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  1. "AHEM!" Long time no see my fellow space agencies. But now is not the time to ask questions, we have another very important problem here at Victorian Exploration and need the help of free labor off the internet again! =================================================================================================================================================================================== STORY Our grand agency has finally cracked the code to low cost, efficient, faster than light warp speed, which will be our back bone to exploring the stars! HOWEVER! The idiots in our R&D decided it would be good to keep all our data on a single server, unencrypted, so we can, "get our data stored cheap and easy to get" as they said. Long story short, some guy on 4ckan brute forced their way into the server and leaked our Kerbin-shattering data for a quick buck to other agencies. So, the only way we came up with to keep our data profitab- I mean, keep it in the right hands is to simply shoot a missile at our enemies who bought the data, and no more enemy space agency! We are going to be too busy setting up our new data servers and torturing the people who set the last one up to design our missiles though, so that's where you great forum users come in. Oh, and don't worry about the law. Legal issues should not be a problem, especially after you fine, FINE rocket engineers helped us get rid of evidence the best way possible! HOWEVER!! Our enemies are aware of our... past tomfoolery... and have set up missile defense systems to protect themselves. So, we came up with the genius solution to make the missile too fast to hit! Not only will it make stopping it much, much harder. But it should also cause more damage! This idea is too stupid not to fail! Now to the point! =================================================================================================================================================================================== BASICS/RULES Fly a ship above 85km, and crash it into the R&D. No using modded parts/mechanics. Stuff like Kerbal Engineer is fine. The save file must be a Sandbox save set to Hard, although you are allowed to enable reverting and quicksaving of course. (And make sure "Plasma Blackout", "Require Signal for Control", "Kerbal G-Force Limits", "Part G-Force Limits", and "Part Pressure Limits" are enabled too with the Kerbal G-Force Tolerence multiplier set to 1. idk if hard mode enables those but I'm too lazy to check right now.) You only have to destroy 1 section of the R&D, not the whole thing. We can send multiple missiles once we do the real deal on our enemies Single launch crafts only, no docking two separately launched crafts in suborbital space No kraken drives or exploiting like that No mining for fuel Proof is needed Don't cheat, play fair No, I won't be setting up a score board, I'm too lazy to do that Good luck and Have Fun! =================================================================================================================================================================================== CONTRACTS Standard Contract: ... Hit the R&D with in 3 minutes after reentering the atmosphere Bronze Badged Contract: ... Hit the R&D with in 1 minutes and 30 seconds after reentering the atmosphere Silver Badged Contract: ... Hit the R&D with in 45 seconds after reentering the atmosphere Gold Badged Contract: ... Show physics and heat whose boss and hit the R&D with in 25 second after reentering the atmosphere Diamond Encrusted Badged Contract: ... Prove you have nothing better to do by going above and beyond by orbiting Kerbin 3 times, de-orbit, and hit the R&D with in 30 seconds after reentering the atmosphere Classified Contract: ... Complete the Silver Badged Contract minimum while surprising me. =================================================================================================================================================================================== We are once again putting the fate of our agency on your shoulders. For the love of God, don't let us down. -Victory Kerman
  2. please for the love of god tell me this is compatible enough with 1.10.1 lol
  3. Okay, the previews are not bad. They are actually sometimes better then the movie you are seeing. It's the advertisements before the previews that go on for too long.
  4. So one of our kerbonauts in training were watching a famous youtuber that is known well around the community. While watching, the youtuber mentioned that you could probably finish the tech tree with just the moons in Kerbin, which the sparked his interest. He then asked the question of, "Can you complete the Tech Tree with just science from Kerbin?" This question soon spread to the highest administrators, C.E.Os, and, well, soon to me. Our contractors, scientists, and engineers are now arguing this question, wondering if traveling to space beyond a few hundred kilometers is completely useless, and if we could just get all the science and information we need from just a couple of powerful planes. Now, let's get serious for a moment, you might be thinking, "It's impossible, you can't be serious!" But with the exploits in the game, including the one with the science lab... it might be possible. We must find out the truth. Must we venture out towards the moons and planets, or can we just stay safely with our little planet? Though, we do have the technology to test this, we here at Victorian Rocketry don't have the time to stick our main team of 4 into a simulation, we must continue onwards towards our adventure past our star and go interstellar, so of course, we ask the internet for help. Here are the rules: No mods, No cheat menu, And to make it more interesting... No expansion pack parts, You must create a new "Science Mode" Save file on moderate difficulty. May the future of spaceflight and Kerbal-Kind rest on your hands... -Victory Kerman
  5. I only said "Do it" because I could not leave anything blank, this is all just a joke. I'm sorry if it came off serious to you.
  6. Look, I'm not up to date with the companies and what just happened, and I have no clue why Squad was not teaming up with Take Two again in the first place.
  7. I hope that pun was Initially going to be in that post cause that actually made me laugh a bit Get it, initial.. Initial D.. It was,, yea?
  8. ...I did not get the reference until now, I am ashamed... We are looking into Interstellar propulsion methods, so this craft could help us quite a lot, congrats you have completed the contract! -Victory Kerman
  9. Wow, this journey was both amazing and beautiful, and I am glad you liked the contract. Oh, and a couple of our engineers here are actually looking into buying the rights.. *Scrolls up* Crap, what was it called? to the Klamperture Science Nuclear Kerbolar Transfer Stage and want to modify it for future interstellar use. And on an ending note. Thank you, once again, for not letting our VAB turn into a really big CrossFit gym and or R&D Lab turn into a mall with a Hot Topic and a soon to be bankrupt food court, you will have a place in every worker and kerbanaut's heart here at Victorian Rocketry. -Victory Kerman
  10. Everything checks out, a good, small heavy list vehicle that can carry all of our... "Payload" at once! Congrats, you have completed the contract! -Victory Kerman
  11. None at all, just give us a rocket that will get rid of evid- I mean documents...
  12. This is going to be a little contest, you see, we here at Victorian Rocketry want to recreate Voyager 1 and show aliens what the kerman race is like, and that of course is stupid and funny. Whoever sends in the dumbest space craft that is exiting the solar system (With footage of it before it escaped the sun's velocity as proof) wins! The rules are mods allowed, no cheat menu. Posts must be submitted by July 1, 12:00 AM, Central Time Zone. We are ready to see what idiotic and useless stuff you make! -Victory Kerman
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