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  1. Not sure - *I* can't do it, but that's because I don't have the math skills needed to calc the values.
  2. The "Stations" part of the mod works perfectly fine in all versions of KSP from 1.05 - 1.7.3. Ground equipment I think is still broken outright and has been since 1.2 or so. As mentioned above, the orbiters still work with updated dependencies, but with major control issues that aren't easy to fix. They've been partially addressed in the custom config files that @Eskandare and others have worked on over the last 12-18 months, but those fixes all work only for certain loadouts and can vary widely when the CoG changes due to cargo in the cargo bay or other factors. The main problem right now is that the people with the desire to fix it is a very small group, and the subset with the skills to ACTUALLY fix it is VERY small. And all of them have lives that pull away a lot or sometimes all of their available KSP time. I've been involved periodically as a tester of some of those configs, and I "wrote" a few of the MM patches for the recent distributions of this mod - all of those are either out of date, don't work with the new MM, have errors, or are unbalanced. (and as such, I recommend you not use the CLS or USI patches in this mod if they have "panarchist" in them. I've gotten better at writing them, but these have not been "fixed") Personally, I'm currently just using the space station parts, for "Russian" space stations (plus I love love LOVE the work tug!) Otherwise I am likewise waiting to see if any movement happens on this or the follow-on project that Helldiver and Nazari had planned.
  3. It means if you create 4 parts in symmetry around another part, (like cargo containers) you can break the symmetry to configure properties independently (among other things) rather than having all 4 items identically configured. Also move them independently instead of in a group, etc. It changes symmetry objects to be as if they were individually placed.
  4. Ok, I am definitely switching back to Snacks from TAC-LS. Looks like it's time to start writing some MM patches again. WHOA - nice documentation in the Github wiki. Thanks, @Angel-125 !
  5. Wait - so you're saying if I want to replace TAC-LS with this, I can use a custom config to add Water? Can I replace "Snacks" with "Food" or "Supplies"? Or is this just to define things other than "Snacks"? Because having this engine be able to do Snacks + Water + Air along with the stress mechanic would be awesome. Also - any thought to having a replaceable resource? I.e. being able to substitute "snacks" for "food" for "supplies" with specific consumption ratios. (basically a RESOURCE [OR] RESOURCE, or a switch/case type arrangment - does KSP/MM even support that?) Because it'd be awesome to just hook up some containers to my ship and be able to use ones that say "Supplies" as if they contained Snacks.
  6. Love it so far - I mean, like you said, half of it's always been here, but having the GUI and info is awesome.
  7. I don't actually know, like a lot of people here. I bought KSP in 2013, around version 0.17 I think? (it was before docking was introduced in 0.18) And then I bought it again when it was released on Steam (to help support Squad). I have 332 hours on the Steam instance, and several thousand hours (conservatively, 3,000 hours) on my non-Steam instance. I play on the non-Steam game(s) far more often than Steam, even now.
  8. Most of it, I recognized, but there's a couple parts that looked like they might have been from another mod. (I use most of the NF mods in my main save)
  9. Not true, time travel is covered, but only in one direction - clockwise. Anticlockwise is a premium enterprise feature, and still in beta.
  10. @Cavscout74 - what 'chute mod are you using to get that awesome separation? Looks great!
  11. @BadOaks Which parts mods are you using on this save?
  12. I've got a border map set up, but no nations yet: I'm probably keeping the same nations I had previously in the Kerbinized-original version. If you're looking for more than 20 nations, this makes a decent start, and then just fragment the larger chunks either along geographic features / biome boundaries, or like on Earth, use arbitrary straight lines. ;-) Edit: Also, keep in mind that this is the in-game biome map, so you need to flip it horizontally to get how it looks mapped onto Kerbin.
  13. As far as a geopolitical map, this is the draft I'm personally working on for my fiction: (no country labels, just borders) For my own "reality", it's probably going to end up with a variation of these nations from my old Kerbin map:
  14. Returning to this after a long absence - There's a good chance I am going to rework this for Galileo's Je Ne Sais Quoi mod. I really like the idea of a 1/4 scale system (2.5x the size of "current" Kerbin), and I've had a number of ideas I want to explore since I first started this thread.
  15. Just Tweakscale a heatshield on that puppy and add 400 radial parachutes - other than the framerate, you'll do fine. ;-)