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  1. Sorry I forgot about that. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0cptft7y38xh4x/KSP.log?dl=0
  2. Hi I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing jammer issues. My jammers seem to just not work at all. Is this a known bug, or is it just me? Also, flares seem to do nothing either. I have the latest BDAc version (1.2.1), and I'm using the latest KSp version ( Mods: Burn Together Destruction Effects Kerbal Foundries KSP Wheel Vesselmover I also have the KSP expansion pack installed and physics range extender.
  3. I retried using a new craft called "Test1". I turned debug labels on as can be seen in screenshots: Here is log again https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfflfl1jizmhhcu/KSP.log?dl=0
  4. Okay, so I'm recently having some extreme issues with the Radar Warning Receiver, which doesn't seem to be doing its job. I turn on the RWR module on, and it detects planes etc normally. However, it has severe issues with warning about incoming missiles (which is, kind of, a big deal). The icon for the missile will appear for a second (the diamond "M" thing on the radar) and then disappears. However, there is never any sound or prolonged notification. Is this a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm currently using the latest BDAc version (1.2.1), and using the latest KSP 64bit version ( There are the other mods I'm using: Destruction effects (latest) Kerbal Foundries, including KSP wheel (latest) Physics Range Extender (obviously) Vessel Mover (Iatest) And I have the KSP expansion pack installed. Here is log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfflfl1jizmhhcu/KSP.log?dl=0 Edit: Also, jammers do nothing. Not a single thing.
  5. Slight problem with any and all artillery pieces. None of them seem to have dedicated ammunition boxes for reloading. Cannon ammo doesn't work either. Help?
  6. I have an issue with the mod. When I set a key to activate Kerbal talk, it doesn't work. I set it to right Alt key, press it and nothing happens. I set it to shift, left Alt, "~" button, but nothing seems to work. Help?
  7. Okay so I'm having a slight issue with he Abrams tank cannon that is a little frustrating. The cannon itself is on a normal tank body with treads, and the long gun part itself protrudes out a little (but to clarify, the cannon isn't covered by anything, its just sitting on top of the body). So when I run into things - like ramming the protruding gun into a building or even another vehicle - the cannon just pops/snaps off, even at a low speed like 7m/s. Should this really be happening? I would expect the cannon to take more of a beating before it simply snaps off. Also, I'm using the recent beta version of BDc, but I don't think this is a problem exclusive to the beta. Basically I'm wondering if there is any way to prevent this from happening.
  8. Hey, I fixed my issue. I simply had an old version of BDArmory where the chaff literally had no effect at all (v0.3.0.0). After doing multiple tests and experiments, it might have been a bug, or simply something wrong with my mod. Either way, the chaff had no effect at all. However, after I updated to 1.0.0, the AMRAAM/Chaff works exactly as expected now (you can actually dodge them and with relative ease too). So don't bother nerfing, it's actually good (or do, its all up to you :D) Thanks anyway!
  9. Same is happening with me. The rest of the missile are not so bad, but the AMRAAM is waaaay overpowered. Even when flying straight towards the missile, maneuvering, jamming AND dropping flares/chaff by the bucket-load, I still get hit every single time. And not at just 3km neither, this is happening at sometimes 5 - 8km away too. The chaff has literally no effect at all.
  10. There is an apparent bug with burn together. I tried making three boats follow each other in sync. I did everything I thought was necessary (set one as leader and the other two as followers). When it actually came time to do anything the engine throttle for the leader boat doesn't work. The throttle physically won't move. Mods I'm using: BDArmory CAL Destruction Effects KerbalFoundries KSPWheel Physics Range Extender VesselMover Here is the log if it's any use to you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfflfl1jizmhhcu/KSP.log?dl=0
  11. Riiiight I get it now. Yup, I can see why that would be very useful.
  12. So, I looked up delta V and apparently its basically synonymous with acceleration. So what is all the fuss with Delta V readouts etc? Why are Delta V readouts necessary?
  13. For every kilometre, theres 1000 metres. For every metre, there 1000 centremetres. For every centremetres, theres 10 milimetres. Compare that to: There are 12 inches (why 12?) in one foot. Theres 5280 feet in one mile (WHY THOUGH?) and 63360 inches in a mile...WHAT? Metric doesn't even come close to being as stupid as imperial.
  14. I searched, but I couldnt find an answer to my question so here goes: When will KSP 1.1 be released? Sometime March? April? When?
  15. I so hope kerbal language becomes a thing!
  16. No, seriously, what the heck does " √" even mean? I've seen it so often on so many posts, it's not even funny. How do you pronounce it? I NEED ANSWERS NOW!!!!
  17. Is there a mod that allows you to build big rockets outside of the VAB or something like that? I wan't to make a monstrosity of a Russian design rocket (for the mother land) but I can't seem to find a mod that allows you to do this. Does anybody know one perhaps?
  18. KSP can be a lag party with just a couple hundred struts. The ability to make your own universe would make it just unplayable...
  19. Yes, there is a limit, but it's basically unattainable. The wiki says that the reputation goes up to 1000, but your reputation gains drop dramatically, so you can never reach it.
  20. What is your land speed record? Mine is 622 m/s (which is 2239 km/h or 1391 Mile per hour). BTW, does anybody know why trying to insert media comes up with " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."?
  21. Ok, I'm here! I'll get my ticket...erm...it was here somewhere....wheres my wallet...erm...I.... damn, I left it at home...
  22. That was in regards to SUV's which have a high centre of gravity. And I'm not talking about loosing control and flipping over, I'm talking about the sudden and ridiculous amount of grip to the road the tire has after been broken, causing the flip out. True, but same as above. EXACTLY my point. Yes, but the only time you would use an engineer to repack a parachute or fix something is if you in a volatile area too dangerous to use an engineer anyway (like falling from the sky and burning up).
  23. Here is a list of what I would really like implemented into KSP: 1. Better contracts. Let's be honest, contracts in career mode are really bad. They are extremely repetitive and (mostly) boring (i.e. "Take a temperature reading at 'X'" or "Test part 'Y'"). Some missions can be exciting (saving kerbals from orbit, or landing on the moon, etc) but many are boring. Please improve with more variation. Also, they're reward system is unbalanced as heck. Some may require you to fly a rusty plane half way around the world to make an EVA report for about 5000 funds (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but you get my point). 2. Better goals. Most goals in KSP are kinda pointless. You put a satellite into orbit, and you collect science. But after that point, whoopdy doo. I only ever send satellites up to collect science once, and then that's it. After that point, they're space debris. I feel that more uses should come from satellites and space stations etc. rather than "one time" things (such as long term science experiments or GPS, or other things that could actually help your space program). The mobile processing lab is the only one I can think of that fits into that category currently, and even that's huge, clumsy and something you don't get until much later into the game. 3. Wheels. The plane wheels in KSP are, all things being considered, horrible. They only extend one way (down) and you can only place them on the wings or on a long body (which is okay, until you make planes with different wing or body structure. Then after that point, you have to fine tune the wheel position so it doesn't crash and burn off the runway, which is quite tedious). I would like wheels like the LY-01 Fixed Landing Gear, but mechanical. Or adjustable height/length. That would be great. 4. Better rover wheels. For rover wheels, they are extremely delicate, and they're breaking mechanism is frustrating and awful. For some reason, when you go to fast or break a wheel, the wheel stops so hard and suddenly that it flips your vehicle over. Broken wheels have never done this. They should just bust up and make your rover lean and tend to stray left/right (depending on which wheel is broken) when it busts a wheel, or even increase a bit of drag. Not have a spastic tizzy fit. 5. Communication and exploration. Currently, there is little reason to explore other planets. If you want the full Eve experience, take a snapshot of Kerbin and apply a purple filter. That's it. The only mildly interesting planet is Jool, and you cant even land on it. Furthermore, there is no reason to explore anything ever. You see and know each planet from the start. You get no surprises at all when you actually get there. Furthermore, there is nothing to do on the planets either (you run into the same problem as point 2). 6. Engineers. Engineers are almost completely useless. Who has ever used an engineer's abilities more than twice? Me neither.
  24. Mine was really awful: First, I had a massive rocket that had bad staging. The boosters on the side separated and scraped the middle of the rocket. The ship was going down fast, so I EVA'd Jeb, and he landed back on earth on his head (unharmed)... Then an Mk 1-2 command pod, 2 Rockomax Jumbo Fuel tanks and a Mammoth liquid fuel engine crashed back down onto him. Amazingly, he was still alive...until a massive solid fuel booster (still burning) slammed into him dead-on. I went to counseling after that for about 2 years. Still haven't quite gotten over it. Another time, a similar thing happened where the staging was wrong, so I made my kerbal jump out of the command pod, only to land back on Kerban on a "Launch Stability Enhancer", and died. ...im a broken man...literally...
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