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  1. Yup! Every time I get a bug I delete and re-install. Works like a charm! "60% of the time it works every time!"
  2. Good Lord! You telling me I've had this Delta-V map taped to my wall for nearly 10 years?! ...It's actually in pretty good shape for being that old.
  3. I missed the "text" part. Good looking out!
  4. I think KSP shot his Pa and stole his woman...
  5. Before compiling, the computer asked the dev, "Do you want to add another moon?" with a Yes/No dropdown menu. Just as the dev was about to click "No" an ad popped up on the top and dropped the whole page down so the dev accidentally clicked "Yes", instead! The rest, as they say, is history! You can trust me. You don't have to Google it, or anything...
  6. If you have the downloaded version it's under; C:KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/Squad/Flags
  7. Maybe KSC went with the base model - like how options not on a lower end car only have a blank plate where a switch would be. After so many "unplanned deconstructions" the KSC had to cut costs somewhere.
  8. We could use a Snackulizer™ - to scan for and give readings for snacks and/or snack-like substances.
  9. I can picture; July 1969. The Eagle is 100 ft from touchdown on the lunar surface. Houston: "Ok, Buzz. Lower the landing gear when ready." Buzz: "....landing gear?"
  10. I usually attach the radial decouplers toward the top of my onion stages and boosters so the decoupler pushes their bodies away from the core - and I attach the struts to the bottom. Whenever I put the decouplers near the bottom of them they always fall in, towards the core. Then, fire happens.
  11. You'll have to build a bulldozer and get Bob out there to clear it. This sounds like a fun project, actually...
  12. Maybe the ship is fine and the galaxy is upside down.
  13. Also known as the 'UppyDowny Method' - which, as we all know, was invented by Dr. Jonathan Uppydowny in 1863.
  14. It's like an ogre; it has layers. I love it!
  15. The largest inflatable heat shield, extended, of course!
  16. I guess I'm glad I waited to buy... I may wait another week, or so.
  17. If it's a Titan Anos I hope it's not too windy! That's incredible! Is that with a yoke or the keyboard?
  18. Like everyone else, colonies. If you're going to exile yourself to a swamp planet you'll want comfortable living arrangements.
  19. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. But, the snacks are good! Does the shadow from the rings show on the surface?
  20. ♪ This is just a tribute! To the greatest game in the wo-orld! ♫
  21. Was it a "Check yo' stagin'" event or a cat-slash-dog that likes to walk on your keyboard at the most inopportune time because they secretly work for the Kraken?
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