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  1. panarchist

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 22)

    I haven't weighed in (much) on any of the NF threads, even though I've been using these mods for several years - but as someone who dips his toe into modding, and who has 2 kids of his own (3-1/2 yo and an almost 1yo), I just wanted to express my appreciation for these mods in general and the Space Stations pack especially. I was a fan of the original version, but this revision is fantastic. (and I *also* like the revised docking port textures) Lately, it seems like there's maybe a dozen modders carrying 80% of the weight of developing and maintaining mods, and since you'll always hear more complaints than compliments, I just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to develop this and push it out, and for helping provide me with hours of entertainment above and beyond the game itself. Now if someone in the community would just create IVA patches for everything to add MOARDV's RPM replacement to all the command pods... ;-) I might need to sit down and figure out how to do that myself - because I do love a good IVA.
  2. panarchist

    Universal Storage II

    I finally got to start playing around with US II a few weeks ago, and I have to say that the revamp is truly top-notch. You guys really outdid yourselves (and just about everyone else) and made a great mod truly legendary. Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to seeing those radiator parts!
  3. panarchist

    [1.4.1] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    Sweet card! No need to take a look at the issue I reported - it turned out to be another mod. All's good with WBI and BARIS. What are the current failure modes for staging? I've gotten used to engines that won't turn off, or won't turn on, but will BARIS do staging fails, or early separation? I can't recall having either of those happen yet.
  4. panarchist

    [1.4.1] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    Is anyone having any issues with BARIS in 1.5.1 where KSP freezes on initial load? Specifically when loading the "massiveBooster" part? (or just after) @Angel-125 - I'm just looking for more folks who might be having an issue. I have NO issues with just stock+BARIS, but my main game has 85-ish mods, and the freeze only happens with BARIS loaded. I'm still investigating to see what the conflicting mod might be, or if it's just the sheer volume. ModuleManager is, depending on config, doing 13k-15k patches, so this is probably a case where I just need a less-modded instance. If it turns out I find something a little more concrete, I'll report it once I have the info you'd need to do something about it. (or whoever, if it's another mod's problem) Will update post later today with my log file and Gamedata screenshot - again, not looking for action at this point, because I don't have specifics enough yet to isolate. The log file doesn't show anything really off, it just stops logging on Partmanager load after executing drag cubes on massiveBooster. (one of the Squad parts) Prior to the last round of adding mods, BARIS 1.6.3 worked fine. This is impacting 1.6.3 and 1.7.0, and like an idiot, I didn't add the mods one at a time, so I'm not sure where the conflict lies. I thought it was with MM 3.1.2, but the minimal install with 3.1.2 and BARIS 1.7.0 or 1.6.3 works fine. >:-( UPDATED: Ok, so in the "I never would have suspected THAT mod to be the culprit" department, the cause was Better Burn Time, or specifically an issue with it when B9 Part Switcher is also installed. And that's been fixed, so everything magically got better once BBT was updated. BARIS is working fine, and playing merry hell with my kerbals and my launch schedule.
  5. panarchist

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    @NathanKell - If you have a few minutes, could you please update this link in the second post on page one of the thread to the updated URL for the Stockalike configs? Pretty sure that original link was one of the forum threads that died in the last forumpocalypse. Thanks!
  6. panarchist

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    Haha - I'm familiar, but I totally missed the MM condition, which makes total sense. I'm good - removed SVE, reinstalled GPP+optionals (which I wanted in that install to begin with), and I'm good to go.
  7. panarchist

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    Yep, I think you've got it there. I only have issues with SVE. GPP_Clouds and OW works fine (except when I tried to use GPP_Clouds without the rest of GPP). SVE and GPP does not work, SVE and OW does not work. Pretty sure my earlier issues were due to using SVE instead of GPP_Clouds with GPP. (I also use GPP_Secondary) Thanks again for the input, that definitely helped isolating things.
  8. panarchist

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    Right, that's why I've pared everything down to just the relevant mods. This ain't my first rodeo. ;-) I typically run 70-85 mods, so that was the first thing. So far, everything is still pointing to SVE being the common thread. And SVE runs fine until and only until another planet pack is installed other than OPM. (which SVE has support for) As I indicated earlier, when I have concrete information which allows easy reproduction and root cause, I'll pull that into the relevant forum. Thanks for the suggestions, those are always good things to check - no red entries, but I'll look again through each of the cloud layers for any 'invalid name' errors. Edit: Other Worlds is throwing an exception in Kopernicus on load. I didn't see it previously, but with a clean install of all items, that's what's currently showing up in the logs.
  9. panarchist

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    Yeah, I've had both configurations before. Again, I need to get better detail - I'm going to remove Scatterer and pare it down to just Kopernicus/OPM/OW and SVE, and then try GPP/GPP_Clouds in place of OW and SVE. I have a feeling this is either a mod conflict or a legitimate issue, but if it's a legitimate issue, I need better info so I can take it to the correct forum / github to be addressed.
  10. I don't think that's a fair characterization. It's only been two months since Eskandere took the mod over with Helldiver's permission. Eskandere and a couple others have been working on patches for the last year - there's a lot of issues which couldn't be addressed prior to September because it requires reworking the models, and the licensing didn't permit that. The aerodynamics model has changed several times since the last time that level of "fixing" was done on this mod. I suspect Eskandere is spending a lot of time on Kerbinside right now rather than KSO - and that's appropriate. There's not a lot of modders left in the community compared to 3 years ago, and those that are around are all maintaining multiple mods. If, a year from now, no love has been shown to this, then I think your points will have merit. (and will prove prescient) But until then, I think those of us who are using more than modding owe it to those who ARE modding to give them the benefit of the doubt for 6-ish months or so. Those who are modding have lives and don't spend 20 hours a week modding KSP. KSO easily needs a couple hundred hours of remedial work to be trouble-free, which is likely part of why Helldiver and Nazari didn't find the time to update this. Their intent was to replace this with a new shuttle, and the community by and large just gave them grief about how long it was taking and badgered them for updates. I'm not saying that you're taking that attitude, Raptor22 - but I am saying that others are, and that all of us shouldn't count this one out just yet.
  11. I'm having the same or similar issue - but it's only broken when I am using other Kopernicus packs - i.e. SVE with OPM works fine, and stock + Kopernicus with no packs works fine, but as soon as I add GPP+GPP_Secondary, or Other Worlds, or another Kopernicus pack, then suddenly I have no clouds in the stock planets or OPM - just in OW or GPP. Edit: Hmm... nevermind, looks like SVE might be the culprit, or my install of it. No problem if I use the EVE configs instead of SVE. I need to look at this further so I can submit a log and repro steps if it turns out I didn't just botch the (re)install.
  12. panarchist

    EVE is not working on kopernicus!

    I'm running into the same (or a similar) issue. If EVE is installed with any config file (in my case, SVE), it works fine in stock, or with OPM installed. As soon as I add GPP, or Other Worlds, there are no clouds on any of the stock planets (or OPM) - just on GPP / Other Worlds. I looked through OtherWorlds's EVE config, and the files use planet names, not Flights GlobalIndex IDs or anything - and the OW config only mentions those worlds, and not any of the stock/OPM worlds. I tried combing through the EVE forums to find additional info on how it parses the config files, but no luck - either my Google Fu sucks this week, or it's buried somewhere I didn't find it. Edit: might be an issue with my SVE install - EVE configs work fine with the same setup.
  13. panarchist

    Flight Computers

    RemoteTech definitely has speed of light delay, and a rudimentary autopilot. Adding kOS into the mix allows a lot more capability and flexibility.
  14. panarchist

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've been working on my KSP story so I can resurrect my long-idle Mission Report thread. As part of that, I spent a lot of time getting my game set back up with the desired mods, most notably @Angel-125's outstanding Heisenberg (airship) mod and BARIS. I haven't worked with BARIS in a while, but I finally figured out how to use the Integration feature properly, and I tuned the settings a bit to make the chance of failure a bit less. My game is currently in the pre-KSP days, when the USK and UKKR had competing space programs, but were trying to learn how to cooperate. The UKKR was having a particularly hard time with Kerputnik. Whoops, that didn't work. Uh... no, that didn't work either. Let's try that one again... Hooray! Ok, so there's that. On the USK side, The unmanned space probe program was having even more trouble, so Jeb went out and did some aerobatic maneuvers in the F/A-4 Tigerhawk After that, Jeb, Bob, and Bill headed up to Dull Spot to pick up the Amelia Kerman. The Amelia was the first airship built by the Allies in the Great War. After the war, it ended up in Kanada at Dull Spot, sitting idle but maintained inflated. The crew picked up the Amelia Kerman to fly to KSC for a conversion to a capsule recovery ship. Departure from Dull Spot at sunset. The flight was timed so that the crew could hit the refueling stop at Coaler Crater and the KSC both in daylight, since it's way easier to cast off the lines and lift off in poor lighting than it is to arrive in the dark and try to secure the craft. (in reality, I was too lazy to advance the time and wanted cool lighting for pics) Jeb at the controls. The Amelia has been in storage for a long time, so her avionics are shut down and most of the electronic systems offline other than ballast and lift controls. The crew flew her manually for this mission. (I have MAS installed but not RPM, so the "normal" gauges in the Heisenberg mod are not present) Next stop: Coaler Crater! The electronic issues and other problems might also be due to the Amelia Kerman's age and condition, plus these little glitches that happened at takeoff. (thanks BARIS!) If you look carefully, you may see the Amelia flying with a bit of a list in several photos. Dull Spot is far enough north to have the aurora. Sunrise over the ocean on the approach to Coaler Crater. Turning to line up with the base on approach. That's a BIG antenna down there! The crew refueled, and flew the airship to the new hangar at KSC for retrofit. It took most of the day to get there from Coaler at 90m/s. Final approach to KSC. The next morning, the USK / UK managed to get a satellite into a high eccentric orbit, but the PE is below 70km, so eventually it will decay enough to come down. The UKKR has a successful launch, so the question is what happens next? I'm having a lot of fun crafting a narrative and putting the pics together, but writing the mission reports is going to take a while. There have been some great stories told on the forum over the years, and I'm hoping that I can add something which isn't TOO reminiscent of what's gone before. Maybe there will be a bit less of this: (uncontrolled second stage after all the first stage boosters failed and had to be separated early. I think this was attempt #5 at Kerputnik)