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  1. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but the mod seems to be penalizing me for kerbal 'accidents' after reverting from a failed launch. It has done this across multiple installs. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. That's very unfortunate. I rather liked playing with NEAR and the win32 build was too restricting for me memorywise.
  3. After installing v3 I was launching a craft made of mostly HGR parts but using stock radial decouplers. The radial decouplers don't seem to work. The HGR stack decouplers worked fine. On an all stock-craft the radial decouplers worked as well. I had no issues on v2. Anyone know of a quick fix? I have science to do
  4. It's telling me I'm not allowed to access the file on your google drive.
  5. They're all there, I went through the directories. Everything is there. The repair station just doesn't show up in game and the orbital research part isn't being recognized by the contracts system.
  6. I started the save after installing MCE. The part is not there in sandbox mode either. I've reinstalled MCE and that didn't fix it either. The part isn't grayed out in the editors, it simply does not show up. I've since also encountered an issue with the orbital research part. I can put it on my ship but the contracts window says it's not there.
  7. I started a new career save with this mod and I'm having a blast. Unfortunately, I got a sattelite launching contract requiring a repair station, after which I discovered the Repair Station part is not showing up. I checked in the cfg which tech was required (Advanced Construction, which I have), and what category it was supposed to be in (Utility). I've reloaded the part database, reinstalled the mod and checked sandbox mode but the repair station part remains nowhere to be found, even though the files are obviously there in the folders. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?
  8. Pendulum problems sound challenging. Although I reckon they might be fixed by retracting the cable to the locked position. Doesn't look nearly as cool, though... But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, enjoy the screenshots: Coming in for a landing at the Island Runway Landed. Offloaded the two dumbest kerbals I could find at the Astronaut Complex "So long, suckers!"
  9. I think the major problem with the winch and especially the magnet is their massive powerdraw. Luckily power is not one of my problems. The varying degree of control authority the thing has between flights is. For some reason it sometimes flies fantastically, and sometimes it doesn't. As for the challenge, I've already got precision award, as can be seen in the second screenshot. Working on the Jet Ranger distinction now.
  10. I figured it might be fun to take a crack at this so I present the Teslacopter Mk. 1: Yes, that is a mechjeb module on the back there. When I was testing it I suffered significant drifting to the left, which made the thing unflyable by hand. I thought the drift was a side effect of intermeshing rotors. Turned out symmetry had mucked up my hovermode action groups on the left rotor. It's powered by the 0.625m fission reactor from KSP Interstellar, and features a KAS winch with electro-magnet for cargo lifting. It has a maximum crew capacity of four. If the reactor from Interstellar is considered cheaty I'll have to figure out some other way to power this beastie. EDIT: Couldn't resist. EDIT2: Only just now realized this was a massive bump. Apologies.
  11. I did a few tests with hyperedit and I jumped from falling through Kerbin's atmosphere to Duna orbit without any incident. The concept of this mod is obviously pretty cool. I especially like the part where the orbital beacon is named after the cynosural field generator from EVE online. I have a few feature suggestions that might help make usage of this a little more challenging. - If the jump beacon needed to be powered to jump to it might add some challenge to designing the beacon crafts. - If both the jump drive and the jump beacons had a cooldown time of several days to several weeks after a jump it might make mission planning an issue for people using life support mods of any sort. - Give the beacons and/or the drives a random chance (a very small one, obviously) of breaking down, after which they can no longer be used. - Insert a random chance of accidentally jumping to the wrong beacon. (Especially cool if the chance could be decreased by having more intelligent kerbals on board, although that might be too hard to realize... ) - Make the beacons require a kerbal on board to operate. Just a few ideas, feel free to call them bad ones. Keep up the good work.
  12. Few things, I agreed with what has been said on the intro. It would be great to have a proper full length version. I NEED this in my game.
  13. I slapped a single ballast tank onto a carrier and it floated the same way it always has. I did see the ballast info your plugin adds on the right-click menus for parts, though. Don't quote me on this but I believe InfiniteDice coded his own buoyance stuff for his carriers, so there might not be a problem.
  14. The international standard track gauge is 1435 mm. (for the imperials among us that's 4 ft and 8.5 in) If you made your rails somewhere around there (maybe a little bigger) you could have a bogie that's almost as wide as a 2 by 2 structural panel, which seems to be a very good width for a train car IMO.
  15. At the beginning of the last page you mentioned a rockomax sized inline tank? That would be pretty awesome for those of us who'd like to create sleek designs.
  16. I saw nodes on the ceilings of the lift bays and assumed they were for the winches. That's not the case?
  17. I've been trying for some time now to mount a few KAS winches in the Narwhal's lift bays, but with little success. Is there some sort of trick to this that I'm missing?
  18. Have you tried using TT's ballbearing joint instead of the hinge? Meaning the connection between two cars would be more like that between a truck and a trailer, but I'm getting pretty decent steering capabilities lugging around a full Jumbo tank trailer with my truck.
  19. TouhouTorpedo's multiwheels addon contains two damned robotics joints specifically created for the purpose of trailers and such. You'll need the infernal robotics fork to make them work in 0.20 though. It's all explained in TT's thread here. Also, that is one cool looking train you got going there.
  20. Not everybody knows how the internet works right from the getgo. Try uploading the picture to imgur.net
  21. I'm working on getting a submarine to Eve. If anyone can provide me with co-ordinates to the pit (I suggest we start calling it a trench) I'll go check it out.
  22. The fact that planetary transfers and landings are a lot harder serves to add a proper challenge after mastering the moon and minmus. I have very little bad things to say about 0.17 The one big downside is its tendency to crash on me all the time. I'm hoping that'll be fixed in 0.17.1
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