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  1. Cool design. However, it has been already developed before by multiple people, including myself. I think that the future lies in making the design compact enough to be used practically.
  2. Not to be a party pooper, but I don't think he's old enough to use Youtube following the ToS.
  3. I was building a MiG-21 replica, and when I took it out for a test flight, the aircraft was stable. However, when I tried to turn the plane, the moment I hit 'S' the entire craft spun out of control. There's probably something obvious I'm missing, so please help.
  4. P-152 High Performance Fighter, modeled after the TA 152, itself a variation of the FW 190.
  5. And to escort the carrier on shorter sorties, there is the Longbow-class fast patrol cruiser.
  6. I don't think they're his bearings though. SAS tech is very old.
  7. "With zees wunderwaffles, ze kerbin empire shall take over zee planet!"
  8. Is there a rule against unmanned exploding ground vehicles?
  9. I believe it is the Colonel Bogey march which was later adapted for Bridge on the River Kwai.
  10. The kerbals have a ridiculously high impact tolerance of around 30 m/s, while their terminal velocity in Kerbin's atmosphere is around 25 m/s.
  11. Good for you. What exactly is the purpose of this thread, though? Are you looking for existing designs or ideas to make your own? And I should warn you that kraken drives work strangely and may not function on different platforms.
  12. Here you are: The drum holds the ammo.
  13. Automatic cannon firing 4 salvos of 16 rounds each! Gravity-fed hopper! Nearly no damage!
  14. That helicopter is looking pretty good so far, other than the part when an engine decided to leave the rest of the plane.
  15. I have invented a moderately accurate bomber hunter missile.
  16. After a solid eight minutes of extreme engineering, we have managed to create a bi-propeller light cargo helicopter with heavily modified PR-0P engines ripped from an earlier turboprop helicopter. It has only experienced one catastrophic failure so far!
  17. Those radiator panels must cause a lot of drag. Is the prop variable-pitch?
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