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  1. @Misguided_Kerbal - there's always "Toast": It's basically "Harder Stock System" with the serial numbers filed off (accrediting was done as per license requirements), and every planet will have the same axial tilt. I posted briefly on it a year ago in this thread.
  2. Scatterer is having some weird issues on my computer - the colors are... off. I ended up removing it and now AVP looks "normal" again. I also tried SVE, and that looks pretty good under 1.10 without Scatterer. I have 20 or so mods installed at the moment, though, so I don't know yet why things aren't looking right. I've also noticed several bugs that I need to try to reproduce - one of them is an inability to track another ship or create a maneuver node. Hopefully no one else is having that issue. That's a topic for another thread, however.
  3. I love that Squad / Private Division let us know the release date this time - so, yesterday I copied my existing directory with my JNSQ save SOMEWHERE ELSE, and stripped Kopernicus, JNSQ, and most of my mods out in preparation for 1.10. Then I fired up KSP and built a new station to toss in orbit around stock Kerbin. (new game save) This morning, Steam had already auto-updated KSP, so I jumped right into 1.10 and launched Jeb and Bill up in the Ariane 5 from Cape Kerbin: Having replaced the dead load in the Ariane 5 with a 1.875m spacecraft I am calling "Janus I" I have to say I am loving the new decals, and the parts, and the new Jool texture. If they added life support and parts failures, I practically wouldn't have to use mods. (ok, adding clouds and such would be nice too) Side note: It definitely seems to be running faster at a given number of mods / parts. Really liking this release overall so far. Ok, now where did I park that space station from yesterday? Jeb and Bill have a date with KSS Destiny.
  4. You're using Kerbalism *and* BARIS? Did you disable Kerbalism's parts failure functionality, or are you using both? (curiosity - I actually don't know the cause of the RealAntenna issue, but hopefully someone here does)
  5. It *should* work fine. I've been running on a recompiled 1.8.1 Kopernicus build for the last 6 weeks or so (with JNSQ) with 80-ish mods, without issues.
  6. The Guidance Computer works with MechJeb or kOS. If you're not using either mod, then it has no purpose.
  7. You're right in terms of the reactor - LOX has minimal impact on the reactor, but the combustion chamber and nozzle now have more mass to carry away heat, and additional mass blocking heat which is re-radiated back towards the reactor and the back end of the spacecraft. You may be right that it's offset, I haven't fully crunched the math - but LANTR and other LOX NTRs in "afterburner" mode generate 3x as much thrust using 4x as much mass. So while the operating temperature is higher, total heat is lower since more of it is traveling out with the propellant rather than re-radiating back to the spacecraft. re: explain what I meant - there are a lot of propulsion concepts out there where propellant is separate from fuel (almost all the nuke concepts, and a few others which I can't recall at the moment). In many of them, the engines are usually high(er) Isp and low(er) thrust than chemical propulsion, and additional propellant (or another propellant with a higher MMW) is injected to increase the mass leaving the nozzle and improve thrust. In may of those cases, the added propellant acts as a coolant due to a higher specific heat. (an example is a LHyd engine using H2O for thrust) Additionally, there's other ways to reject heat through the use of flash coolers of other types of heat sinks which can be flushed into space (i.e. single use) to reject large amounts of heat other than through radiation. It gets discussed a lot in SF and gaming forums about futuristic space combat, and Ken Burnside's "Attack Vector: Tactical" boardgame actually did the math on it, (I might be able to find that paper) as did Children of a Dead Earth. They came to different conclusions as to the practicality, but STS did the same thing with the ammonia boilers and flash evaporators. Base KSP doesn't do anything with heat sinks, (and they can be somewhat problematic due to mass) but there are plenty of examples of their use in RL space agencies. Take all that with a grain of salt. I haven't done the math on it in 15 years, and some things may have changed. And I'm over 50 now, so the odds of misremembering are a lot greater. But I helped design and playtest parts of Attack Vector, and used to debate thermodynamics and heat sinks with Winchell Chung, Ken Burnside, Anthony Jackson, and a bunch of defense contractors and space scientists on sfconsim-l and a couple of space physics groups - again, 10-15 years ago. I'm probably better now at generating ideas and pointing people at resources than doing the actual math, but I still remember a few things. I might be wrong about LANTR LOX augmentation, but thrust power directly relates to thermal energy, so the determining factor would be the propellant ratio and specific heat of the propellants. H2 has 14x the specific heat per mass unit that O2 does, so maybe I have it backwards.
  8. We actually don't disagree. "Orion NPP is the only future tech that's actually been partially tested" "There's no reason (other than the political) why NSWR can't work in theory, but no one's tested it yet, so no one actually knows what practical factors might nix it, or make it challenging." "Any kind of fusion propulsion is purely pie-in-the-sky. None of it has been tested" I might have been a little out there with "pie-in-the-sky", but they're all technologies at least 50 years off. Orion *might* work because essentially it's just blowing up nuclear bombs behind a shock absorber. But as you say, the devil is in the details. I just take exception to the idea that Nuclear fusion power, or fusion propulsion like the tandem mirror, are 20 years away - they've been saying 20 years away for 50 years. GCR, LENR, LANTR, PBR - I think those are all doable in the next 20 years, and honestly I'd love to see a PBR modeled in NFT/FFT since I think they're really cool. (and potentially have a TWR >1) Those are some seriously nice models. Every time you post these pics I start drooling over the next release.
  9. This would totally give a reason to have lower-temp radiators, like the ammonia radiators typically used for life support on STS and ISS. Looking forward to testing and using this, once you release it. Also depending on how it's implemented, flash coolers and heat sinks are a potential option.
  10. Absolutely, in which case they had the option to leave it. Generally it's bad business to accept an exclusive contract unless the plan is to have them buy you out - it leaves no room for leverage on your part and all the room on theirs.
  11. Star Theory killed Star Theory. Other commenters are correct - when you own / run a development studio, it's bad business if losing one contract means no revenue and being unable to pay their bills / salaries. Star Theory should have already had other projects in the pipeline - they didn't. For Take Two Interactive to kill ST, they would have needed to take them to court or otherwise mess with their revenue stream. Maybe that happened, we don't know. All we know is that there was apparently ambiguity in the contract, ST asked for clarification, ST and TTI were unable to come to terms, and TTI decided to pull out of the contract. Presumably the contract terms let them, since the story isn't about ST taking TTI to court. Maybe TTI is evil, maybe they're just big business, maybe they're just business - it all depends on how you spin the facts of what happened. In any case, Star Theory could have had other projects and hired people to cover them, or they could have chosen not to do KSP2, or they could have chosen to do any number of things which might have let them survive as an entity. They didn't. For whatever reason, they chose to do KSP2, and that contract became their sole revenue stream. Maybe they had no other practical option, or maybe they did - in either case, what they did is bad business, and a good way to let your company fail due to circumstances beyond your control. (which is exactly what happened) ST killed ST when they bet the company on delivering and profiting off of KSP2. If the terms were ambiguous, then they should have ironed them out before agreeing to the contract. It sucks, but it's the same thing that happens to other companies all the time, and for the same reasons.
  12. Ah, ok - that makes sense, especially your explanation on Reddit. I use Scatterer, so that's exactly why I'm not seeing the issue. Given all the changes Squad has made, I am amazed that EVE still works, and that Waz can keep it functional. Kudos to him and to the original dev.
  13. I alluded to that and was simplifying. The plasma cloud issue severity would be dependent on the TWR of the rocket. Yes, my statement stands - it is true. DFD has, as of 2019, only been modeled - nothing's been actually tested. Modeling is a long way from anything practical, or able to provide either power or thrust. Neutron generators aren't producing power or thrust. Fusion has, for the last 50 years, only been accomplished in specific circumstances where stellar conditions can be reproduced (as I mentioned above) - in particle accelerators, mostly. Unity has not been achieved, and a self-sustaining reaction is still, after 70 years of trying, only possible within a nuclear fusion bomb. Orion is the only practical method of nuclear fusion propulsion that currently is able to be implemented - the parts have all been tested, not merely modeled, and even that's not a guarantee, because there could be effects and interactions between the components that we won't know or see until the first real system test. EDIT: Apologies for the OT post - I'm happy to take further discussion on the practicalities of various propulsion systems to a more appropriate venue.
  14. That sounds very much like a mod conflict. What mods do you have installed?