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  1. Colonies! Finally I can do something after a successful landing now!
  2. I just suddenly realized that there is such stuff and has been years. It's basically some graphics settings and "UPDATE" button which you can access in Steam.
  3. My escape towel is the ‘Revert’ button lol. I will consider the fireworks useless.
  4. Don’t bring real economy to the game plz.
  5. Those bugs are fun, I think. As long as I quicksaved.
  6. 哈哈哈也是初一的
  7. Yes, installing the dependencies really annoyed me.
  8. Wow! I like it. But the whole revamping is just like combining the visual enhancement mods into the stock...
  9. Can I install this mod in 1.9.1?
  10. The fact is I know that lift depends on those too, I just want to know how is that calculated…
  11. I am always wondering how aerodynamics is being calculated in KSP? For example, I want to know how does the game calculate the force produced by the wing(s) while flying in a specific speed. Any equations (as detailed as can be) will be appreciated.
  12. I just want to know how to handle time wrap. I'm not going to wait several years to approach a planet!
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