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  1. just checking in here for the first time since last april, I think. The relationship I posted about has ended, back in March. (one year one month) took a huge toll on my mental health. A few days after she left me, I had to have a major surgery and that sucked. I got a new phone, and I moved into an actual house where i'll have a bed with a frame for the first time in 7 years. adult life sucks lol

  2. Title mostly says it, the point of this thread is just to make other people's days better by simply writing about what good things have happened to you or your families recently. I'll start I'm a senior in high school, I have 1.5 months left before I graduate. Pretty good student, A's/B's mostly etc.. The good thing; Prom happened a few days ago, and I got to take a date (who is now my girlfriend) It was a blast, it all happened in our school's gym. It was so heavily decorated that it looked nothing like school and felt surreal to be there. I've never seen so many people dressed so well. I danced (I can't dance) for about 3 hours before we needed to go home because it was late, (11 ish) and we where exhausted. got home and immediately died in bed. It's your turn now!
  3. 7.9 hour student pilot. I fly Cherokees. Heading for commercial pilot.
  4. I really like pecans. Cheesecake Steak Chicken (nuggets too) burgers mushrooms most Chinese food (orange chicken is nasty) fries eggs The list is endless.
  5. built yet another TBM 900 turboprop. I believe this is the best one yet.
  6. The Juno engine. It's too small for practical use (for me) on my replica jets, unless it's a small jet, but that's unlikely i'll wind up using it.
  7. I remember that thing from War Thunder! I like the fat intake below the engine. I'm def' trying this one. Y E S I LOVE WEIRD LOOKING PLANES! What about the hated BV-238? Maybe i'll touch that thing some other day, I feel like the part count would be too high for that beast. It looks like something from KSP that accidentally got built in the real world. The air intakes are almost separated from the aircraft.
  8. I just built the B29 a few hours ago, the spruce goose i built in RSS, i forgot to add it. Behemoth, it was. I'll try the Sopwith Camel. I'd like to not murder my computer lol I touched up on the F14, but I wasn't able to create wings that could sweep and go straight again. I'll try the X-29 though!
  9. For those of who do not know who I am, I build scale replica aircraft (stock and modded) all of the time, and lately, I've run out of ideas. The purpose of this post is that maybe someone browsing the forums will throw me a suggestion to build because I've really run low on things to build. Things I have built C5 Galaxy, Q400, BF109G, Piaggio P-180 Avanti, F18, F35, F22, F16, F15, C-17, 747, B2, SR-71, F4U Corsair, XP-55 Ascender, Do-335, B52 Superfortress, Bell X-1, X-15, Cessna Caravan, Cessna Citation X, Piper Cherokee, F82 Twin Mustang, Wright Flyer, 787 Dreamliner, A-10 Warthog, Avro Canada CF-105, Avro Vulcan, F5 Tiger, F86 Sabre, Eurofighter Typhoon, Embraer ERJ 145, F104 Starfighter, Vampire FB5, YF-12A, SU-47, SU-25, SU-27, SU-34, ME-262, Concorde. etc... Please, whoever reads this, suggest something. As always Take care! - TheKorbinjer
  10. I'm continuing to create scale replicas of aircraft So far, I've created the : - A-26 Invader - Most maneuverable, despite its size, slowest. - XP-55 Ascender - Coolest looking - F4U Corsair - Most detailed - F-82 Twin Mustang - fastest of the group, least detailed (hard to make wings right) - Do-335 - 2nd fastest, only push / pull prop combo i've built, very ugly looking. - BF109G - slowest takeoff speed of around 30 m/s, (They all have flaps) I intend to create more, does anyone want to suggest planes for me to replicate?
  11. off topic, but I agree with the weight problem.
  12. Try the mod "Hyperedit" It allows you to alter atmospheres thicknesses, and densities, as well as change planets' inclinations. Don't get too carried away with it, like I did. Have fun!
  13. Imagine putting a space station in orbit around Dres. Now imagine that station weighing 100 tons. Now think about 8 kn of thrust pushing it along. (78 mm/s^2 acceleration, 0.7% of 1 G) (I had to sit behind my computer, 4x time warp for 8+ hours getting this into orbit.)
  14. Instead of adding struts to it, try enabling "advanced tweakables" in the settings, you don't have to add to the part count, as Auto-strut could greatly help.
  15. Geo-FS (Geo-fs.com) Universe Sandbox 2 Terraria Minecraft Overwatch Starcraft 2 World of Tanks World of Warships Paladins Toontown Rewritten (Don't ask, it was a part of my childhood, played it since i was 7) Powder toy Roblox (played off and on since I was 10) I have serious ADHD, so i can never focus on one game at once.
  16. What he could also do is drive north west, to "follow" the sun, you would be able travel further that way, right?
  17. I watched Scott Manley before I ever played KSP, so I had an idea of how to play the game, but not very well. First launch, i built a rocket, and didn't know how to start the engines. Took me 30 minutes of googling to figure it out. Made orbit finally several hours later, but that was because I didn't know about SAS. Orbital inclinations where always off by several tens of degrees. I had the max of 3 rockets in orbit (demo) and none of them had fuel in them. Good times. Got the game a year later, been loving it ever since.
  18. With the update, I had to uninstall all of my mods, and I am finally playing KSP as it was intended, I usually play sandbox, but not this time!. Probably 1,000 hours of sandbox and less than 200 career. Not ksp related:
  19. Got my student pilot's license. Time to solo!

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