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  1. Listen there’s absolutely a skill to to making music that never gets old. Some of that is about timeless melodies and bar-to-bar change-ups that your mind never quite catches up to. This is why Aphex Twin tracks last and last (this is actually the premise of the 90’s ‘acid’ rhythm structure thats become so prevalent in modern beat-making.) The other strategy to music that doesn't get old is for it to be utterly, maximally inoffensive. It stirs no notes, no strong reactions, it fades into the background like an old commercial or grocery-store pop song you’ve heard 500 times. All it conjures is benign resignation to mundane consumption. Its like the dead-end reboot sitcoms with canned laughter that boomers somehow still watch on network tv, or CSI wherever same-show same-formula nothing that people still let their brains wallow and die in. It doesn’t get old because ultimately there’s nothing actually there.
  2. Yall the KSP1 music was fine but it was selected because it was free. Its public domain, generic music like an elevator. It wasn’t specifically designed by anyone to suit KSP or be in a game or for any other specific purpose. The VAB music plays during my wife’s yoga videos—because its free. Its a nice callback but its nothing special. Its specifically designed to be completely generic and nothing special. Your attachment to it is entirely and utterly nostalgic. I dont know how much you all know about music and production but just listen to what Mostrom is up to on these tracks. They’re very specific to the environment and task and the moment and the devs have clearly given him a decent budget for live instrumentation and recording authentic soundscapes. He’s got themes for each world and they’ve built them into dynamic loops that react to what you’re doing as a player, increasing the drama of approach and landing and proximity to POI. Its all very, very well done.
  3. Thats my feeling. I like cute things but real science has a different bent and tone. It took a while for me to teach tiktok that I like astrophysics and rocketry and cosmology but not dumb UFO jank. Im keeping my mind open and considering this is one for the kids. I am decrepitly old at this point after all.
  4. Id be fine with that. Now that the game is pretty solid there are a lot of UI gaps, science tweaks, and needed tools for interplanetary that I'd love to see phased in before colonies. Those will take time by themselves besides the work integrating colonies. I think everyone understands the EA release was just much too raw but to their credit IG worked really hard dealing with orbital decay and joint wobble and a zillion other problems. The best way to build on renewed community faith would be to keep releasing solid, substantial updates in the lead up to 0.3.
  5. Im going to write up a really thorough set of recommendations when I get through the tech tree but I'll say out of the gate that both the mission tree and and the tech tree need some work. When I first started playing KSP1 Scott Manley and many other players recommended landing on Minmus first rather than the Mun specifically because the low gravity helped train your landing skills in a more forgiving environment. To my mind this is kind of the entire reason Minmus exists--as a low-gravity training moon. We should definitely see an earlier branch in the mission structure--probably right after orbit the Mun--to start to explore Minmus as well and at least have the option to land there first. Very minor/early spoilers in this next bit: I also have some thoughts on minor but important changes to the tech tree and experiment returns to make alternate strategies (early probe and plane missions) more viable so the process feels less linear and more like a real strategic choice. I want to at least clear tab 2 before I make recommendations on tab 1. I'll also say it again we 100% need biome maps to help understand where we've been and where new science can be found.
  6. Ahh of course. Thanks! I knew some of these would just be me being dumb.
  7. That will likely come in some form when resources are added in a future update. I've found though that at this stage of the game I don't personally need the cost factor (honestly in KSP1 the cost factor quickly disappears when you have a million bazillion dollars.) I just make vessels that have a reasonable dV padding and go for it. I do agree resource costs will add a lot to part choice + tech tree strategy down the line though.
  8. I think these are going to become much more important as colonies and resources are added. I find I use them all the time in modded KSP1 installs when I have a lot more equipment to haul around and most of that is happening in vacuum. I imagine they'll be cheaper in terms of resource cost as well.
  9. Basically tie it into the transfer window calculator and alarm clock, selecting each destination + leg, muting any leg thats intended to be aerocaptured, and even save that flight plan to the vessel so it can be viewed and altered in flight. Its a lot of work but I think you'll see so many more players going interplanetary with this in place.
  10. Ive only gotten as far as Minmus and the music in this game has no business being this good. I love the subtle adjustments depending on altitude and what you’re doing. Its so seamless. I also weirdly love the tracking station music. Sometimes the music is slightly too serious but in a weird way you feel the contrast between the bubbly nostalgic synths of the training center vs these distant worlds and it makes them feel kind of ancient and alien and slightly scary. It really expands the emotional tone of the game. I hope when we get to Debdeb it gets even weirder. Howard—whatever you’re doing, keep doin it dude.
  11. Honestly the general tone is really pretty great. This is the least of my concern. The flavor text is great, the mission briefs are cute if maybe a little belabored, but then Im old and ruthless. Im less convinced by the ancient aliens overstory thats happening with the artifacts. Again its cute but its not my thing. I appreciate that many of the newer discoverables are slightly more hard-boiled and Id love to see science dig deeper into that.
  12. Okay here are my UI notes. Overall the UI is really pretty solid, Im just listing the items for improvement to keep the list shorter. I'm still getting started honestly so let me know if there's something I've just misunderstood. Many of these have been mentioned previously, just adding data points. General: - It would help to have color consistency on "Training Center" + "Mission control" in the escape menu--just pick a color for each and use in both words. - In settings generally "graphics" is next to "audio" in most games. - I might have missed it but I'd like to be able to rename my agency and set a new flag - Several buildings are missing return to KSC/Go to Mission Control/VAB. Only hitting escape lets us transfer between - As noted highlight/text contrast is so low when renaming vessels in the Tracking Station its impossible to read. - Many menus have very low contrast, especially the handles/ dismiss button at the top. - (Bug) Several General settings are listed as both "on" and "off" until mouse over. Tutorials: - Im wondering if there's a way to interconnect missions and tutorials in a tighter way? Maybe there could be links in between before and after certain stages? - It might just be the nature of the beast but the tutorials seem to jump around a lot--introducing stages in flight before going back and showing staging in the VAB, etc. Would it be better if there was more linear continuity? - It seems like the navball is introduced very late. Again there's a lot to talk about so maybe thats okay. - Science and reentry tutorials are great but perhaps some mention of parts exposed outside the heat shield and recommendations on safe reentry angles? - I figured it out eventually but a tutorial on transmission + estimating power needs would be useful. - Im sure these are WIP but we should have tutorials on plane changes, Radial/Normal burns, intercept + docking, vacuum + precise landing, (and more Im sure) VAB: - Trip Planner should show dV to LKO when "Kerbin" is selected as destination. This could be the default unless another body is selected. - Trip Planner should also be more dynamic, allowing us to select + add up destinations in a more custom way. - I'd love the ability to eyedrop colors in the color manager. - Id like a way to group-select in the Parts manager, especially for setting action groups - I might be missing something but how can we see through fairings? I liked KSP1's explode/transparency on mouse over. - I think its because of atmo vs vac calculations but dV readout in VAB doesn't match when you go to the launchpad. Maybe save the settings? Flight: - Escape should pause the game - Maybe "Go" button should change to say "Stage" after initial launch? - It also took a long time to find the Kerbal Manager... maybe some of these menus should be covered in the tutorials? - Id also like to be able to rename and recover vessels in flight without having to go to the Tracking Station - (Bug) When UI is scaled up the Research Inventory appears in a place that it cant be moved or dismissed because the top is above the frame - Pinned Ap/Pe markers should stay pinned when switching between flight + map view. Focus should also stay fixed. - Probably a bug but vessel icon scaling goes crazy when switching focus sometimes. - (Bug) Time-warp seems to lose count when warping to maneuver - becomes paused when not indicating pause. - I would love to see time to reentry, time to impact, + time to intercept readouts—basically time to whatever is next with more specificity. This is super important for an alarm clock if/when implemented. - Add a ‘toggle antennas’ button next to solar action group. - Safe parachute deploy speed is a bit opaque to me. What is the unsafe deploy speed? - The Navball itself is a bit busy. Target markers should be in a different color (not white) to stand out. - Agreed with others that the maneuver nodes are tough to use and labels frequently overlap and make manipulation + navigation difficult. Definitely add fine-maneuver tool with graphic + numeric input. - Also agreed we should be able to place maneuver nodes when paused and in other SOIs. - The burn-bar should have squared off rather than rounded ends so its visually clear when you've completed the burn. Also agreed^ it should say "burn remaining" and tick down. - Burn countdown lights are great but the colors are confusing. Make it more clear you're hitting Z at zero. - (Bug) I like the warp to maneuver feature but warp-stop notification says warp canceled because of proximity to celestial body. - I would LOVE the ability to snap maneuvers to Ap/Pe/An/Dn. Maybe a right-click option? - Id love if the science button had a subtle audio cue when lit/ new science available. - Research inventory should list experiments from newest to oldest so recent experiments appear at the top of the list. - Agreed^ many experiments are repeating even after being submitted. "Transmit all" should also be greyed out when there's nothing to transmit. - We absolutely need biome maps at the least. Topography would be nice too. - Agreed the SOI transition graphic is handy but a bit overbearing. - I'd love to get more diverse vessel icons back in map mode, and then some. Again Im really pleased with the progress thus far. Im sure a lot of this can be solved in the next year or so. Thanks for all you do, devs!
  13. I don't think it's useless. It still has the values and its nice we don't have to switch to a browser (or the print I have on the wall I fully agree the tool is incomplete though, and should allow us to click through and add and subtract and mute legs. This is really the story of this whole thread: the game just isn't done yet. It definitely needs a transfer window calculator and alarm clock.
  14. Thats what I did. I know they've talked about it but a transfer window calculator + alarm clock would be amazing.
  15. Yeah Ive noticed a few parts that seem to ignore fairings. Trying to build more concrete notes on that. Curious.
  16. After several experiments I have to agree the high atmo (60+km) heat flux seems way overboard. Yeah Im going fast but intuitively you should just be hitting way fewer molecules and the friction should be much lower until you dip to 50km or so. I'd be curious the math on this vs real life reentry.
  17. I've been working my way pretty slowly and deliberately through 0.2 taking notes, and among my "this is awesome" category the sound and music remains consistently high. Lighting also is 100% better in the last update. I think there are lots and lots of opportunities for refinement and improvement but overall the tone, pacing, scaling, and core basics are in really, really good shape.
  18. Oh! I hope so! 0.2 is the first time the game has worked on my machine in months so I'll have to do more experimentation.
  19. I haven't yet gotten to the point where Im building spaceplanes but they create a very specific use-case for this--manually pumping fuel between an aft and stern tank to manage CoM while descending. I don't know if a lot of players do this but its hugely useful for managing your reentry AoA and dialing your descent to the airstrip.
  20. I have played and adored nearly all of Chris's mods and they are absolutely brilliant. I don't always agree with him though when it comes to gameplay. I think efficiency and simplicity are really important but I'll return again and again to the chess vs checkers example. What makes good gameplay is not absolute simplicity, but maximizing the ratio between input rule complexity and total output creative gamespace. Sometimes a very large investment in dev work results in a very small increase in creative gameplay. Sometimes a modest investment in dev work results in a HUGE increase in creative gameplay. Every smart developer is playing these odds. I happen to think there were some decisions in KSP1 like instant scanning on polar orbit and not incorporating biome maps that were huge missed opportunities, and across the board when you talk to folks who used SCANsat the verdict is pretty unanimous that the mod did it better. Thats because it hit that sweet spot leveraging a bit more complexity in design to capture a much more robust gameplay experience. I think avoiding LoS, real-time mapping, time-based mechanics, and life support are similar kinds of missed opportunities where a modest investment in development time could leverage a much more dynamic set of design, planning, and navigation puzzles for the game.
  21. I'll be making more specific critiques over the next few weeks but I will say Im not a great fan of the pixelated aesthetic. I think games really need to cater to accessibility as a default but especially in a game where players are rapidly glancing at multiple fast-moving number values instant legibility is absolutely paramount. All text needs to be in a much more readable font and stylization should take a backseat.
  22. Man o man that’s insane. I think part of it is in KSP1 Id gotten used to having modded aerocapture trajectories visible so Ive seen how every km matters and planned on maxing my capture altitude with the understanding that this would be a multi-pass approach. By the time I was doing crewed Joolean moon missions Id also have stations and tugs in LKO so I could reuse interplanetary equipment, and designed interplanetary vessels with reuse in mind. Crew would never descend to Kerbin in the same capsule they left in. They’d aerocapture to LKO and then transfer to a purpose build shuttle to return them home.
  23. Wow 33km? Im much more used to an 80km Ap to 55km Pe reentry. I'll have to do more dangerous testing. Out of the gate I'll say I think we need more bow-shock buffer around heatsheilds' shadow (like a 1.25m shield has a 1.5m shadow) but I should do more test-to-destruction to be sure.
  24. I think this is a little cynical but probably not far off, and certainly gathering broad data from as many players as possible is important. I like Dakota's Top 10 requests thread for that reason as it kind of captured some broad expectations in a democratic way. Still I hope they do read some of the deeper dives and longer discussions we've had on specific elements as I think just like with the Factorio community there are a lot of people out there that have thought about these problems for a long time and can provide both more specific and more theoretical insights on how this or that system is progressing or could progress.
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