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  1. If I did it correctly it says I have 1885 m/s dV in a vacuum around Kerbin. Another problem is that if I add more fuel tanks then it becomes too heavy to reach space.
  2. I'm building a flying fortress that's supposed to be able to defend LKO. https://kerbalx.com/drtricky/ABS-17-Nebula As of current I can't achieve LKO despite several hours of tweaks and attempts. Given it has over 300 parts and requires a mod I'd understand if no one downloaded it. So I'm just here to ask: Can anyone give me any general advice/tips for large SSTOs like mine?
  3. The battleship hulls from LBP previously had ridiculous max temps, so much so that it takes several thousand 30 mm rounds to destroy one hull piece. But apparently those values have been "patched out" according to the current person running the mod. In order to allow them to have ridiculous durability, you have to delete a few config files and re-run the game to "patch in" the new temp values. Are you willing to follow the instructions they provided me in order to get my AA platform working properly? Another solution is to use an older version of LBP, which I can provide (It still works in 1.3.1).
  4. @AlexClark What version of vessel mover do you use for 1.3.1? The only version I found stated it was for 1.2. And do you allow the usage of modded body parts, like the large boat parts pack?
  5. Do you move SAM vehicles with vessel mover? I have a nearly-indestructible SAM vehicle that would function much better without wheels. This is not because it can't be supported by wheels, but because its so massive that brakes from stock landing gear don't work very well, and it tends to move as it takes hits. You may also want to take note that this SAM platform of mine received direct hits from ten missiles, and at least 2500 20mm rounds without exploding.
  6. @AlexClark Did you download my aircraft yet? There were some missile settings I didn't like and I adjusted them.
  7. Here's my aircraft entry: https://kerbalx.com/drtricky/The-Toasted-Corn-Dorito
  8. So I've noticed that if I switch between SPH and flying, or reload from a previous point, the game always crashes after doing that two or three times. This problem has actually been occurring for me for over a year, and I always attributed it to limited RAM. But it still does this even though my new computer has 16 GB RAM, more than enough for KSP even with a few mods installed. How can I determine the cause of said crashing?
  9. Aww man, I would've forfeited the fight so it could get get a spot on the list.
  10. I may not like drones, but I gladly welcome our giant mecha overlords.
  11. @exbyde The Dorito was actually designed around the assumption that its missiles would not hit.
  12. My own experience using the Abrams turret as a ground-attack weapon has shown it's extremely inaccurate unless the target is within ~2.5 km, which is the minimum max firing range for most other stock BDA guns. If it can barely hit within 2.5 km on a perfectly still target, I'd have serious doubts about its ability to hit airborne targets while airborne. But laser turrets are still OP as all hell.
  13. @exbyde I observed the Dorito targeting its allies with the AIM-120's during the 8v8 with the bezerker drones. Is it just that friendly fire is far less likely with the AIM-120?
  14. @exbyde I've also noticed that even though the AIM-9's have been buffed, they can still be dealt with by having enough flares.
  15. @Thor Wotansen Just a friendly warning, I've observed your Bryntroll jumping up violently upon spawning in 1.3.1 and landing upside down, losing an engine on impact. You should investigate to see what you can do to prevent that from seriously damaging your aircraft. Also, @exbyde be warned I've noticed this about the Bryntroll in 1.3.1.
  16. @NotAnAimbot So the ECM jammers weren't working in all of the fights thus far? There were some fights where the radar appeared to be flickering, and sometime planes didn't fire their missiles at all, even though they had a lock and the radar wasn't flickering. I was also wondering why some planes were able to fire AIM-120's at my Dorito beyond 10 km, even though my testing in 1.3.1 determined the minimum lock-on range was 10 km with the jammers active...
  17. Welp, at least the Cool Ranch Dorito™ will go down as the only contestant to have beaten a turreted one. Sponsored by Doritos™
  18. @exbyde Yer gonna have the time, but not the mental capacity to run those fights with all the parties you'll be having.
  19. That dronbast might just be the most maneuverable plane I've ever seen.
  20. @Earthlinger I just like aircrafts with pilots like this one in them, they seem more interesting to me.
  21. @exbyde I don't like drones. I myself would never submit one.
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