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  1. I'm not sure about any old orbital object, but the ISS constantly tracks anything within 25km normal and 2km radial of itself, and if the chance of collision is above 1 in 10,000, the ISS does a maneuver to go into a less risky position. So no, the ISS is not going to get hit anytime soon.
  2. As others have mentioned in the thread, air drag is of little to no importance - past the sound barrier, most of the drag disappears. KER and MechJeb don't do drag calculations like that for you anyway, since it's basically impractical and mostly useless to calculate. However, the reason why rockets have less dV in atmosphere is because of the reduced Isp (efficiency.) If you go to the VAB and mouse over the engines, you should see that they have a 'Sea-level Isp' listed somewhere. This is exactly the kind of thing that is required. This is the dV equation: To calculate the dV of a rocket starting from sea level, simply swap out the specific impulse in vacuum with the sea-level specific impulse.
  3. Okay, so, for anyone reading this, I fixed it by doing these steps: 1. Making sure the keyboard layout is consistent across all systems (at least the main one) 2. Uninstall and reinstall your keyboard drivers 3. The third and final step that worked for me: go to your KSP main settings, and go to Input > Layout. Check if the keyboard layout matches up with the one you're using. If it doesn't, change it to the correct one. (For example, mine was set as US Dvorak when I use US QWERTY.)
  4. I don't seem to recognize how this guy fixed his problem. Seemingly, you told him to only use Spanish (Costa Rica) as a global language; but the only way I see why that might be needed was because his location was set to Costa Rica. However, I use English (Singapore) as my display language and keyboard input.
  5. If I try to change my graphics settings from the normal ones, it doesn't work. The "Apply" and "Accept" buttons don't respond to any clicks. If I click "Cancel" and go back into the graphics settings, they'll still be the default ones Yes, I have seen the other forum posts about this. Seemingly, their solution doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...? Here's the output log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17CuTCIQCiyb8wlMigqA9vPX6i8MryEAF Thanks for any help!
  6. I thought about doing a Land Speed Record for 1.1.x. With the new wheel physics, this should be FUN. RULES: No part/gameplay affecting mods allowed. KER/MechJeb allowed, however. So is eye candy... No ALT+F12, cheating, or HyperEdit. Rocket/jet/MonoProp/Nuclear(?) engines allowed. Entries must be submitted as screenshots or videos, with at least one of the F3 screen at the end of the run. Run must be completed at end of the runway. Let's see how this goes.
  7. Nice. Hope you keep going.
  8. When you start to try to intentionally crash the game. (Now crashed roughly 112,819,235,314 times. See what I did with the number there?)
  9. I'm... starting one. Soon, and it will be like Matt Lowne's or Hazard-ish's channel.
  10. You might want to edit the rules to include "no Alt-F12".
  11. When you get bad grades at maths and your parents force you to uninstall KER and MechJeb and instead do it by hand. This happened to me once
  12. When I was bringing an asteroid back to Kerbin. I literally got up and ran around the room, cheering as I did so.
  13. Can you use KAC (Kerbal Alarm Clock)?
  14. Would multiple gravity assists count as clever maneuvers?
  15. Weeeeelll, there's a slight problem with this. KSP's Unity programming makes Kerbol the center of the universe. That's why escape orbits from Kerbol glitch, because there is nothing to go to. Plus the solar panels use distance from "center of the universe" to calculate solar efficiency. They aren't built to just respond to ANY light source. Even if you fixed both of these problems (it could easily take a couple of years or more), then you have the problem of floating-point numbers. The more distant from the center of the universe you go, the more KSP's orbital accuracy declines. KSP slightly fixes this by putting two sets of 3D variables that put two origins; the center of the universe and something close to the spaceship you're flying. This explains why orbits jitter. Sure, it was mostly fixed in 1.1.2, because the 64bit transfer which can store more states and the appliance of that to the orbital mechanics, but the interstellar distances we're talking about mean your orbit could jitter for THOUSANDS or MILLIONS of kilometers or more. There's just no way to predict it all the way to interstellar distances even at KSP Stock System size without something like 2,048bit physics rather than just plain 64bit. Although I do agree this would be really awesome.
  16. I might try it with RSS though. The only reason I'm a "Newbie" on the forums is that I haven't posted much. Edit: I'm a Bottle Rocketeer now...
  17. Doesn't this also include Real Solar System? You know, without RSS Realism Overhaul is way too overpowered...
  18. Hmmm.... this seems pretty interesting. I might start to test this out.
  19. When you see fireworks during the holidays and sometime plan to build a rocket out of them.
  20. So, I just play around Career and Sandbox. In the VAB on my Dell Inspiron 15, I attach the parachute (any, although it is worse with radial ones) and the framerate drops to 6-8 fps. I launch, on launchpad it is fine, and when I load the craft in the VAB with parachutes there is no lag as long as I keep the same parachutes. If I add new ones however it lags down again. I tried lowering settings, using 32bit player instead of 64bit, but nothing helps. I don't have any mods. This is not Steam, it is the KSP Store. Help please?
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