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  1. Big Apollo would likely not have as many crew as depicted in the artwork, given that Big G only holds 6, yet the study depicted a maximum crew capacity of 16.
  2. Since the 1.25 and 2.5m parts will get a new insulated texture, will the pressurized variants of the octo-girder parts get that same treatment?
  3. Chrayol, Stockalike new Glenn, and CNR have all been officially released, so I don't know if you are confusing him for somebody else.
  4. The best antenna are incapable of reaching interstellar destinations directly, same for the engines in FFT which are impractical for travel to interstellar destinations in a reasonable time (less than 100 years).
  5. The mod works fine in 1.11.2, and for the most part part mods will work on the current version even if they are pre 1.8.
  6. DCSS and Delta IV were added after the RO part configs were done for BDB, so no they don't have RO configs.
  7. Is the telescopic clampotron going to stay a 1.875 mount only, or will we also get the old 1.25m mount as well.
  8. you should be looking for something like this: PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_smokeTrail_light transformName = smokePoint }
  9. Download the files and put the contents of the GameData folder into your GameData folder.
  10. Despite it's appearance, it is the control module in the game.
  11. As said in the OP, these are basically just extremely long pistons, so unfortunately that can't be done using this technique.
  12. Since the new Saturn parts in development are going to increase in diameter, will the engines for Saturn be adjusted accordingly to give similar performance to what is already in game?
  13. Yes, Kerbalism is compatible with OPM with configs for the planets included with Kerbalism.
  14. That's a lot of launch pads.
  15. Looking at Kerbalism's Default profile, this comment came up which should be helpful to you "approx 5 days of leaks and volume of a crew member crew going eva will need the volume their bodies displaced within the vessel replaced with N2 to correct pressure drop, vise versa when entering from eva the pressure will increase due to the volume of the Kerbal displacing the internal vessel atmosphere, excess is vented overboard. The pressure controller can be disabled to save N2 that will be used replacing the Kerbals volume."
  16. I mean, it is not difficult to go into the Profile under KerbalismConfig/Profiles folder and change Liquid fuel to be Liquid methane (LqdMethane is what you have to type). Same could be done to replace monoprop with Hydrazine if you are using something like Real Fuels.
  17. Just so you know, the RL10s have all lost their textures with the recent update (probably because those files along with some Centaur stuff were moved over to OldParts).
  18. It seems that slightly older versions of Kopernicus error out, but release 36 does not.
  19. Download Ad_Astra-v1.6.7z and drag the Ad_Astra folder to your Gamedata folder (for the 43k clouds download the 43k cubemap and settings from the github link in the OP and drag the Ad_Astra folder into GameData). Next download one of the AVP textures from here: https://github.com/themaster402/AstronomersVisualPack/releases/tag/v1.9, and drag the folder located here https://imgur.com/gq1dwgD to the Ad_Astra folder you put in the Gamedata folder, such that the textures folder matches the contents depicted here https://imgur.com/5FqdK4C. After that, your Gamedata folder should look like this https://imgur.com/4KsEBHy.
  20. Install Ad Astra and drag the folder named Ad_Astra into the GameData folder (If you are also installing 43k clouds drag the Ad_Astra folder from it and the 43k settings folder into the GameData folder, and accept any files it wishes to overwrite), Next install the AVP textures that are linked through the Github (Not later versions), and navigate to AVP_8kTextures-2.zip\GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\EVE and drag the folder named "textures" into the Ad_Astra folder you put in GameData. Finally reinstall Kopernicus and launch.
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