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  1. When you return to KSP modding, I'd be happy and thrilled to help beta test. Also, re: IVA design, happy to give constructive feedback and I have worked both Support and QA at various SaaS companies, so I can write a decent bug report.
  2. It's 74° 42'0 WEST Longitude, which is roughly 360-74.71 etc = 285.29973537. Game UI reports Long as E/W values, but the underlying data is based on a full 360°, all positive numbers.
  3. I can post mine tonight - sorry for the late response, but I was offline all Thanksgiving weekend. Just read the prior posts.
  4. Also, OPM is dependent on Kopernicus, which isn't updated to 1.8.x yet. Please don't ask for an update in that thread, it's already been provided on the most recent page.
  5. @Thomas P., @Galileo and others - thanks so much for continuing to develop and test this while having to deal with 6+ pages of people pestering for updates in violation or ignorance of the forum policies. Every. single. update. I can't contribute to everyone's Patreon, but if any of you are ever up in Seattle (where I work) or Tacoma (where I live), hit me up with a PM and I'll buy you coffee, or a beer, or lunch. Seriously.
  6. Medsouz's last version is here: After that, Alpha Ash took it over, for KSP versions above 0.90. best of luck updating - I'm sure you know this, but be sure to back that save up before messing with it. There's still a lot of 0.24 and 0.90 mod versions out there, so you have a decent chance of getting things up and running on the older versions of KSP - there was a major breaking change somewhere between 1.0.5 and 1.3.x that may cause major havoc if you want to do updates all the way to 1.7.3 or 1.8.1.
  7. Working fine for me on 1.8.1 with custom suits, heads, and 8-ball.
  8. You're not blind, and I may have assumed - I don't know if Blackheart's mods are on Github.
  9. The current version of Unity no longer supports DXT3. They need to be converted over to DXT5 DDS textures. It was prominently mentioned in the 1.8.0 release notes, and Blackheart has already mentioned in this thread that he's aware of the textures issues. I'm sure once he has time to work on it, either he'll correct it, or he'll accept a PR from someone else who's already done it. Right now the best thing to do is either deal with the missing textures or continue playing in 1.7.3 until Blackheart releases the next update, and not bug him in the interim.
  10. To be fair, Squad actually delivered on that. If you purchased prior to that date in 2013, you've gotten everything so far "for free". Even for those who didn't, there's been 8 major releases since 1.0.x dropped, adding quite a bit of functionality, and basically funded by others who bought after each of us did - whenever y'all came aboard. At most, they've brought in $45M from KSP, and that's funded a development studio for the better part of 8 years. T2 and Star Theory aren't Squad, so I expect KSP2 is going to have a more traditional development and release cycle, with paid DLC and no freebies, and a higher price point. Which is fairly justified, given that it's a major professional studio and developer, with properly-funded QA, marketing, and graphics and UI/UX designers. Not saying Squad's team aren't Pros - many of them are and I don't know all their backgrounds. Just saying that there's a big difference in resources and sometimes in experience between a 20 person outfit, and a 200+ person company. I'll miss what's gone before, because Squad's team has been very responsive, passionate, and dedicated to the community - a community which by and large is not shy about being vocal, critical, and/or demanding. They all deserve a medal for what they've managed to deliver over 8 years, and all the flak and crap they took over it. And T2 has, so far, been really hands-off other than taking some highly-criticized steps to protect their IP and their investment. While KSP has always been in need of more optimization, what was delivered for most of us at a cost of $25 or less was well worth the cost. Unless you're on console, and then you probably have a bunch of legitimate gripes. @paul23 - these are general comments, not aimed at you in particular.
  11. So, it looks like the behavior only happens in a sandbox game, which is what I usually play. So the lack of a science tab in the PAW seems "normal". What's undesired is not being able to extend any of the instruments, since stock behavior allows normal functionality (except for gathering science points) while in SB. I don't recall it being an issue in Kerbalism prior to the science rework.
  12. Amen to that. Especially for the more popular mods. (although I expect MKS and the other USI mods are an exception given the inside track he has)
  13. Thanks for the tip - I'll check and verify that, and if it still has issues, I'll log an issue on GitHub with the requisite details and log. I'll edit this post if that turns out to be the case. EDIT: Looks like I need to get those screenshots and logs together - will try later today. Did the following: 1. Removed everything from GameData except Squad, SquadExpansion, Kerbalism, KerbalismConfig, DMagicOrbitalScience, CommunityResourcePack, and ModuleManager.4.1.2.dll. 2. Deleted settings.cfg and PartDataBase.cfg from the KSP root directory 3. Deleted all save games 4. Launched KSP, created new save 5. Opened new save, built a rocket with DMagic and Stock science parts 6. Launched rocket. None of the science parts are showing up now in Kerbalism, and the PAW have none of their normal interactions That's different behavior than what I saw before, which leads me to believe either I did something wrong, missed some sort of temporary files, or am unknowingly missing a dependency. In any case, at this point, the issue needs a proper bug report with screenshots and logs, and I'll probably do a complete KSP install from scratch and without DLC just to be thorough. Thanks again for the help, @Sir Mortimer, and I'll pop into the Discord server once I'm able to get that info ready to post - right now I need to do actual work today in my day job.