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  1. I'm getting an error for B9 for one of the parts... anyone else seen this issue? https://1drv.ms/i/s!AszZjw7kTT6zhIUtJ5UupXC4EfeasQ?e=mbUBje
  2. THis is from 3 years ago... but I'm getting the same errors in the current version as well. LOG https://1drv.ms/u/s!AszZjw7kTT6zhIUsdA5E2RsYcSymzA?e=PRmbRb
  3. FIXED: DLL was missing - reinstall fixed it. Anyone else having a problem with using Caps with Kerbalism? There are no controls to activate the CAP. I can upload log and all, but wanted to check first if anyone has seen similar? UPDATE: ok looks like the Capacitor interface window just never pops up. There is no way to charge or dischare cap. LOG KSP.log
  4. Must have been related to the bad save file... it's working on a new save!
  5. Crap! My year old game file got corrupted. starting from scratch with fewer mods, will see if Docking Camera works
  6. Just FYI the mod has a bug but 'sort of' works with Docking Cam that LGG is maintaining. That mods shows a KURS style camera from the center of the docking port out to do FPS style docking manoeuvres. On the parachute posts it seems to point out the side (like through the middle of one of the parachutes) so if you have time to take a look at why that is and hopefully move the center point on this port back to the middle that would be great. It just seems that whatever Docking Cam is using as it's location (could be the first or maybe last listed attach point?) is a parachute rather than the middle of the port and my guess is that there is probably an easy fix just by reordering the order attack point are listed. But maybe not!
  7. Possible bug on Chemical Plant I brought a plant set up for Water Electrolysis up to a station and when it was running, I noticed no water being generated... When I looked into details in alternate resource panel, I could see that when the water electrolysis was running, I was making 4 ec per second of electricity, and it was taking 2H and 1 O2 out of tanks. Somehow, the electrolysis is working as a hydrogen fuel cell but only putting out 5ec Log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AszZjw7kTT6zg7J-fKjaCXfll5RzRw?e=cIU3Xt
  8. Ok fresh log file... same link https://1drv.ms/u/s!AszZjw7kTT6zg7J-NmujgZDSW40vUQ?e=dafWPB
  9. Just checked the docking camera and it does not work either... the camera window does not pop-up. Runnin latest v CKAN LOG https://1drv.ms/u/s!AszZjw7kTT6zg7J-NmujgZDSW40vUQ?e=dafWPB UPDATE: just installed Hullcam VDS to test and the cameras in that do work.
  10. Video would be best as LGG asked. But also what you describe may be the case if using an engine that is under 2x TWR in which case it will need to point 'up' more rather than sticking to prograde to fight gravity. Try putting an overpowered engine on that rocket and see if it follows prograde.
  11. Not sure if this is a known issue right now or not, but my Onboard Camera does not pop up the camera window after activating it. Last I used this mod was a couple years ago and remember it worked great. Runnin latest v CKAN LOG https://www.dropbox.com/t/x2NXgbuGA7zEuQD9
  12. This may actually be the GT mod adjusting angle of attack to keep a certain number of seconds (50 default) from AP during the orbiting maneuver. Or are you talking about something else?
  13. So for this to be more useful, here is my suggestion... add funds for 60 seconds, then subtract back out... that can be done with cheat menu manually, but would be better automatically... that way you get the funds to buy something, and shortly thereafter you have negative funds (or science) and you 'didn't cheat' becasue no new funds are in.... you just accelerated the use of funds by borrowing them...
  14. Just a friendly reminder that this is still not working. Window postion keeps getting reset each flight. This used to be saved, then it broke when you took over, and you fixed it a year or more ago, then a few months ago it broke again. Log link https://www.dropbox.com/t/u4Sa6NhEaROZ8zT7
  15. Hey @LGG - This bug that you fixed back in 2020 has reappeared in the current version. Window position is either not saved or not read on instance. @linuxgurugamer Full log file if needed. https://www.dropbox.com/t/7OSqP7d6Ord6fiCs
  16. Hey I think I posted a similar big before and you fixed it... but in GravityTurn the windown position does not seem to be saved... and it used to before you took it over, and I think also after you fixed it half a year ago or so. Now keeps coming back to top left.
  17. I'd preffer 2023 to be sure they work bugs out and they can offer beta to developers in 2022 so that at release we can have MechJeb and other mods that everyone uses. A modded UI to resemble the Kerbal 1 would be awesome too
  18. Love the decals.. but found one problem... in 1.12.1 all the decals work fine except the text one. It works ONLY as long as the text in it says "Text" but if you add any letters or change it then you just get a blank. Anyone else try this? It would seem odd to be a conflict with another mod as all the other decals work.
  19. As someone who "plays" Star Citizen (8 years in alpha and 10 years till release estimate) I am all for you guys taking ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to put out a killer, bug free game! I've gotten more than my moneys worth from Kerbal 1 (thanks moding community) and I'm sure Kerbal 2 could be the same... but do not do what Elite Dangerous did with their last DLC and put out a product full of bugs and lacking optimization! My $.02
  20. damn! thats apparently what I did... I though it said purge! Thanks for the tip
  21. What do I do to get a package relisted after accidentally purging it from my ckan? I was marking stuff as favorite and somehow clicked on purge. How do I get that package listed again so I can use it?
  22. I'm running the fix for 12.x and am not getting any containers showing up... just the scientific wedges, but no containers. Log File https://www.dropbox.com/t/f1P7snVHLjpTXXuB
  23. Man I remmeber this mod being one of my favorites... hope Linuxgurugamer upadates it for 12.x at some point.
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