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  1. How it currently is, you can compensate just fine with a couple CAP-106s if your using the Garnet for example. Im actually quite enjoying this, just adds to the experience really
  2. Still having fun though, using your capacitors to bridge that gap at the moment. It does get a tad tricky because if you give it too much juice the reactor will re-adjust itself to a lower output. Spaceflight is about compromise so yeah not trying to complain or anything lol
  3. So I'm working on an ion propelled craft powered by a NFE fission reactor, both engines require 400 ec but the reactor is throttling too slowly from about 150 to 400 to keep up with the pwr demand.. any ideas?
  4. Using this in combination with Probe control room is incredibly fun, wish more mods picked up on this That said, just updated to last version and now I'm getting stuck loading TantaresSP/../1f_sensor_visible_light_camera_srf_1 :'(
  5. Is it correct that this is incompatible or least not working with NF Electric reactors? For people with the same question, download heat control separately
  6. Yeah the only thing holding me back from a perfect dream 1.10 install is this bad boy right here, got a separate 1.8 install with this and it's just so lush!
  7. Any idea if this should work with 1.8? TantaresSP and all other things work fine for me but the camera's aren't making screenshots.. Console gives me TypeloadException, couldnt resolve type token 01000033 (from typeref class/assembly GraphicsType) Is this due to new functionalities brought in later game updates? Cuz then I'll just forget about it.
  8. Saw your mod being used @ ESA expo today ! Aside from running into no other than Scott Manley
  9. for the reactors try messing with the dump mode, xenon and depletedfuel worked for me (also unable to see data related, ec output & heat)
  10. Small issue, my gasspectrometer is showing plenty Argon but I cant harvest it with the cryoseperator. Just shows inactive, any idea what I'm doing wrong? Edit: Disregard I'm an idiot, turning it off and on did the job. Was adding resources to my babies, sorry for this. Nertea u provide the base for my ksp playthroughs thank you
  11. No worries, lived without them long enough (wouldve been better if it had caves with blue crystals or something anyway lol). I've poked my nose around the Mun and Duna so far but only regular scatter to be found, oh btw the darkness bug only happens once after saveload but reloading the ksc scene by entering a building will fix it. About the surface features, checking the Kopernicus thread it seems they got it working at some point though. Unless I'm misreading something but I cant find a lot of info on any problems etc so far..
  12. Bit confused here sorry, the issue shouldn't be occurring? (the darkness I mean) I've used the latest update provided by you above (Aug 19th), my Kopernicus should also be up to date. The KSC view bug is no problem for me though, having loads of fun as it is For some reason it works now :0 ! Woo No DLC Surface Features included right?
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