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  1. It's already done. The position of a rover is set to whatever the game is returning as a height of the terrain plus some margin and after switch to a flight scene the BV tries to move the rover up or down to avoid clipping issues.
  2. KSP version, mod version? Information is key to success.
  3. @B-STRK Rotation function is using normal vector of terrain only. Nothing fancy to find a flat terrain @Sirius K ScanSat is your best bet, if you need terrain's slope before a trip to some location. This isn't in the scope of BonVoyage.
  4. Believe it or not, the altitude check is there every step Probably. I don't know, how KSP is handling calls to functions which returns altitude of the terrain at given coordinates, so I can't tell which version it is. It's a little bit of magic to find out, how KSP works.
  5. Probably some freak issue during loading. Update is closer and closer
  6. https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/CritterCrawlerRetractingVectoringEngines/blob/master/GameData/BahaSP/Parts/critterCrawler/part.cfg I don't know how KSPWheel handles this. @jimmymcgoochie I'll test it, but don't have big hopes I don't have a version for KSP 1.9.1 yet, so it may be it. This whole COVID-19 situation threw a monkey wrench into my plans.
  7. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/issues/19
  8. Where do you have KSP installed? This could be unsuficient permissions issue when writing settings to the config file.
  9. I recommend a dedicated folder for custom configs. That way you know what you changed and you can quickly disable them when they conflict with updates of mods.
  10. KSP version? Log file? @all Sorry for the delay with the update. We have closed schools and services and some degree of general quarantine to prevent a virus outbreak, so kids are at home, we must teach them at least something and I must work too, so time is precious. I finally settled to some routine, so I hope, that the update will be *soon*TM
  11. Are you sure, that you have switched it to the right controller?
  12. What container? There are stock containers and there are KIS containers. Please elaborate. I think the question is about more information you can provide
  13. You must use KIS containers for KIS related things and stock containers for ground experiments. Stock and KIS are incompatible in this.
  14. While I appreciate improvement suggestions, this one will not make it through comitee BV module is only an autopilot module, which is integral part of some rover cabs, and BV part is considered as a radar. There is also function not to function (pun intended) when you are using CommNet or RemoteTech and a vessel don't have a connection. There are a lot of different antennas to use as data receivers for unmanned rovers (and manned also after all). Overall, there is no need for such builtin function. You are of course free to use in your game whatever modification you want and even post it here for others as long as it is only MM config (no dll's allowed), but this one will not be official.
  15. There is nothing else you can do than to make a shorter rover.
  16. It's probably better to use Blizzy toolbar, if you have more mods and must scroll in the stock toolbar. It has smaller icons and you can move and resize it.
  17. I expect BonVoyage to be working in KSP 1.9, so an update will be postponed after I return from vacation next week. I need to test Sir Mortimer's Kerbalism compatibility PR before that too, implement one setting and check another two compatibilities (AmpYear and Interstellar).
  18. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/Settings Look at Disable rotation or Rotation vector advance tweakable section.
  19. Don't worry. That button is small and undocumented
  20. No problem. I hope, that the code is commented enough for you to understand it. PM me if you'll have questions. The list of BonVoyage modules does not change on stage/dock/undock. You can reload it by pressing that small button with "R" in the mod's main window, which is there exactly for these cases. That feature can be done.
  21. You're welcome. If the reserve batteries have the same part module as standard batteries, then BV will use them along the standard ones. If not, then they will be omitted. I'm not using AmpYear, I have enough of other mods in my games, so the best way is to try it yourself. <Snip>
  22. There are other things in the speed calculation formula. Manned/Unmanned, speed cap, drag of liquid, vessel mass etc. It's an approximation based on some assumptions which can be off the mark sometimes. Be aware, that it's the average speed. You need to accelerate and brake sometimes too. Also, it's not tested with Explodium Breathing Engines.
  23. You can tweak in BV target too. Look at coordinates and Set button.
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