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  1. Well... one guy does. Pretty sure Ramirez and Castigan aren't going to be playing KSP2. To misquote Kirk, "I don't believe in the Zeist scenario"
  2. Space Dust is Nertea's mod for harvesting atmospheric resources, like scooping gas giants - part of the NFT / FFT constellation of mods.
  3. Yes, there are at least 6: Kerbalism, BARIS, Dang It!, Oh Scrap!, Kerbal Mechanics, Kerbal Launch Failure, and at least one other that I can't remember. Personally, I use BARIS - but my point is that Nertea's mods end up being prettier, more functional, and less demanding on system resources than most of the alternatives. If Nertea had a reason to create a parts failure mod, I would use it in a heartbeat. Ditto for ECLS. Electric management is already being done in NFT. System Heat lays all the groundwork necessary to do thermal management for crew spaces - someone will need to build the
  4. Persistent Thrust. If Nertea made a LS mod and a parts failure mod, I'd never need to install anyone else's stuff. :-)
  5. It will be great to see this mod actively maintained again.
  6. I'm using Galaxies Unbound in my JNSQ game. Distance-wise, it is SIGNIFICANTLY farther out than Valentine, and it's a beautiful pack. I've only seen one issue so far - it adds a CItyLights layer to Kerbin which is mapped to stock Kerbin's terrain, not JNSQ Kerbin. (SVE does this also) So if you want to run both, I'd recommend removing the layer in EVE config or deleting the GU_Clouds/CityLights folder from Galaxies Unlimited so your lights look the way they are supposed to.
  7. I think part of the amazement isn't that you HAVE kids, but that you have kids and still have time to DEVELOP things. :-) I have 2 boys, 5 and 2-1/2, and I barely have time to do anything KSP-related. Or any other game, for that matter. Kudos to you, sir. Also, these are all amazing, and I'm really enjoying it. Haven't found anything yet that hasn't already been reported, but I'll submit bugs if I run into them before someone else does. Incredible work, thanks for continuing to push this stuff out.
  8. Ok, waitaminute - this is a patch to fix the... "patch"? :-D That's very meta. (and appreciated)
  9. That's the Kronos DSEV 1 - one of the best realistic space vessels out on the Internets. If "Cronus" is that centrifuge, then I look forward to building a lot of ships like that.
  10. Ok, that is ridiculously awesome, and worthy to make me put aside the new MS Flight Simulator and my other in-progress games to do KSP again. I can't do conversion, but I'm happy to do usage testing / QA on anything that's been converted.
  11. Ah - yeah, that would definitely be a problem. I mean, you could still work around the 3+ tanks issue, but it would be a real pain in the neck. I'm feeling like the remaining issues might spawn a .2 release - it's been a while since they did that.
  12. Post it to an online service - Google Docs, Pastebin, Dropbox, etc, and then edit your post here and insert the link to where you put the file.
  13. Did you read the bug? There's a simple workaround. I appreciate that @dok_377 is irritated at it not being fixed, but the devs have limited resources, and when there's a simple workaround like timewarping a second, that makes it a pretty low severity issue. Whereas fairings were just plain broken in modded installs.
  14. No you cannot, if you want to use WBI mods. It's the stub of BARIS that prevents WBI mods from breaking if BARIS is not installed. Basically, it doesn't *do* anything, but if it's not there, WBI mods will try to talk to BARIS to announce certain events, and fail - presumably causing NRE spam. Angel-125 has commented on it several times in prior pages of several of the WBI mods.
  15. My question is... Why is EARTH behind Val when she's grabbing for the Kerbal Crunch bar?
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