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  1. I checked it (KSP 1.8.1, BV 1.0.1, NF Electrical 1.1.0) and it worked as intended.
  2. (sorry ) There was change in the tech tree node for the part, because there are now part updates later in the tree, which affects unmanned penalties. Check your difficulty settings, because buying parts depends on them.
  3. I see. For some reason, Total commander plays games with me...fixing it @HebaruSan Fixed, thanks.
  4. New update! 1.0.1 Changes Minimum height of a rover over the terrain was changed to avoid some clipping issues KSP 1.8.1 compatibility
  5. I noticed it yesterday on some parts from other mods (Near future mods), so it can be stock issue.
  6. It's the default which works for the most rovers with some sort of a cabin. It also depends, where the real top of the root part (RoveBody in your case) is.
  7. No problem. I understand, that you must translate it to/from english, but I can't translate your text, if I'm looking at it on my phone. Like small bugs
  8. Follow the section 3, there it is. I started with this tutorial a few weeks ago, then leaved it for a while and must start once again, so I can't help you more right now
  9. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/Settings Look for Rotation vector advance tweakable section English please.
  10. Which tutorial? DialogGUI? If yes, then one of the parameters of a button constructor is OnClick function. Just pass it without parenthesis (e.g. OnClick) to the constructor.
  11. English isn't my first language, neither yours as I understand, but I try to explain it to you as best as I can When a rover moves behind the scene, the Bon Voyage sets its latitude, longitude and altitude based on computations and data about terrain on that spot. The problem is, that the terrain information isn't exact, so the rover is sometimes underground or too high. Bon Voyage handles these situations by moving the rover up or down when you switch to it during a ride or after it arrives to the destination. How high or low BV moves the rover is computed from the position of colliders of rover's parts. If the colliders are wrongly defined, then the computations are wrong and the rover can be moved too high or too low, so it clips to the terrain and after resuming the physics it explodes. I tested your rover with modified Bon Voyage, which skipped the move down step, so the tested rover wasn't moved and stayed above terrain. That means, that it wasn't clipping through the terrain and therefore no explosion happened. Now I must find what is the reason, that the rover is moved too low by BV. Is it wrong collider? Is it the rover construction? Or is it something else?
  12. @jaunco325 I think, that there are two possible reasons for a failure. The collider for little rover wheels is badly defined and BV gets wrong informations about the lowest point of the rover or the rover is too wide and therefore clips on one side to the terrain. I disabled the move down feature (it can be done only by editing the code) during my tests and the rover was high enough to not clip to the terrain. I must do more tests with different rovers and wheels to decide, which reason it is.
  13. You have unfinished sentence there:
  14. I don't see any exceptions regarding BonVoyage, but you are using bunch of mods, that are not compatible with KSP 1.8.*. This could lead to various problems. If you have a save file from before switching to that problematic rover, send it to me.
  15. On Windows: <KSP folder>\KSP.log c:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log
  16. The function is switched off, if World Stabilizer or BD Armory is present, because they are doing the same thing - Moving vessel up or down, to get a clearance over a terrain and avoid clipping of parts. But there are a few cases, where it could go wrong (the terrain is too bumpy or steep, the vessel is too long and clips somewhere, part dimensions are wrongly defined) and I can't do a thing with it, because BV is trying to find the lowest point of the vessel and then move it up over the terrain.
  17. KSP version? BV version? Is it stock rover? Do you have rover rotation setting on in the mod settings? Log file? Save file? I don't have this issue with my rovers, but I don't use stock ones in my game. Only for function tests and it seems to be ok so far with Crater Crawler and that small rover with the rovemate body.
  18. Push Edit button near Hud1 or Hud2 and then you can move them by mouse.
  19. You must write folder names of sound sets manually. I'm out of home, so I can't do a screenshot to help you more.
  20. Hud1 and Hud2 in the list of KER windows (Orbital, Vessel etc.)
  21. No problem. I have vaccation right now, a little bit of sun before winter, so I wanted to update all my mods beforehand
  22. Something similar is happening to me in 1.7.3, when a right click doesn't work sometimes. It repairs itself when I switch scenes (and clear input locks for a good measure). It's general problem, not US2 one.
  23. New update 1.0.0 Changes KSP 1.8 compatibility
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