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  1. Hey! Is this still going to be updated? I only ask cause I noticed you havent logged in since September 3rd. I totally understand that you are probably busy irl. No rush at all, I have a lot of patience. Thank you so much for this mod, as it is one of the most useful ones!
  2. These sunflares look awesome! It doesn't seem like the flares work with the new scatterer 0.0255 though. I know that the sunflare folder in scatterer has been packed differently and also renamed sun. I used your config and tried renaming the folder from "Sun" to "sunflare" but it owuldnt work. Do you know if there is anything I can do? EDIT: Nevermind, it had to do with some rescaling I did.
  3. I'm using a rescale mod and noticed the clouds move way too fast. So, I went to the clouds.cfg in the KSPRC folder. For some reason, no matter what I do, they will not slow down. It even seems like they speed up sometimes. Even when I enter "0" for every value in speed & detailspeed, they will not reduce speed! Am I missing something here?
  4. I will do those things and get back to you!
  5. I'm not sure if this is really a bug but I have a 5820K and 980ti and I am get about 10-12 fps at launch. When I remove Chaka, I get my 60+ fps back. I didnt think that made that much sense...
  6. What? Since when does "patiently" imply that I'm not calm? If I had just said "waiting...", that would have been rude, But like I said, I was "patient" and looking forward to the release.
  7. Texture Replacer is not working in 1.1. KSPRC should still work after shaw updates it in a few weeks. KSPRC worked for the most part in 1.0 after updating from .90.
  8. I've installed the mod and I'm not getting any readings. Any thoughts as to why? EDIT: I installed on a clean install of KSP and it works on the the first launch. Then the second one... nothing.
  9. Awesome. Still hoping this could work with scatterer and the EVE soon!
  10. Is it compatible with rescale mods? I've installed but it is not showing up.
  11. Awesome. I've been using these capsules since you released them. Glad this has finally been fixed. Thank you!
  12. Have always used these pods. Only problem is that the pod is upside down. Notice how the NavBall is right side up but the pod isnt. The IVA is right side up though...
  13. I am having the same issue but I do not use CKAN or ATM. I tried taking out all mods except CCC and I still had the same issue. Still trying to solve it...
  14. I'm hoping this isn't a stupid question. I've gone back and tried to see if anyone else had this issue... No luck. The sunflare does not change. It stays the same whether I'm in the atmosphere or in orbit. This wouldn't be an issue if I didn't already love the Better Atmospheres sunflare. Does anyone have a possible explanation?
  15. Thank you! The clouds on Jool and Eve will not change colors when using EVE. Any quick fix I can do?
  16. [quote name='shoe7ess']I had a question concerning this mod. I thought it was this mod I used in .90 that showed the amount of G forces the kerbal(s) in my capsule were experiencing based on my rotation speed. I loved the feature a lot, but now I see it no longer shows up. Now I'm either mixing this up with a plugin that allowed rotation to continue through timewarp or the feature was changed/removed in some way. Could someone please explain? I want to make a space station with a centrifuge that spins at exactly 1G but don't know if I'm actually doing it...[/QUOTE] You are right. This mod used to show the G force on the Kerbals. It was taken out of the mod and have no idea why. It also used to kill the Kerbals if there was too much G force.
  17. YES! I specifically came back to this thread hoping you would have posted an updated sunflare. So thank you, Teflon_Mike. You are awesome.
  18. Will it be possible to make this compatible with the new version of EVE for 1.0.5? I've installed the Jool/Eve recolors and the planet surfaces are recolored but the clouds are not. Thanks for this mod. It's one of my favorite simple visual mods! EDIT: Nvm, just saw your post in the OPM Clouds thread.
  19. During descent, landing, and orbit. I haven't seen them in map view. juanml82's screenshot is a good example.
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