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  1. Update is planned. I just need to find a little bit of time.
  2. BV does someting similar as World stabilizer and the game (from version 1.11?) too, but WS is the best bet if you have problems with jumping etc.
  3. Please try to narrow it to the smallest amount of mods, that shows this behaviour. I can then look into it.
  4. A rover doesn't explode without a reason. The only two reasons I know about are, that the rover clips into terrain, because KSP sometimes gives wrong height of terrain when the rover's position is set by the mod or the rover is to long and hits terrain bump. For this reason is in the last version option in the settings to set an offset of height above terrain. Here is info about the mod, which I need to update to reflect the last changes: https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki
  5. I tested it with a rover on Eve and no sliding nor shaking occured. I need more information about your vessels.
  6. BonVoyage update 1.3.1 Changes Chinese localization updated Russian localization by kovakthemost Added BonVoyage to Mk2 Lander Can Added height offset for rovers to the Settings Fixes Fixed usage of fuel cells with infinite propellant cheat enabled and no fuel tanks present Fixed wrong count of operable wheels with KSPWheel module when "Wear and damage" setting was set to NONE Fixed detection of usable converters when fuel cell contains more modules of type ModuleResourceConverter You can find it on usual places - github and spacedock
  7. Small update Version 0.4.3 Brazilian Portuguese localization by Lisias
  8. Did your rovers had regular brake on? It is now connected. When you engage parking brake, then brake is switched on. If you switch brake off, then PB is switched off too. They are build against 1.11.1 binaries, but someone used one of my mods with older version of KSP (1.10? 1.11?) without a problem. There isn't a change in used libraries I'm aware of.
  9. Version 0.4.2 Parking brake is disengaged when vessel starts to fly Parking brake is disengaged when you switch off brakes Parking brake added to external command seat
  10. Small update Version 0.4.1 Russian localization by kovakthemost
  11. I can add it to Settings. That's better place for it then in controller window.
  12. The height above terrain is set for root part and rest of the rover follows it, so if you a long rover, it can clip through terrain.
  13. That is the information I needed. This will be easy fix
  14. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/issues/30
  15. I went through the code and don't see any reason, why it shows you, that you have not enough fuel. I you are using the latest version of BonVoyage, then I need more information to replicate it.
  16. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki
  17. Probably not. I considered it at some point and decided, that it's not worth the trouble. Are you using fuel cells?
  18. It resets the craft position and rotation. It is meant for crafts with wheels, because they usualy stops on slopes, but it works for any landed craft. I don't want to check wheel count and it's handy when your munar lander misses the only flat surface in vicinity I don't know what you mean by this.
  19. Added to Issues on github, so I at least look into it, if it's possible.
  20. Am I anyone too? Parking brake works on the same principle as ground tether, so you can use either one. If you are using USI tools only for tether, then you are safe to delete it.
  21. How fast your vessel slides without parking brake? Is it on slope or flat ground?
  22. I can't replicate it, so I need specific steps. If it is a combination of mods, then I need to identify, which ones. Same for the explosion of that rover. If it is consistent, than I need a craft file and list of used mods.
  23. BonVoyage update 1.3.0 Changes Rebuild for KSP 1.11.1 Kerbals can move behind the scene too (with a blinding speed of 0.5m/s - depends on the celestial body) Usage of batteries is switched off during system check and user is notified about it when there isn't enough power to recharge a rover Chinese localization by Raven-233486 French localization by vinix38 Added module for stock EVA construction You can find it on usual places - github and spacedock
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