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  1. Many thanks! You are the best! Yes! Being able to get extra distance in dog fight mode I think I should be able to get a nice flight AoA -linked camera passes around dres canyon I greatly appreciate your maintenance on this mod
  2. @DocNappers thank you very much for keeping this mod alive! I would like to know if there is any way I can increase the max free camera distance as well as zoom >100 from the setting/cfg files? If that is not user access would it be possible to add a zoom toggle (1x-100x toggle 10x-1000x) I love exploring new ways to use ksp and macro zooming feels like an adventure.
  3. Thanks for your continued support of this mod it is greatly appreciated. Would it be possible to add key command reset roll for the “stationary camera roll”?
  4. You may need to manually remove the kerbalx craft mod from your game folder (or appropriate Ckan selection) while service is down and relaunch the game to see if it removed the issue i was just about to see if there were any new updates but it’s unreachable atm Just Incase you have Ckan and have trouble finding your option
  5. If I wanted to add a third layer of clouds above cloud layer 2 say thin high atmospheric similar to cirrocumulus or cirrostratus is there anyone already done this and willing to share? I’ll give it a try in game next time I’m on and see what happens
  6. Is this the page you were posting about? https://kerbalx.com/Triop/Base-rally-car So we build anything from this base part? ill take a crack at it
  7. Sounds fun, Heads up. KerbalX link is a forbidden link, might be the "edit" at the end of your page link. (That might your accounts edit craft link- non-public
  8. I think I still have the crafts you shared with me I’ll DM you with a link when I get home from work
  9. @mateusviccari would you mind sharing your config? Edit: tag
  10. I would double check your terrain settings. I have noticed if the setting are not at full/max value the game’s ground collision mesh gets messed up.
  11. Congratulations on the release! I am excited to try it out and be amazed!
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