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  1. I just got back from the real ksc and saw the Atlantis and these texures look pretty close!
  2. @NecroBones You should add the N1 that would be cool i know its on the "wishlist" but it still is a cool rocket And I'm gonna Alternate history RP so this would be useful.
  3. well thanks I did not Know it worked I still like RSB a bit better
  4. well thanks for the answer. I would love capsules but if not that would be OK. I need something since fasa is still in 1.0.5. Any other mods that could Help?
  5. nice craft looks very nice and flies well
  6. @NecroBones, Will you add Capsules to this mod for the Saturn rockets? if not that is fine I will be surprised if I get responded to.
  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I CANT BELIEVE THIS WAS UPDATED I want to say i love you but that would be gay
  8. Sorry just got into the account and i updated sorry
  9. i lost my account and finally i am back and i am impressed how this community of wanting this!
  10. Finally got it to work just downloaded it off of curse instead of spacedock idk why but it worked
  11. nicely done I really thought this was great
  12. here is what it looks like when I load a craft up
  13. getting my mods i installed to work! Lol but really when I landed on the mun legtly
  14. ksos is good but is still being updated if it is at all Download
  15. we could do a race or explanation what ever i cant get BDA to work so sorry no war
  16. Would Anyone like to Join A DMP 1.1 No Mods With Me Say Yes And I Will Give Code
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