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  1. hi after having put my first outpost on mun surface, few mouths later i get the mission to expend it the probleme is : once i dock the expansion part on the old outpost the option " Ensure that the outpost has an antenna, has a docking port, and can generate power " becomes grey my mods are KER and KAC both updated here are 2 shoots : Edit : it seems like retourning to this outpost from tracking station few days later solves this issue
  2. almost a weak after my first support steam ticket finally i get the mail to recover my acc ty guys
  3. well i dont see where to find help on steam support it's like speaking with a machine and the question answers u already seen tons of times :x
  4. hi during the christmass my steam aacount was hacked the profil was changed ( fusion with an other acc or something like this i supose ) i recover the steam profil, changed the password and inculde the phone check... anyways that's not the problem since there i can't to play any game i already baught, steam asks me to connect with my old profil ( witch does'nt exist anymore ... ) to give me the authorisation for.... is anyone know what am i suposed to do right now ? euhm sry for the title dunno what happened
  5. hi, nice mod realy enjoy to use it, but after dll all the mods listed on the first page ( except the life support) there is still few empty nodes in my tree can someone tell me witch modes are going into : 1. the "blue clear" nodes ( tech lvl 5 line 5 and line 6 the last 2 tech lvls ) ? 2. the "purple ones" after advanced ion propulsion there is a line with advanced electrostatic prop. and exp. electrostatic thrusters on advance ty
  6. euhm am i alone to use radiators only in case of any specific part create heat and need to been cooled ( ex. isru ) i see no reason to put them as coolers on ssto : 1. drag 2. weight 3. they are heating by their own in atmo it's always cool to have some Tcs once in space, but why in atmo flight ? it's like put a heatshield on the top of a rocket
  7. pretty strange there is still no viable solution for this problem.... espacialy if btw adding to Jr. and Goo, the crew report is also resetable.. seems like squad crew wants to make us click on the smallest parts of the vessel
  8. i'm already running on, to get correctly readings i added the fuel lnks.. and once on space ( without fuel links ) i simply refuel the " central" tank with the radials, but yeah that's pretty confusing stuff edit : gosh i restored my game data folder with an old KER version (?!) ... sry guys indeed works fine....
  9. hi, i dont know if i should to report this but the radial mounted fuel tanks are consider simply as payload for KER (?) , or maybe the mod parts are not compatible for dV reading (?) here are 2 pictures to illustrate my dV reading problem, it should be clear : the fuel tanks are from "ModRocketSys" i have no clue if it's a general issue or just relates to this particular mod, but as u see adding these fuel tanks resulting on lose of dV. again good job @Padisharcybutek and all the other ppl working on this mod cheers
  10. it's not a question of scene, vab, sph, in flight on kerbin, in space, i only have a choice between 2 (always the same) modules, as there should be kac, ker and some other stuff... they are not. but thx anyways @COL.R.Neville
  11. ok guys maybe i'm completly dump or somethnig but i still dont understand how to put my mod buttons into a toolbar, when i click "configure visible buttons" this only shows me 2 mods there... i have tens what am i missing ?
  12. actually with a basic mk2 ssto i was able to aerocapture on around 75-80km, the deeper was 72km and i burn out ( the mk2 cockpit isn't great for this ),
  13. i just realise having the same issue on my duna station .. on minmus i completly redisgn my outpost cos of this..; but here on duna, i can't.. so i tried different things here are the conclusions : lowering the legs = no shake having wheels on structural segments = almost no shake... the mega xxl revomax rover gears are the real problem they was breaking apart everytime i end the refuel.... so i basicly remove the part with this gears and put as close as possible to the "refuel tanker" ... still this is the ground station i dont realy understand why is it happen on space for u @Rocksummit
  14. hi there i was experiencing the same issue on my minmus ground station and as it's a common part of our ships i suspect the "HubMax" causing this i tried to made an X connexion for several parts ( labs, ore tanks crew cabins.... ) once 4 parts connected on each side the final connexion of the fuel tanker produce the incontrollable shake of all the assembly. did u try to disable the autostruts as @bewing suggest ? did it solve your issue ?
  15. actually in your design it would be impossible but on a very basic design of ssto with 2 nervs connected to the central bicoupler once i drain all the fuel remain on the radial attach fuel tanks (rapiers) to the center, the KER reading become exact anyways with the sstos i'm usually re-lay on what am i learned from previous designs the deltaV can change drasticly and u can to change it aswell depending on using more or less oxidiser for some maneuvers like for exemple take off from duna or using Venom rcs ( witch are inculding the consuption of bipropleant ) there is no better answer then @ForScience6686 gaves u... just apply the formula
  16. just made a chekup of my game data folder to find the mod causing this and the surprise was real to seen it's actually KAC... usually happens to me when puting something on radial attachement or by mutliply the parts put on some bi-tri-quad-adapters on the VAB, didin't seen this occur in SPH; the most stressfull is that every part put after this error occure for the first time will generate the error again and again gj ! clearly KAC and KER are the most have in this game, it's like recount on wow nobody plays without it cheers @TriggerAu
  17. realy wish to check this mod soon, it's realy looking great, exacly what am i expecting as scenarios type the only brench on ksp that realy needs devellopement is this administration building and your mod brings the right answer to this, good job @nightingale, cheer
  18. Eve by far.... annoying atmosphere, annoying pressure, annoying gravity... annoying planet
  19. hi good job on creating this experiencing some lag issues with scatterer i tried this and just notice that the visual isn't as great as i tought it would be i dont know if it's normal but check out these screenshoot i get, the terrain becomes unsightly and the clouds are octogonal, the visual enhancement becomes a visual dimish/disgrace tell me is this visual rendin, what it should to been ? maybe my gpu is to hight compare this low quality ? ps. sry for my english i belive it's still comprehensive
  20. well done sal_vager ! as i suposed it is not a same kind of issue, still the thread title relates to this... ty for the futur fix
  21. hi i frequently alt+F5 for safety of operations, but when i want to load the saves oppening them by alt+F9 makes my game freez for about 3-5 mins i tought it was a number of saves that causes this so i tried to delate them one by one, but delating one is also resulting on a freez for few mins, delate them all would take me 2 hours is this safe to delate the saves directly from the folder ? ( i seen a lot of threads with corrupted saves, dont want to corrupt mines by doing this ) will this solve my issue ? my mods : KerbalEngineerRedux,TransferWindowPlanner, KerbalAlarmClock, Chatterer
  22. hi there idk if it's the same kind of bug or if this is normal but i noticed this orbiting bop have also seen a bug on eliptic orbit around eve 3000AP-100PE, on approach to around 500-300km the surface on face exposed to the sun kerbol started to become somethink like a pink puddle, starting as a small circle on the center becomes bigger and bigger as the approach continues to finish on recover the entire face... i havn't found a screeshoot of this but it was a strange experience to seen that
  23. ok... sry i dont know how are the logs working i tought that once i turn off the ksp from windows there would been no logs created as the game itself is freez. i proceed in few changes on my game data folder, and checked this rdv issue... indeed it didin't occur anymore, i should better check before i posted here, sry for your time @Padishar btw speaking about randez vous window, previusly there was a "distance to target ", am i blind or am i dont see it anymore ?.... edit : nvm i'd a bug where the distance was incrasing insteed of decrasing on approach, works fine after reload
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