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  1. To extend the respawn timer from hours to days you can do it at the beginning of the save persistent.cfg: DIFFICULTY { MissingCrewsRespawn = True RespawnTimer = 7200 } The quantity is in seconds.
  2. As long as it is under a Flags directory, I think it can be anywhere (under GameData of course). So you can have your flag in GameData/Flags/ or GameData/Squad/Flags/ or GameData/gamerscircle/Assets/mk420crewcan/Flags/. I have mine in GameData/_Uzric/Flags/.
  3. The mod doesn't work for me (icon is red always, like what happens to jwenting) when I enable "Use Additive Ranges". Interesting things on my save: Part mods: BDArmory, KAX, KIS, and KAS. I don't expect any of these to interfere with AR. Non-part mods that may, somehow, interfere: StockBugFixes, ContractConfigurator. In the save I had no extra relays (maybe "use additive ranges" is ignoring Kerbin itself and looking on the list of relays? And it happens that I have zero flights, i.e. list of relays is zero, so it goes krakens?). Another important thing to note when it doesn't work is, nominal range of antennae is 0.0km when right clicking on them while in flight.
  4. Then as a setting it would be ok, a little toggle "fire guns only if weapon manager is armed" on/off. It's just that I have two action groups: "Next weapon" and "Arm WM", and shoot everything with the click.
  5. Will you fix this please? It bothers me a little. I dunno, first world problems I guess haha. No pressure. Keep up the good work, you're very talented.
  6. You know, I normally play only on Kerbin (because I'm too lazy to plan missions and BDArmory is awesome enough for me). So, the last week I decided to go make a Mun landing mission, Apollo style, just to see if I was still up to the challenge. When I climbed to 70k altitude, the game broke. Every 5 seconds there would be a stutter of 10-15 seconds. So I said, let's go check the forum. But, alas, the forum gave me no answers. So I decided to put KSP on the shelf until 1.1 came out (I suspected the problem came from a mod, but again, I was too lazy to check). And now the main forum page tells me about this post, I try Algiark's approach and... Yup, it works. So contract packs were it. Now I can finish my Mun mission. Thanks! Update:Seems the last update of Contract Configurator (v 1.9.5) fixes this problem for me.
  7. Hey Baha I've been playing this mod and I think it's glorious. There is only a slight inconsistency that bothers me: turrets will (click-)shoot even when the weapon manager is not armed, unlike the rest of the weapons. Could you make it so they work like the rest and only shoot when armed? Maybe as an option in the settings if it is its intended behaviour.
  8. Do you have [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/82785-1-0-4-ON-HOLD-Kerbin-Side-%28v1-0-5%29-Supplements"]Kerbin Side[/URL]? I have the same problem and it is fixed after uninstalling that mod. Seems the developer is aware it's broken, so the only option available right now is to uninstall it and wait for a fixed version.
  9. When a site is down, I use Down For Everyone Or Just Me to check. For example, kerbalspaceprogram.com seems to be up right now. Try clearing your cache or something.
  10. What if the UI let you drag a custom category out of its place? Say, you create a category just like RIC showed, then instead of clicking it to show it on the part list of the left, you drag it to the middle of the screen (or wherever you like to drag it to) and the category turns into a sort of emergent (or rather, floatable) window. Clicking a cross button or something would remove the floating window and put the category back into its place. So in the end you have like the normal parts on the left and a little emergent window elsewhere with your favourite parts.
  11. Mmm that happened to me some versions ago when two inlined parts clipped each other. I'd try remaking the craft again from scratch and see if the problem persists.
  12. FTFY. I agree with the suggestion. Meanwhile, you can try the Actions Everywhere mod which lets you do exactly what you want.
  13. Yea, it's actually a real hassle for me. I wanted to make an alien-like atmospheric ship without wings, only using the airbrakes for everything and I couldn't because of this bug. Then Claw saves the day. Again. Thank you Claw.
  14. You know, I tried to make an SSTO. But 1.0.2 doesn't love me. So I made a shuttle instead. ZRC - Krueger. Indeed, ZRC(1) has built a three-staged shuttle. The name was chosen because it's phonetically similar to "Crewer" which is basically its function, to transfer crew. It's also the same as in Freddy Krueger due to its capability to chop your Kerbals really bad if things go awry. It carries up to 6 kerbals (pilots included). It's deadly easy to fly it to LKO (as long as your pilot has Track Prograde available) and ends up there with 700 m/s of spare deltaV. It costs 70K funds, of which 30K belong to the spaceplane and can, thus, return back. No mods needed. Parts needed: Squad. Crew: 6 (2M). Vacuum dV: 960 m/s Spaceplane shuttle. Best used to transfer crew from bases to stations and back. - Uzric Rash Stage: Start FUEL CELL Brakes: Toggle ENGINES and BRAKES and SPOILERS Abort: Retract LADDER and enable COCKPIT REACTION WHEELS and start FUEL CELL and Decouple SPACEPLANE from SHUTTLE BODY 1: Switch RAPIER engine mode 0: Crew report Note: It comes only with 15 monopropellant because that's enough for me for docking. If you need more, you can set it up to 90 by tweaking the ammount in the inline docking port. Just remember to lock it at launch so you can use the Vernors without loosing monopropellant and unlock it when you need to dock. Note: The top orange fuel tank is at 80% of its capacity. You can increase it for more deltaV but launches will become more difficult. Your choice. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox. (1)ZRC is the non-existant civilian division of ZRM(2). (2)ZRM is my non-existant military corporation.
  15. Actually, the MM rule post says you should add a :FOR[TakeCommand] at the end (where the :FINAL was), instead of leaving it blank. This is to ensure further :AFTER[TakeCommand] and :BEFORE[TakeCommand] work as intended with your own patches. Good mod, by the way. Downloading now.
  16. The exact rules of those files are in here. You need that plugin to make them work. Then put the .cfg patch files anywhere under GameData. Making your own is as simple as making a new .cfg file and write things you want to modify following those rules. For example, my own lil patch is this one: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[FlightEngineer]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = FlightEngineer } } @PART[*]:HAS[~TechRequired[]]:FINAL { TechRequired = start } Which simply puts the Engineer Mod's module in every command pod/probe core if they don't have it already. And, puts any part (from mods, obviously) that are not included in the tech tree into the first tech node. There are a lot of things you can do with this plugin. If you feel somewhat thankful for that, then thank sarbian and ialdabaoth.
  17. FAR - Current stock aero is good for me but they're different enough. Your call. Toolbar - While the game has it's own toolbar it clutters soon the more mods you add. The toolbar mod makes smaller toolbars and they can be hidden to the side of the screen. I normally get it. KJR - Big Mk3 (space)planes have a problem with their joint strength. If you're not getting this, then get Claw's Stock Bug Fixes Mod, which fixes this too. Enhanced Navball - They're mostly the same. The mod has this "phantom" markers whenever the stock ones dissapear. Your call.
  18. Probably something like this: But less Photoshop image and more like tangible object. Or just better Photoshoped, I'm no good at it.
  19. Wow, someone actually did something using another thing I did before as inspiration. My job in this forum is done. I feel complete.
  20. I updated the craft. The looks are radically different, now it's based upon the old version of the ZRM - Shinobi. A fourth of its weight is now those cruise missiles, so beware when launching them as doing so shakes the craft a little. Furthermore, since it's so heavy for its size, landing is quite difficult unless you fire most of its detachable weaponry. The maneuverability is underpar when fully loaded too, so the best use of this plane is to reach a far away objective, fire everything, and flee ASAP. EDIT: Little update: simplified action groups. EDIT: Craft updated for version 1.0. I decided to ditch FAR because stock aero is enough for me. It has changed quite a lot aesthetically (check IMGUR album). EDIT: Little update: simplified action groups.
  21. Right-click the launch pad when in the Kerbal Space Center screen, then click on upgrade. You'll need the funds, though.
  22. There is a mod that addresses this issue in a very elegant way: you have to do it the first time, then you can save what you have done and it will be auto-schedule and done by itself. This is specially useful for, for example, refuelling stations: you manually refuel once using your ships, then the game refuels automatically on demand. EDIT: Found the mod: link Seems it only works in Kerbin SOI. I wouldnt mind a similar system in stock.
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