12. Those parts were from MKS-Lite, which was a separate mod that RoverDude maintained until October 2016 when he deprecated it and rolled some of the parts and functionality into MKS. The scout pod was definitely deprecated, I can't recall on the landing frame. They're definitely not listed in the Ranger series parts on the Wiki - pretty sure they were both deprecated. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Parts-(Ranger-Series)#mks-ranger-ball-hub
  13. 1. The limit *may* be 232m. source: Given that 6 years ago, people were using distances in yottameters, you're probably safe with any distance you want. As with any major change in KSP, back up your save, and try it and see if there are errors. 2. The whole universe has to orbit *something*. Usually that's Kerbol, but you could have Kerbol and another system both orbiting a fixed point. (like a barycenter, but not really) Certain functions are reliant on that central point, so I don't know all of what impacts you might see. As @OhioBob said, with the distance involved, orbital
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