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  1. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Unclear OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 4-Core Processor | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER | RAM: 8gb I experienced this issue while on a Duna transfer trajectory. I had encountered the issue twice during an Apollo-style Mun mission, but closing and reopening the game was a (surprisingly fast) and consistent solution in both cases, so I wasn't that worried. When I encountered the glitch this time, I didn't think it was that significant beyond being visual, so I decided to go ahead and time warp out of Kerbin's SOI. Doing this, my craft seemed to become stuck on the edge of Kerbin's SOI (or it appeared to, but I can't confirm that for reasons I'll get into shortly), and I collected "Surface/Landed" reports for Kerbol. I closed the game and came back to relaunch it the next day... the save no longer ran well, all screens were incredibly slow and often froze, Kerbol experienced a visual glitch where it became brighter until the entire screen was white, nothing worked quite right anymore. I started a new save, and it no longer runs well either. I'm not entirely sure what happened, the game was functioning well up until that point, and I'm afraid I can't give any more specifics, I'm uninstalling and reinstalling the game now and hoping it fixes the issues. I do hope this info helps in some way. Other than that, Tuesday was my first impressions of the game and I genuinely had fun, this was the first mission I lost to a glitch following ten or so that ran perfectly well. This game has come a long way, and I'm optimistic.
  2. Apologies for the late reply, please ensure your copies of Kopernicus and KopernicusExpansion are fully up to date, on out of date copies of this mod the body Sutapasu has been known to cause the pack to fail during loading.
  3. This is without a doubt one of the most horrifying shuttles I've ever seen in KSP, and this is coming from someone who thought they were doing a pretty good job at making cursed shuttles on their own time! I'm beyond thankful for you sharing this, seeing people play around in the pack and the vehicles they come up with is a joy like no other! I speak on behalf of the entire team when I say thank you so much for playing our silly little mod!
  4. First Patch - Version 0.9.1 v0.9.1 Release Download Here: https://github.com/ExosLab/PJ3Assembled/releases/tag/Patch v0.9.1 SpaceDock Release Here: https://spacedock.info/mod/3493/Planet Jam 3 - The Cervine System Update includes fixes for Skal's display name (issue on SpaceDock's branch), a visual bug on Muntjac, and most importantly fixes an incompatibility issue between Planet Jam 3 and the latest release of KSP Community Fixes! This update also includes an update to the scatterer atmosphere for Clonos' world, Arida. Preview in the spoiler.
  5. First minor update, you can now find a DeltaV map made by our very own Sabine (@WarriorSabe) right here on the page! Map Here (And Up There Too): Thank you so much to Sabine for her work yesterday in updating this map for the release version, navigating the system should be much easier now!
  6. That's an astounding Kerbin! It was a joy watching it come together, I think you've managed a fantastic balance of realistic and Kerbal art styles here!
  7. During the first waves of Interstellar Travel, some Kerbals were somewhat... stingier than others. The colonists of the good ship KSS Null Exception had ambition, setting out with no particular target system in mind, they sought to colonize the highest multi-stellar system possible. This didn't work out, they passed the six stars of the Mivel-Agranda System somewhere around three-thousand years ago, and out of frustration and a lot of internal arguments eventually decided to just take up residency in the first star system with more than two suns they could find. That's where they find themselves now, around the young blue-white star, Doe. In their desperation to settle someplace, they've ended up in a rather brutal system, hot off the heels of a local late-heavy bombardment, and some people are beginning to question if some of these stars are actually stars... Welcome to Planet Jam 3! Release has been, delayed quite a bit now, that's no secret. We wanted to have this out months ago, but life had other plans. For that I am sorry, but we're here now! Hopefully it will be worth the wait. The Tuft System After discussions with other members of the team, it was decided to go for a more "traditional" home planet this time around. Unlike Asite Par in WWPJ (which was small, heavily atmospheric, and had no moons) or Armstrong in PJ2 (which was large, lightly atmospheric, with a couple small moons), Tuft is very similar to Kerbin, only slightly harder, and has a proper system of decently large moons. Overall, this combined with system structure, makes Planet Jam 3 the most accessible pack of the trilogy. When starting out, playing Planet Jam 3 should feel very similar to playing in the stock system, at least until you start going interplanetary. Tuft and its Moons, Whitetail is the leftmost, Roe is the largest, with Muntjac right beside it. The asteroid moon Pudu is too small to be seen. Tuft itself is a battered and volcanic world, the land is entirely forged of large impact craters. The Cervine System is rather sparse looking from out here... Going inwards from home, you will find Andor, a large and hot gas giant, but beyond Tuft you will find a great divide until you reach the innermost brown dwarf Mustooine, and Dantafar is further still. The intention is to use Andor for gravity assists to fling yourself to the outer stars, but in all honesty, the way it works out means the deltaV to reach the brown dwarfs is not that bad, very similar to Jool in stock, and breaking once you get out there is easy. Travel times will be a bit long though, similar to OPM. Looks can be deceptive however, a closer look at Mustooine and Dantafar would reveal many, many worlds waiting to be explored! Complete System Layout: Planet Jam 3 DeltaV Map Made by Sabine (AKA WarriorSabe) Spoiler-Lite Astrophotos: In-Game Screenshots - Spoiler Warning: Additional Content Previous Planet Jams have come with their own custom alien skins for the Kerbals, with Parbles in WWPJ and a whole bunch of fun aliens in PJ2. Due to time constraints, we opted for something a little less technically intensive. You'll find some custom flags and three new color variants of the "Vintage" space suit packaged with this mod. These draw inspiration from *another* race of aliens that are prone to crash landings. Required Mods: Kopernicus v141 or later (and its prerequisites). https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/ Niako's Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap: https://github.com/pkmniako/Kopernicus_VertexMitchellNetravaliHeightMap/releases Kopernicus Expansions Continued-er: https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases Scatterer: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/releases/ Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux: https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/ Note: EVE and Scatterer are here for a handful of visual effects used across the system, and for the purposes of making multi-star lighting look good! I won't hunt you down if you go without them, but they really make a difference! Download *SpaceDock will only receive major updates and patches, GitHub is where you can find all of the latest changes, no matter how small. SpaceDock* - https://spacedock.info/mod/3493/Planet Jam 3 - The Cervine System GitHub - https://github.com/ExosLab/PJ3Assembled Update v0.9.1: - Fixed Graphical Bug on Muntjac's Surface - Fixed Skal Display Name on SpaceDock Branch - Fixed Config Formatting to Work with KSPCommunityFixes - Added New Scatterer Config for Arida Known Issues: - Performance on Tuft can get weird sometimes, particularly in timewarp and when loading into the Space Center screen. Should be fine in-orbit. - Sutapasu can throw a fit sometimes on certain versions of Kop and KopEx, please ensure Kopernicus and KopernicusExpansion are fully up to date in your install. - Tuft's clouds are not great looking, this was my first attempt at making EVE clouds! Luckily, we have some new clouds for Tuft in the pipeline, courtesy of Techo. - Planet Jam 3's stability on Linux Systems is unclear, Linux user experiences may vary Credits: Wolf-Rayet/Exo's Lab: Project coordinator. System layout planner. Doe, Tuft, Roe, Whitetail, Pudu, Muntjac, Sutapasu, Uldella. Loading screens, logo, custom suits, flags. Cloverdove: Arida, Biomemap Contributions The Orios: Veladris, Inda Techo: Mun Kon Wawa, Mun Kon Tawa, Mun Telo Tawa Kiwen Lete, Mun Lupa Mute, Mun Lete Kon, Blast, Ember, Peekon, Telavon, Waive, Inda, Blasteroid Belt, Visual Mod Help Mh: Agho Interplanet Janet: Farnsworth Marshall (Myth): Part of Mustooine Team Planning Luna/Gregrox: Andor Tholin: Harb, Rito and procedural elements on Indillo and Syme Caps Lock: Indillo WarriorSabe/Sabine: Antether, Rachess, Maaldach, Exakra Din, Vemeng, Skal ElectricPants: Syme Minmus: Veladris, Telavon Hubb/Cass: Roffulo Special Thanks to Adstri for the Mun Kon Wawa-Mun Kon Tawa System names, and Apollo for help on Sutapasu. Special thanks to Funnelton, KAL_9000, and Levana as well for providing play testing and screenshots to use as loading screens. License Please provide attribution both to Planet Jam 3, and to the modder whose work you are using. If you do anything to change the mod, at least promise me it'll be cool, don't make it boring. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  8. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the light curves might drop off to zero after a certain point to avoid casting light onto the Kerbol System, but I'm unfamiliar with Beyond Home's configuration. @Astra Infinitum
  9. I have a theory about the source of this bug, it may be related to the Linux OS (which correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be running). Can you go to this filepath: "Gamedata/PJ2/KopernicusFiles/3_OuterSystem" and delete the IlioABC_d folder? We believe the issue may be there, but we're having trouble confirming it at this time. If it works it should act as a temporary hotfix until a permanent solution is found.
  10. Don't worry, there's a sort of unspoken agreement that, if "Planet Jam 3" happens, it's going to be a long time until then and it will not be nearly as large of a project. Fleshing out and polishing PJ2 will be continuing for awhile, and most of our team are ready to move back to their independent projects for a time. Also, thank you so much for doing your playthrough of Week World Planet Jam, it really helped the pack out and put a smile on all of our faces!
  11. I may have played a small part in putting this one together! I'm excited to see people explore this system, it was a blast to see what ideas folks came up with planet-side, I'm excited to see what folks come up with craft-side!
  12. One of my newest contributions to this pack was Gwargin, spoilers attached I am incredibly excited for this pack's official full release, I alongside many others have contributed many hours of love and care into delivering this gift to the community!
  13. Honored to see the Week World Planet Jam: The Sauwel System recognized as thread of the month! It was a very fun week for all involved, there's almost nothing like it!
  14. It was an absolute honor and a blast to work on this pack, some of the most fun I've had planet modding in a long time, and time spent surrounded by so many talented peers. It's fantastic to finally have a few more bits of my work out to the public after releasing MPE two and a half years ago, hopefully it won't be two and a half years until my next project releases. I hope you all have as much fun as we had making this pack together!
  15. MPE 1.0.8 is released! We have adjusted the PQS space for Edas, making its surface less terraced and blocky. Havous' rotation speed has been adjusted to now match the accurate speed of an object with its oblateness, thank you to WarriorSabe for the calculations! We've added stock magnetometer reports for all bodies, and atmospheric analysis reports for Ervo as well! Update Bulletlist: Havous rotation speed adjusted to better reflect shape, thank you to WarriorSabe! Edas surface terracing mitigated Stock magnetometer definitions added Atmospheric analysis definitions for Ervo added
  16. Sorry for the late reply, could you elaborate on the specifics of this error? I believe Janet mentioned something similar while working on MPE Revived, you might be the first I've heard of encountering it since. Did you enter Edas SOI normally? Cheat to it? Or did you timewarp at any point?
  17. It's good to be back! This update was pretty much completely handled by the community, dating back to an old fan Github, which I believe still exists, and these updates were included in MPE with permission, as well as more recently DDS texturing used in MPE Revived and handled by Interplanet Janet. Most exciting perhaps is that MPE now supports localizations, and a friend of mine, Konusheru, has provided Russian translations of the object names and descriptions. MPE 1.0.7 "Community Contributions" OnDemand Textures (performance enhancement), thank you to Interplanet Janet! Kerbalism Support, thank you to @IIodyne! Principia Support, thank you to @IIodyne! Final Frontier ribbons, thank you to @hemeac! Various bugfixes, thank you to @Coolguybest! Localization Support, and Russian Translations, thank you to Kunosheru!
  18. Additionally, thank you to Janet for keeping MPE alive in my absence, and renewing interest in this little mod. Couldn't have done it without you!
  19. Alright so, I admit I might have lost my forum account after not logging in for awhile, we're back now though. As Janet has described, MPE is returning to my hand, and we're going to be getting an update out if not sometime this afternoon than sometime on Monday, that's the plan anyways. Janet has provided some wonderful performance enhancements and I've actually had some unreleased updates for MPE sitting on my computer for awhile, particularly Russian Localizations, provided by a friend of mine, Konosheru. With KSP no longer getting major updates, my current goal is to get MPE to a satisfactory state, without any major glitches/bugs/whathaveyou, as well as most notably making OPM optional for MPE. From then on, MPE will no longer be receiving updates. This isn't a bad thing, don't worry, fans of MPE won't be getting left in the dark again, and I've got good news to share regarding MPE content. First I feel I owe it to you to explain what's been going on with me during my prolonged absence, as I'm sure some of you may be curious. I have been working on... a very large project. So far, this project is nearing thrice the size of MPE, with an end goal far larger than that. I'd say we're halfway through a fundamental pass through, and I think some of you will find it very very interesting... Meanwhile, MPE is going to be getting a "sequel" soon. I won't say too much, but I will say that while working on the aforementioned project, my standards (and just plain understanding of how Kopernicus works) have increased, and MPE is no longer the best I am capable of, far from I think. I'm going to be remaking the pack in the near future, from the ground up. The original MPE will remain uploaded here simply because some elements of the outline will be changing in the sequel, and for the sake of preservation. You can expect updates regarding the development of "MPE2" to be posted here as they come into existence. MPE/MPE2 will be remaining a side project to my current focus, but will be developed along side it. Here is a very, very, early testing prototype I made a few months ago, just to prove this is something I'm working on. https://imgur.com/a/sAPn8U0 I am looking forward to becoming active in this community once again, this time to stay!
  20. Sadly not, I have moved on from work on MPE to work an entirely original and much larger mod project, learning from mistakes I made with MPE in both its development and rocky release and gathering more help from my peers for testing, quality control and advice. The project currently has nearly one quarter of the content I want it to (currently it has about as much content as MPE, as a system replacer its going to have much more content than an expansion by nature) and is in a state of touch ups and gameplay balancing , writing and bug fixing before I continue making more of its hefty world roster. The development progress of the mod is being shown publicly on the Gregrox Mods discord server. I am glad that people still enjoy this mod, even if it is quite rough around the edges, perhaps I should find someone to maintain it.
  21. Ah alright, thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately it may not be that simple, an update was already in early works and fixed a few things and there are also some other tweaks and additions involved so I can't simply take and go on using his repository. However I should be able to integrate mod compatibilities included in said repo. I'll make sure to provide a proper repo along with the next update. Once again, thank you all for your contributions. I will be going offline now, it is getting late here, I've already employed several fixes. - Vant's ghost-fade has been fixed - Lint-Mikey now uses the right biome map - Soden, Archae, Havous, and Ervo have all had their "lost biomes" restored - Color consistency issues with Mracksis have also been fixed Before I go, I noticed that ^M was added throughout the configs in the repo, what is the function of these? I am unfamiliar but you mentioned that RAM-hogging issues were fixed, I assume they're related.
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