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  1. A normal Hohmann transfer from Kerbin usually doesn't get you fast enough to need heat shielding for aerocapture but a high speed transfer can. As with other atmospheres it comes down to entry speed.
  2. Yeah but the Atlas fairing has the entire upper stage inside it.
  3. Loose line hanging off Dragon but a successful capture. https://www.24live.co/live/Un9tb ETA-Appears to be a small umbilical cable that didn't detach cleanly at launch and got dragged up to orbit.
  4. You'd think people bouncing off the walls would mess up any zero g experiment that's attached to the vehicle.
  5. Eta Carina. Canon 500D with 250mm lens on Meade LXD55 mount. Seven, 3min subs stacked.
  6. Looks like all the proposals had a separate ascent stage. They were massive vehicles so staging would be very beneficial. http://www.astronautix.com/a/apollolunarlanding.html
  7. The US and Russian sections are joined with an APAS-95 docking system (androgynous peripheral attachment system) which was derived from the APAS-89 used for shuttle/Mir . That used to be the standard docking system on the pressurised mating adapters which the shuttle used for docking but they are being progressively changed over to the new (but similar) NDS/IDS docking system. If you look at the PMAs they have a common berthing attachment at the back where they attach to the station and the docking system at the front for US crew capsules to dock with.
  8. Had a daylight lunar transit by the ISS today which I've never tried before.
  9. But it's Lindbergh so it's only got to carry one person transatlantic.
  10. Coverage is back up. About 5 minutes until separation of the trunk.
  11. It's mostly soot from the engines so it doesn't change much.
  12. The Moon passing by Venus 3-3-19 And a little Earthshine the same morning, And the Moon near Saturn the previous morning, Composite image to allow correct exposure of Saturn.
  13. Ejectable camera pods. If you watch the staging footage to the end you can see the cameras capture the moment of ejection just before they shut off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTGk3UM-IOU A few images of the pods here, https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=219&t=1576721
  14. The neighbours might complain if you have a pulse tube cryocooler running overnight.
  15. The angle is in reference to the direction Dres is travelling and will assume a prograde orbit. In the case of 88° the manoeuvre node will be on the Sun facing side of the orbit almost directly perpendicular to Dres' direction of travel and the burn will be retrograde relative to Dres' direction of travel.
  16. Doing some rough calculations, the third stage usually shuts down with about 3t of unused propellant so if it runs 9 tonnes of oxidiser dry it'll come up about 500m/s short compared to a normal burn.
  17. I doubt they loaded into the wrong tanks, they just loaded the incorrect amount into the right tanks. LOx tank only got 9 cubic metres and the Kerosene tank maxed out at 9 cubic metres despite them trying to jam in more (there just physically isn't more than 9 cubic metres of space in the kerosene tank).
  18. See the top pinned comment in this video about the Gemini ejection system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IRdZjjq1Ik
  19. I'd have thought they'd want the booster intact and firing its engines normally to ensure the abort motors can pull the capsule away. A blowing up booster just makes it easier for the capsule to escape. The question then becomes whether the booster will destroy itself by suddenly having a blunt second stage exposed to maximum aerodynamic pressure.
  20. I image a shallower S turn increases range and a more aggressive S turn allows you to shorten the flight path giving a large down range and cross range capability.
  21. First Ariane 5 for 2019 scheduled for launch Feb.5 21.00-22.00 UTC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMGEinBfBhs
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