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  1. panarchist

    JoolTube: 210 Years of RAILROAD HISTORY

    Wow - impressive! A faithful recreation of several iconic locomotives. Outstanding work!
  2. panarchist

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    0.18? 0.19? Somewhere around there. I wanted Life Support. After that, I kept finding really cool stuff I had to have installed - RemoteTech, E.V.E., Mechjeb (for a short time), RPM, and a gazillion parts mods. Nowadays, I'd say my "must-haves" are PreciseManuever, a life support mod, and Universal Storage. Next is Airplane Plus, Kerbal Konstructs, Kerbinside, and NavUtilities - because even though it says Kerbal SPACE Program, I keep wanting to fly airplanes, and I need somewhere to fly them to.
  3. panarchist

    [1.6.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    This one? That shouldn't be the Heisenberg, I just pulled down the craft file from KerbalX and looked at it, and it's definitely the Lindy. It might SAY "Heisenberg" on the side because that's the default decal - I created some custom decals, I should post those somewhere. Regarding landing on the carrier, your options are basically either download Physics Range Extender, or launch from and land on the parked carrier rather than going back to the space center. There's definitely some quirks and difficulties trying to do flight ops. @Shnyrik might have some good suggestions - he's the real expert.
  4. panarchist

    [1.6.1-2 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Not to mention that KSP helpfully destroys all your vessels if the planets can't load for some reason. Version locking and the GIANT FLAMING BANNER isn't just an acceptable means of dealing with it - it's probably the best option and the most effective one. Well, other than the fact that every single update, people post about the version lock without reading or searching the last few pages of the thread to see that it's been discussed several times before. It would also be nice if Steam would allow opting out of game updates per game, but that's an entirely separate issue.
  5. FYI to folks - if you HAVE to have EVE, stay on 1.5.1. 1.6 has new, incompatible shaders. Or at least Unity shaders that EVE doesn't support in its current state.
  6. panarchist

    [1.4.3] Dark Textures

    Ok, @FLO - so the problems we've both had are not with Dark Textures - it was the major bug Squad just fixed in the 1.6.1 release. This mod works perfectly fine in 1.6.1.
  7. Agreed on the rest of your comment, but regarding this I feel obliged to point out that it really depends on how large your launcher is. Several mods have 7.5m and 10m fuel tanks and engines, and a few others have some seriously OP (realistically so) boosters, like the various Orion-based mods. (the 1960s program, not the new NASA spacecraft) Using Near Future Launch Vehicles, or Kerbodyne +, or RoverDude's Orion mod, it's fairly easy to loft a fully-built 50-100 part station, provided it's strutted appropriately and has enough control authority.
  8. FYI - unless SVE is installed. SVE + other visual mods = no clouds on the stock planets. This is one reason why the owner of SVE calls out specifically on that mod's page that it's incompatible with Spectra, AVP, etc. I learned the hard way, so I'm mentioning it to you since it's basically a smoking gun for the exact incompatibility. Next time someone sees it and complains here, ask them if they have SVE installed and point them to that mod. :-)
  9. panarchist

    [1.4.3] Dark Textures

    Oh, yeah - it works fine in 1.5.1. No issues.
  10. panarchist

    [1.4.3] Dark Textures

    It works with some parts, but not all - and when clicking on the Mark II cockpit, it spams one of the visual elements of the part box. But I am definitely confirming it's mostly broken by the 1.6 update - which is interesting, since most mods weren't impacted by this one. Looks like we'll need to wait until @RailMan surfaces from real life stuff. (and RailMan - focus on the real-life stuff, there are many things more important than having dark textures in 1.6. I love this mod, and thanks for the work on it!
  11. Thanks for all the work you did on this - I look forward to seeing your parts make their way into other folks' mods. I can totally relate to your situation, since I commute by train between Seattle and Tacoma - and also because I have a 1-yo and a 3.5-yo, who is in that "No, I don't NEEEEEED to go to bed tonight." phase. I'm 2 months late to this party, but I also wanted to say "good luck" with the new job, and thanks again for lots of hours of fun playing around with this mod, and the hundreds of hours you put into it to share it with us. Cheers!
  12. Ok, I was over-thinking this. Nothing changed in 1.6, I just can't deploy worth a damn. The Spacedock version has the wrong directory structure. The "PSA-Greenhouse" folder needs to be inside a folder called "PanarchistSpaceAlliance". If you create a "PanarchistSpaceAlliance" folder in your GameData folder, and drag the PSA-Greenhouse folder into it, then the parts will appear in the "Utility" tab in the Editor parts list. I'll upload a new version in a day or two when I get time - I need to reconcile differences between the versions on Spacedock and Github, and then will upload a new version which has the CCK tag for life support. Sorry for the inconvenience, @max-peck
  13. panarchist

    How many mods do you have?

    I play KSP on Win10 on a Dell Inspiron 7570. On my main game save I have 70-80 mods, and I have 32GB of RAM. Load times are about 20 minutes with that many mods. My other saves are more lightly modded: 20-40 mods. The main save writes something like 15k Module Manager patches, which is a big part of the load time. Part of the reason why is that I have EVE, Kerbal Konstructs + Kerbinside, Kopernicus, and 2-3 custom solar systems all running on that instance of KSP.
  14. Ok, so what's happened is that I've never updated the tech tree location at all, and it's using the format that several of the older mods that used the model utilized - which dates back to 0.24 or something like that. I'm pretty sure that KSP dropped support for the old method in the change from 1.5.x to 1.6.x because everyone and their grandma has already moved to something more recent and more CCK-friendly. I need to learn how to do the new format, which I will read up on or pester someone in the mod forum threads to help me out, and I can get this updated probably tomorrow - barring any serious craziness in my day job. Thanks for catching this and pointing it out, @max-peck