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  1. panarchist

    Kerbin Elcano Exploration Project - Epilogue

    in other words, its mission is "Plausible DenEye ability". ;-)
  2. panarchist

    Pleasant Surprises

    They are?!? Awesome! Kerbin-side put a runway and other facilities at KSC2/Baikerbanur, and a cool access road that is clearly meant to pivot up to allow rockets to be moved from the VAB to the launchpad. Liked the road, but hated that particular runway.
  3. panarchist

    Pleasant Surprises

    launchSiteName = KSC2.1 facility = None showRamp = False GROUNDPOINT { bodyName = Kerbin gizmoIcon = LaunchSite lat = 20.663511276245117 lon = -146.41900634765625 alt = 421.17647230625153 rot = 0,0,15 } No runway there, though - KSC2 predates the SPH.
  4. Personal opinion - drop the CoM slightly so that the RCS Build Aid vectors are directly through the center of the lateral RCS nozzles (assuming 1/2 RCS fuel) - that's why they were located there on the real LEM. They should be positioned for ascent mode, as the rotation is critical for ascent docking - docking prior to descent is controlled by the CSM in real life, and RCS positioning isn't as critical on the MEM descent so long as it's "close enough" so that translation RCS adjustments don't induce too much rotation in the full MEM. Maybe that's how you already have it set up, it just looks slightly off in this pic. Great adjustment, thanks for posting the text for a patch!
  5. panarchist

    Pleasant Surprises

    I have no idea, I'm not you. I wasn't expecting Squad to add that capability to the Mission Builder, so it's a pleasant surprise. So was the F-1 analogue. Hopefully the Mission Builder will be extended to provide the ability to introduce random events in a save game, or to extend some of the capabilities like launchpad spawning. It seems like most of the architecture is already there to do it, since the Mission persistence file is so similar to the one for savegames. The parts and texture switching is nice to see also, but I was expecting those features after all the youtube coverage of the pending release.
  6. panarchist

    Pleasant Surprises

    I should qualify that - within missions. I don't know if you can do it in the base game. Open the Mission Builder, click the "Spawning Nodes" category on the left, and drop a "Spawn Launch Site" node on the canvas. If you click on the latitude or longitude buttons, it will bring up a tiny Kerbin globe (unless you select a different celestial body) which you can left-click on to set the location - and once you've clicked on the map, you can zoom in and out to fine-tune the location.
  7. panarchist

    Dawn of the Space Age

    Awesome job! The missions automatically save the craft when leaving the VAB, so there's no need to revert - you just restart the mission and reload the craft. That wasn't intuitive to me at first, I kept rebuilding my craft several times until I figured it out.
  8. panarchist

    Pleasant Surprises

    So, what things in Making History come as a pleasant surprise to you? In my case, it's 2 things: 1. spawning a launchpad wherever you want one, and ? 2. Doing it at the KSC2 location and discovering that in 1.4.1 the entire KSC2 space center has been restored to its pre-1.0 configuration, with correct terrain height and all buildings present and at correct heights. You can even clearly see the "K" in the ground, just like in the old pre-0.23 days.
  9. Keep in mind that with all the real-world spherical capsules, if the capsule is perfectly balanced, the CoM is *automatically* aft of the center by virtue of having an occupant seated against the "back" wall. I'm not positive, but I don't believe stock KSP takes the occupant location into consideration when setting CoM.
  11. panarchist

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.9.0.0 (Mar 17)

    Thanks! Really appreciate it, especially given all the chaos around a release.
  12. panarchist

    What did you do in KSP today?

    nice DSH - looks a lot like the reference design.
  13. panarchist

    KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    That's kind of how I feel, too - but I'm not a console player, so it's different for me. Also, I've owned KSP for almost 6 years, and started with 0.17 before there was even docking - so from my perspective, pretty much every feature I was looking for is in the stock game, except for Life Support and a Delta-V indicator. And there are plenty of mods to give me those features now. I can understand the console owners' frustration, though - as mentioned up-thread, KSP doesn't lend itself well to those platforms.
  14. panarchist

    Mother Development Thread

    Yeah, that's looking pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to trying these out when it's all done. DEFINITELY like it with the hard edges.
  15. panarchist

    Mother Development Thread

    I prefer the hard edges, unless that's going to take more of a framerate hit.