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  1. I installed this because sometimes my rocket engines would stop making any sounds. After installing this, it seems I now get no re-entry sounds. Oh well, a small sacrifice for the sake of being able to hear the wonderful sounds of my rockets.
  2. I'd like the map to eventually also display non-survey vessels as well (that is, ones without big antennae) so that my mun/minmus landers can know exactly where they are too. Right now even 'active vessel tracking' set to 'on' doesn't actually display my lander or my EVA kerbals' positions. I assume that my later missions to other planets, since the landers will carry long-range antenna (because right now docking is a bit buggy so I'm not planning Apollo-style missions with a separate lander and orbiter), will be displayed on the map of course.
  3. I just installed this alongside a few other things, but this one is the only one that has something to do with graphics, and I've noticed a little bug. Just this weird cloud that seems to follow my ship everywhere. Looks kind of like what happens at launch under the pad.
  4. After returning my Duna landing module to the command capsule and docking, micro engineer seems to have... basically crashed. It's showing 0 or - for every value. I'd show a picture but I can't paste images directly and the forum won't tell me how to upload it here either.
  5. Is it possible to change the configurator settings in an existing save or do I have to start a new game whenever I add a contract pack I want to use?
  6. So, I've seen scatter version compatibility mentioned... I just grabbed Blackrack's volumetric clouds earlier, which did replace scatterer, probably with a later version. It seems to be working fine, though I haven't really gone outside the Kerbin system. Not sure what problems having a later version of scatterer will actually cause. Maybe just graphical things. I'm fine with those. Other planets do seem to have lost some of their brightness in the tracking station (mainly the ones with big atmospheres like Eve and Jool).
  7. Does anyone have a full construction guide for this? Closest I have is something from the unofficial BDB wiki, but it kinda omits some important pieces (How to make the service module and such, mainly). I can kind of guesstimate some of the parts from what I can see, but I don't want to get too many things wrong. A stage guide would also be good (which things to put on which stages). Trying to make something fun for my Duna mission. Also uh, I dunno if I've been in this thread before or not, but the SRBs really don't want to attach to the radial decouplers. Can't seem to get the green spheres to meet up, it always just wants to attach directly to the rocket.
  8. The leo's drogue chute really doesn't want to deploy. Always end up having to just jettison it after it completely fails to deploy at the set altitude and pressure (and yes, I'm going a safe enough speed). Oh well, doesn't matter much. EDIT: Apparently saying something on the forums made it more cooperative.
  9. Ah, so that's which way the hinge is supposed to sit. Well, I'll get around to it after I restart the entire save because the game decided I wanted my magnetometer in 4x symmetry and blocked the only hatch out of the lander, and I didn't make a bunch of earlier saves.
  10. Does anyone have a complete Sarnus/Kane craft file with the lander and a MRV of the type that needs Breaking Ground DLC to work properly? I built the rover just fine... but then I spent a futile hour and a half trying to get the hinge thing on the lander to even pretend like it'd eventually go the right way, only to also be informed by internet search that it's basically impossible to merge in a completed rover, unless I want to carry it on top of my command module instead. And I don't even want to think about which surface I'm going to have to temporarily attach the chassis to as I build it all over again, plus I never could get the hinge assembly to actually sit properly.
  11. Looks like it was RealFuel's problem. I really only even installed it because something else I wanted (prettier looking engine plumes or something? I think realplume was what I installed that needed it) needed it. So I uninstalled that and there's no obvious warnings this time (loading screen also said 1 warning instead of 5 so that's already a lot better, though it also wouldn't tell me what the one warning was)
  12. Just grabbed this, I have other mods running too, but I got this warning while loading the game (before the main menu, since it takes about half an hour... I need to move KSP to an M.2 SSD when I can get one). Not sure what to do about this. The log file it mentions is uh, also rather big. 10MB of text! Not sure if you're going to want to review that too. If so, let me know and I'll zip it up (text almost always compresses really well) and send it over.
  13. Just grabbed the apollo branch earlier (new save for reasons). Also grabbed the included craft files. Uh. Is the Saturn V supposed to look like this? It certainly didn't before. There's gaps between stages now. And the engines on the bottom are misaligned, and the fin mounting points are uh, floating. Also 4x symmetry on the engine mount results in weird positions too (for fins).
  14. Should be the latest, don't know anything about an apollo-saturn revamp. Might be a CKAN error, once I'm done landing on Minmus I'll go ahead and download from the git manually.
  15. I think I found the build, but when I tried to load it, it uh, looks like it was made for Kerbalism, so I can't use it currently. Guess I'll just make my own. I don't see any configs for the descent stage like that (there's a switch for fuel though of course), and I couldn't find anything in research about that either.
  16. I'm having fun with this pack so far, even if some of the stuff is a little wonky (but that's probably just me not knowing how to use some of it, or slightly incorrect info somewhere). I do have a question. I've landed on the Mun now with the Sina, but another part of the Apollo program was the rover. How am I going to bring one with the Sina? In Apollo it was in one of the cargo bays on the descent stage I believe, and unpacked from there, but I don't think KSP is going to let me pack an entire rover (or even just the parts for it) in the inventory slots.
  17. I've found one so far, but the uploader put it on some temporary upload site and it's gone. I can't seem to find a single pod part in the support configs that has hard drive stuff defined, so I have no reference to do it myself. EDIT: I think I found the place where it defines the hard drives for individual parts. Though it's only for the base parts, I think I might be able to do... something with it. Maybe. It's in KerbalismConfig\System\ScienceRework
  18. Seems like it. I don't have the slightest idea how to go about changing that. I do have some coding experience, so I can sort of eventually figure out the right syntax, but if I get anything wrong, it might explode.
  19. Having a slight problem with Bluedog parts. They work fine, technically. It's just that the data capacity on them is... really small. Even later pods seem to all be limited to 2MB at most, but a similar stock pod has 14MB or something like that by default. I don't even see a setting in the bluedog.cfg for the pods and probes, and according to the tech guide, that means it should actually default to 'unlimited' since it's not set anywhere. But it's not. So I have no idea what I need to change.
  20. Didn't quite work. It just kept launching me further into the sky. Maybe it's because it doesn't know how to work with only vertical engines (even with gimball), although it probably doesn't help that the two VTOL sections I put on the rover like to not gimball in the same direction (that is, they'll point toward each other half the time).
  21. So, I'm trying to set up a Karibou rover. I've read some info about rovers and that their center of mass should be low. I definitely need to figure that out, as all of my Karibou rover designs so far have a tendency to flip over if I brake a bit too much on Kerbin. I've heard it's a lot worse on anything with lower gravity. Thing is, while I can figure out how to move COG forward/back on most things, I have no idea how to move it 'up' or 'down'. I don't really think that strapping things to the underside of the rover sounds like a great idea either. Of course, the easiest option would be to borrow someone else's designs, but I always have difficulty finding things. Another thing would be making sure it can recover itself when/if it does flip over. The inline RCS modules it can have, perhaps? On a mostly unrelated note, I'm off to go find something to help me with the whole 'vtol' thing, because Mechjeb doesn't seem to have a 'hover' mode.
  22. I'm just gonna put this here: never put the engineer you were using to attach stuff directly in the workshop. The workshop apparently eats inventory items. I've lost two good screwdrivers to this. Always board to a part that has a 'seat' inventory. Or shove the tools back where you got them.
  23. Well, they certainly are flexible. But rigid enough that I'm going to build another rover and designate it as a module mover, because this strategy is going great. Just don't load the game again while doing it. Some things get stuck in an odd state where they don't know if they're deployed or not on load. Just about flipped the entire rover over to an unrecoverable state- after three attempts I managed to figure out that it wasn't an invisible rock, and so I was ready and had a way of getting back upright after countering the force. It was the legs on the module that did it. Base update: I've got all the duna lander modules deployed, but now I can't seem to find a way to get that and the rover base attached. I'll find a way to do it though. rover update: just about giving up on getting the akita out of the cargo bay. There isn't enough room for it to turn in there, and whenever I do get it out, it flips onto its side from the force necessary to get it out.
  24. Well, that worked. And then I found a spot that was even flatter a short distance away. But I had already blown the skycrane up. So now I'm using this. Not sure if that's the intended use of a tube, but it works.
  25. I'm setting up my very first base using the example duna lander craft given on the wiki. I can't figure out how to link the expand tube to the anchor hub though. When I click 'link' while on my engineer, it links to the engineer's head with a green thing. I've tried taking it over to the hub like that, but right clicking gives no additional options. Do I need to move the hub closer to the tube for now and increase distance later? Neither the wiki nor the KSPedia entries seem to even acknowledge the tube's existence outside of telling me to place the anchor hub first, then the tube, on the example craft's stuff. No actual method is given. Just told to do it. EDIT: Okay, there is a general KSPedia entry on things like these tubes, but it doesn't say a thing about how. I'll keep looking. EDIT: apparently I need another tube to put on the other side. Problem is... there isn't an extra one included with this example craft. And I can't detach any of the existing ones, only deconstruct them, which is worse than useless right now (because that's another button I have to try not to accidentally hit) The engineer working on all this already has a screwdriver, so it's not like I haven't tried. I'm probably just doing it wrong.
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