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  1. I might be wrong...but have you downloaded both packs? Parallax Stock Textures 2.0.0 and Parallax Scatter Textures 2.0.1. For what I could see in that picture that you have posted before, you only have Scatter Textures 2.0.1...but you need both for parallax to work correctly. Give it a try, a tell us if that works. Hope to help (at least, a little bit) pd: Excuse me if I have some grammar errors, english its not my first language
  2. I don't think there exist a mod for visual effect of "sonic boom"...but I you want to have at least the sound effect, there is Rocket Sound Enhacement mod, that not only includes sound effect, but also improves rocked sounds a lot!
  3. Awesome mod @AtomicTech; I would like to thank you for your efforts I have just discovered it this week, while updating my mods, and for what I have tested, Waterfall Expansion even improves the performance on my Kerbal modded installation (vs Restock Waterfall & Stock Waterfall effects previously installed) I have only found a little visual glitch with Terrier engines waterfall effect (not at home right now, so I'll update this post later with pics). I would look into cfgs and compare with Restock Waterfall, cause I didn't notice it before installing your mod Anyway, thanks again for your work, and sorry for my possible grammar mistakes (english is not my first language...) Edit: Forget about it; just checked and Restock Waterfall and Waterfall Expansion have the exactly the same cfg for that engine. The cause its TUFX Temporal Antialiasing
  4. Hi there! Just found a bug with my heavy modded install. It only happens with parachutes calculator. When I grab a command pod and install a chute, calculations are OK. But when I load another ship in the VAB, I get velocity calculations to "Infinity", and keeps like that until game reboot. (Of course, none of them are from the mod RealChutes, and happen also with stock ones. And I'm using stock aerodinamics) This is the error found in the log: [EXC 15:51:23.665] NullReferenceException UnityEngine.Transform.Find (System.String n) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) Part.FindModelTransform (System.String childName) (at <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0) RCSBuildAid.CoDMarker.findCenterOfDrag () (at <4ce320faa66f449aafd3274fb767e25f>:0) RCSBuildAid.CoDMarker.UpdatePosition () (at <4ce320faa66f449aafd3274fb767e25f>:0) EditorMarker.Update () (at <06f13185617646e5bc801baeab53ab75>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) And after that, lots of : [LOG 15:51:23.689] Look rotation viewing vector is zero If you need the full log, I can upload it for you. Thanks in advance for maintaining again this awesome mod @m4v!
  5. I have been testing it for a while. The crash occurs when I use your K-35 craft example. Shortly after the takeoff, the game crashes. I have tried some of the parts by making new crafts, first using the KFAN, then the K-35B VTOL, the MK2 Thunderbolt...and then combining them all. And no issues. I also have noticed (maybe its that way, don't know) that actions groups in your craft (K-35) 1 and 3 make the same...and there is no one for toggling the K-35B VTOL mode. Maybe this does not make sense...but I don't know if it's possible that only the craft file could be corrupted. Thanks for replying so soon Quiznos323, and taking interest in this issue!
  6. First of all, great job! I love this mod, the models are great, and the VTOL animations look great! I'm having an issue with your mod. I take the KF-35, after a while...game crashes everytime. I don't know if its related to mk2_thunderbolt, or KFAN engine, but the outputlog gives some errors related to them, and with FAR and JSI related. I have lots of other mods installed, including FAR, JSI Rasterpropmonitor, Throtle Control Avionics, and more. Can your help me with this issue? May I post the outputlog??? Kind regards!
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