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  1. You can attain infinite speed in Ksp, so there is no speed limit at 2.998e+8 m/s (speed of light) . Theoretically, you can also attain an infinite distance from the sun, although there tend to be a good deal of glitches when you load a ship that is very far away from the sun.
  2. Words of greater wisdom hath never been spoken. Also, congrats on TOTM!
  3. Banned because I am totally not under the influence of the potato
  4. Hmm...this has inspired me to join the positive side. 26(+ 1)
  5. Wait a minute...are you eating a taco while using a treadmill that is on a plane, or are you eating a taco inside the airplane which is itself on the treadmill?
  6. The center of mass is clearly not lined up with the center of thrust. Certainly, @Rocket In My Pocket poses a viable suggestion, however, also consider a mild redesign of the station to include a docking port on the bottom. Then, dock with that port, and your balance issue will be solved.
  7. Banned because the standard profile picture is an artistic statement
  8. Banned because visiting a kitchen and not banning somebody are not necessarily mutually exclusive. (Sorry for the sort-of double negative)
  9. Don’t think so. The odds of more bodies being added even to the stock solar system are slim (not everyone wants them, and there are myriad excellent mods which fill the need for more planets). Extrasolar bodies are not on most people must have lists, and even then, mods exist to fill this need. Not to mention that it would be very difficult to reach other solar systems with the stock propulsion technologies. Welcome to the forums!
  10. At the same time, everybody has different demands as to what would make ksp fun for them. I feel like it sees a decent amount of use anyway, even in the late game, for stuff like vacuum landers. Even for a single command pod mission, the lander can is still a decent option earlier in the game as opposed to the heavier mk-1 command pod.
  11. Press X to use logic My first impression was “meh” as it makes little sense to have a facility on the mun. However, in the original ksp loading thread, the sensible consensus seems to have been reached that if you want to use it, fine, otherwise, you can ignore it. Though I would not really care about it, it does have some appeal (mun base without killer part count), and, if ksp on consoles is to succeed at selling more copies, it has to offer something novel, and I have no problem with the devs trying to do that. At the same time, I will withhold judgement until the update actually is released.
  12. 18 (-1), The negative team now has more votes in the poll.
  13. Was it man-rated? Not sure if it was Besides, I believe the intent of the post was “crew vehcocle that will fly with humans in the next decade”
  14. That statement is personally offensive to all dedicated players of RSS
  15. A motto of the part revamp program. And, to be fair, not a bad one at that either.
  16. Well, I don’t feel like every tank needs an orange version. Of course, it is nice and I would even say neccecary for some tanks, except that this are literally the only tanks in the game which don’t have orange. Also, every tank needs a pure white variant. I cannot say how much it annoys me when the “white” variants of tanks have grey stripes on them.
  17. Banned because “because I said so” is simply not a permissible reason to ban somebody, not to mention grossly uncreative.
  18. Interrogative sentences end in a question mark. What should I do with the mucus that I am quietly curling up into a ball?
  19. What even is that? TUBM is not a practicioner of psychoanalysis.
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