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  1. That list of plane parts makes me want to jump back into KSP.
  2. That's a basic way of looking at it, but you could say that.
  3. LHA-8 plans to restore the well deck to the America class.
  4. Are you using modular missiles? If so you need to be using the guidelines for building and mounting the missile. It sounds like it's not deploying because you have it set up wrong, and it's instead giving your plane a rocket assist.
  5. Make sure KSPWheel from Kerbalfoundries is updated. Aside from that, if you are using 1.5 or 1.6 I cannot say that these have even been tested for that. Spanner has had real life issues to deal with lately and KSP has not been a priority.
  6. Orbit changes the orbit direction over a target point once the AI reaches destination/altitude. You can go clockwise or counter clockwise. (Or port or starboard, I forget how its labeled.) Great for AC-130 type planes. Clamped/unclamped just gives you normal/higher options like raising the flight ceiling, top speed, etc.
  7. Nothing says you have to use it. Other people do. Not everything in there is going to appeal to every person.
  8. There is not, and doubtful one will be made any time soon. Spanner has been busy with real life, and he has previously stated most of his mods won't be touched/updated until well after the bugs have been worked out of KSP 1.5/6/7/etc.
  9. What version of KSP? What version of BDAc? Is clearance check enabled? How fast are you flying? There are a lot of variables here that need answered before an adequate answer can be given.
  10. I'll answer him again in case he just missed or misunderstood: BDAc will update to whatever version they feel it's ready for after they get a lot of the bugs worked out that came from 1.2 onwards. Every new version of KSP has resulted in, to some extent, catastrophic bugs that the devs have been working hard to fix. But as KSP keeps updating faster than they can get them fixed, it's impossible to say just when it will be released. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a proper fixed BDAc till KSP 2. But please, stop asking about updates. They are not paid to do this, and have been working hard on their time to try and get this fixed.
  11. I don't know if you noticed but this has been brought up with other mods recently. BDArmory Devs have specifically made it so other BDA related mods would have to create their own custom categories instead of piggybacking off of their own. They are avoiding excess clutter by paring things down to BDAc-ONLY content in their subcategory. I would advise the devs of Kerbalfield to not utilize this MM config in their mod. If others want to do it and clutter things up on their own, whatever, but mod makers should not be piggybacking off BDAc's category anymore.
  12. 1) It is my understanding after being a tester and discussing this with the dev team of BDAc as well as lengthy talks with Spannermonkey, that ammo switching presently is not possible. It seems like it would be, but it’s basically the resource is the fuel and the bullet is the exhaust. The bulletdef is the only thing giving the effect, velocity, etc to the bullet and it can only have one bulletdef per part/gun. I would like to see ammo switching myself, since for a while gomker and I were testing velocity, shell weight, and damage output to get reasonably realistic sabot rounds. But presently it is not possible. 2 and 3) BDAc will not likely add many more parts unless it’s a brand new system like adding torpedoes and sonar. Currently they are a bit tied up with making things work again with 1.5, so new and expanded stuff won’t happen till they have bugs ironed out. That said, they have a github and I would suggest making your post a feature request there so it doesn’t get lost.
  13. Just curious, are you still working on that Kuznetsov too?
  14. I would assume nothing. It's more likely that the team will spend some time fixing what bugs are currently active within BDAC and try to get them fixed before figuring out the version it will be compatible with, be it 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.6, etc..
  15. Spanner really doesn’t tend to make mods with career modes in mind, so tech tree positions aren’t really a concern under most circumstances.
  16. They are there but because BDAc has filtered their category, other weapon mods need to make their own custom categories for their weapons to show, or put them in stock categories. The BDA tab is now for BDA parts only.
  17. You have to select the missile loaded in the VLS tube in the weapon selector in BDA's weapon manager.
  18. Pretty sure that most of the new stuff is using stock BDA ammo which can be accessed with the universal ammo box or the 20mm, 30mm, and 50 cal boxes.
  19. I think Doc's point was, if you didn't know how to make your own, why did you use BDAc's instead of just putting it into a stock category till you figured it out? I mean, the update where they filtered out everything except BDA specific parts from the category made it pretty clear they were doing this, with the specific intention of leaving that category uncluttered. (And you knew it did this, because you changed the manufacturer so that the parts would show up in the BDA category, so you can't honestly say you didn't know.) You were also offered assistance in creating your own custom category BEFORE you noticed that they had gone missing due to the most recent update, so there's also that. I know the BDAc devs are happy to see that BDA has, and continues to inspire all these mods that utilize what Baha built and what the Team continues to build upon. I am not slighting the work you and Skyer have done here. I'm anxious to strap that gsh-30-2 on my Versus Frogfoot. Once there's an update with everything where it should be.
  20. Xd, he said he was waiting on the Devs. Please give it a rest. Unless you know what's actually going on behind the scenes you're not really qualified to give advice on these issues.
  21. Just as an FYI, bullet velocity is covered in a bullettype definition, not in the weapon cfg. And the weapons not showing up isn't a bug, it's intended behavior. The BDAc team wanted to filter out NON BDAc parts from the BDAc category in the editor. You should probably edit the cfgs so that they show up in Utility and give them your own manufacturer until you can make your own custom category for the weapons. I am certain any of the guys on the team would be happy to help you figure out how to do a custom category for Skyer's weapons. With your weapons showing up in the BDAc category, people may get confused and start asking questions of the BDAc team about weapons that aren't theirs.
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