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  1. Sad to see you go. Thank you for working on KSP which has now become such a big part of my life.
  2. I used it to get to the second KSC, but I doubt it could be used for transport. (Need help naming it tho. PM me a good name and I might use it)
  3. Also shouldn't this be in general ksp discussion, not suggestions?
  4. I have a plane that can go above 1000 m/s, up to 20 km, and can travel halfway around kerbin plus some if you need it. Also working on a sub-launched plane.
  5. If anything, it should be named something like 'caelum citrum', which is latin for "sky lemon" (According to google translate). EDIT:
  6. So is the Kerbin Geographic Society gonna have exploration ships, patches and stuff, or are we going to just discuss things? It'd be cool to have participating members have something to put on their signature. (I can help provide these) But anyway, here are some screenshots of the islands (from kerbalmaps). In the second one you can see underwater "islands" circled and pointed to in red, above water islands circled in yellow, all connected with yellow lines. The red line is the path of the island runway islands. BTW, do those islands have names? Like the hawaii islands, I think we need a name to refer to them all with (unless there is one). There doesn't seem to be any tectonic activity to me, maybe just extinct volcanoes, or eroded continents.
  7. My computer crashes too often for a long-term trip. But I'm happy making planes, cars, and occasionally, boats. Also, what?
  8. Can someone make a mod where every half a minute or so it saves your vehicle in the editor? (if that's possible) Because my game crashes often and I always forget to save my crafts in the SPH or VAB.
  9. Oh, I understand now. I thought he couldn't find the parts because there were so many.
  10. I don't understand why the + sign is so annoying. That and why it's such an inconvenience to create custom categories.
  11. Almost forgot lol. [Havok Marauder download]
  12. It's not that hard. Here. Made a tutorial for you. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679786943 (EDIT: don't question the title. trying to put a custom spin on the "for dummies" thing.) (EDIT2: steam made the image low-res, so here's the imgur album[EDIT EDIT thank the kraken that albums now work!])
  13. The aether is real! In all seriousness, are you sure that your orbit is nowhere near the atmo? The only other thing I can think of is that an engine glitched out and is providing thrust while being off/no particle effects. If you suspect the latter, rotate your craft during the Ap changes and see if it affects them.
  14. 1.) Different terrains for rover testing. Like @Andem said, there would be wires and different colored rocks. It would help a ton, and after all... (1 2 3) 2.) Museum. I would love to see a record of contracts, collected samples, and missions in one place. 3.) North-south runway 4.) Drydocks 5.) If you recover a part, the next time you use one of the same part, it is free (fuel still costs money).
  15. You can create custom categories I believe. Although I do think there should be subcategories (wings, control surfaces, intakes, etc. would be aerodynamics.)
  16. Made a plane in 1.1.2 (or whatever the current version is as of now) with landing legs as skids just to see if it would work now, and it does. Yeah, they break often, but if you want to stay true to your X-15 replica as I tried, then I suppose it would work.
  17. I just realized I forgot to upload to KerbalX. ATM I am away from my computer, but I should be able to upload it on Monday.
  18. I'm relatively new to rockets and was considering making a space station on minmus. What's better/easier/whatever, sending all the parts up in kerbin orbit, connecting them, then using rockets to boost to the other planet (in this case, minmus), or sending all the parts to the other planet, and connecting them there? Or do you guys prefer something else? Or does it not matter at all? I'm just trying to see what you guys think is best.
  19. I paid for it back before 1.0 came out. I remember my sis being upset because she too had to pay double the price I paid. If 1.1 is not your thing, download 1.0.5. For my PC, it is much more stable and has way less bugs, only without a couple of parts that 1.1 added in. I have 285 hours logged into KSP at an average P/H of 0.14 cents, which is for the full price of the game, not the pre-1.0 price that I bought it for.
  20. Can you use landing legs as landing skids? I tried back in 1.0.4 or so for an X-15 replica, but there was way too much friction on them to take off.
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