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  1. New update for Tantares Recolor! New: Extra Luna Lander and Phobos recolors Fixes: Soyuz Service module recolors (hopefully) Do share any bugs you may find, and sorry for the long wait! Next update will focus even more on Tantares SP.
  2. These are gonna be so gooood! Cant wait. I wonder who built that big ship you mentioned.
  3. Update 5.8 "United Once More" is live! This update includes new recolors for Soyuz and also Zenit recolors. next update will also feature few more recolors for Zenit and Soyuz, as well as even more recolors for TantaresSP.
  4. i meant Intercolor soyuz update, its only on GitHub and that's not the release version.
  5. Yep this is not a B9 bug, i probably just left the part name in the config, will fix it soon with the new soyuz update
  6. Proton might be a bit difficult, or even impossible to recolor? So for now i want to try doing more CRE recolors. If anyone has any paintings, artwork, depicting rockets from that mod in different colors, do share! I will do basics for now like white and black.
  7. I wonder if this will be the truly last Tantares major update. Tho we basically have everything we need right now, and anything that tackles 90s > Russian spacecraft should be a separate mod, done by someone else. Tantares suite is one of my must have mods, they are very Lego-esk and fit nicely with everything. As always im doing my part to share and have fun with this lovely mod.
  8. Pushed a GitHub update with Zenit recolors, enjoy everyone! Major update for SpaceDock/CKAN is gonna come out, most likely, when the Soyuz Revamp gets finished.
  9. Awesome mod and the "plume" looks amazing. Parts are very good quality and fit with restock-alike perfectly. One thing i thing would be beneficial, is perhaps adding a optional patch making engines slightly stronger so that those who don't use mods such as Persistent Thrust could just have fun with spicy flashlights of unusual size. Keep up the amazing work! https://imgur.com/kIsjUhJ https://imgur.com/kIsjUhJ
  10. Just so you know, SOCK Buran is a thing, the community basically finished it.
  11. Pushed an update to the github with WIP soyuz recolors: https://github.com/Zarbon44/Intercolor
  12. New soyuz will get recolors, already WIP for when it gets released by Beale
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