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  1. Hi @Scotty6644, Kerbalism intentionally modifies many mods resource production systems (and even NFE) because it uses a custom background simulation system, like described here: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/Home-~-Mod-Support#why-is-kerbalism-messing-with-mods-and-stock-modules- So it replaces many modules, included the NFE provided ones. The NFE system is very enjoyable alone, however I'd like to point this out since you may start finding strange interactions (like time warp disable above 1000x, for example), since Kerbalism background simulation needs a consistent system. Someone should "bridge" the two systems together, like someone did for SystemHeat (https://github.com/judicator/KerbalismSystemHeat) however it hasn't been done right now, so you need to choose between NFE "as-is" with the Kerbalism integration problems, or Kerbalism (Simplex) replacements.
  2. @silvermistshadow stock hard drive data sizes are defined in GameData\KerbalismConfig\System\ScienceRework\Tweakables\StockHardDrives.cfg. They are then applied to real parts in GameData\KerbalismConfig\System\ScienceRework\Patches-HardDrives.cfg. If you want to have an idea on how to apply size to other mods parts you can check Near Future Exploration patch in GameData\KerbalismConfig\Support\NFExploration_Science.cfg, for example: // 1. Definition // Probe HDD sizes - d4harp // These are simple estimates based on size and tech tree level relative to stock probes @KERBALISM_HDD_SIZES:BEFORE[KerbalismDefault]:NEEDS[NearFutureExploration,!RP-0,FeatureScience] { NearFutureExploration { rnd // <-- here "rnd" is just a custom name, referenced later in the "apply" step. Usually the same as part name. { hddSize = 32 sam } // ... // 2. Apply @PART[nfex-probe-rnd-1]:NEEDS[NearFutureExploration,FeatureScience]:AFTER[KerbalismDefault] { @MODULE[HardDrive] { @dataCapacity = #$@KERBALISM_HDD_SIZES/NearFutureExploration/rnd/hddSize$ // <- here rnd is referenced @sampleCapacity = #$@KERBALISM_HDD_SIZES/NearFutureExploration/rnd/sampleStorage$ } } You could technically just define @dataCapacity directly into the second step, but it is usually cleaner this way, since if you use the same size for multiple parts just one change would fix them all. You can see how it is done for stock parts (the files I said earlier) to get a better idea. I'd not take in consideration NF Exploration values anyway, since from my experience they are quite overpowered (e.g. hdd too big). If you want to get a better idea on how to write Module Manager patches like these, there is an excellent Handbook and a Syntax Documentation on GitHub.
  3. Hi @theJesuit! I've seen the translations added, thank you! I'd like to update you even about my latest findings, let me know if they sound right to you: I've seen some stock Converters Modules still showing in some parts, for example forKeridian Dynamics. I thought about a late-patch (like AFTER[zzzKerbalismSimplex] like here (config snippet) , do you think it is the right direction? The patch linked is only for stock ISRU, maybe something like that should be added to a wider selection like PART[*] or HAS:ConverterModule I saw in latest release some localization tags are missing / have some issues (like here where a "title =" is removed. or here). In the Pull Request you can find all the relevant changes. I'm still working on further Universal Storage 2 patches & Simplex ISRU localization, will update you As always, thank you for your efforts!
  4. Not sure about it, I've seen different issues opened about the topic: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/issues/598 https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/issues/766 Maybe you can find there more suggestions.
  5. It's not updated yet to support new SSPXr parts. In the meantime, you can download SSPX.cfg from this GitHub pull request (warning, I didn't test it) and replace it in your GameData/KerbalismConfig/Support/ folder: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/pull/770/files
  6. Awesome, thank you for the update @theJesuit. As for the tanks, it seems the boiloff is limited to LqdHydrogen and LqdMethand as you already pointed out, your patch on the GitHub issue seems the way to go!
  7. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation and guidance, the warning about resources being loaded only in the editor scene will be pretty useful to avoid headaches. I'll try exploring these ways you suggested, thanks again!
  8. Ha! I've ever seen a difference, couldn't get it. Nice to see your attention to these little details! Oustanding, as I already said your dedication on this mod, and the result you're showing us, is incredible. Talking about flags, have you got the chance to test Conformal Decals? Would be interesting to print them too. Thank you for suggestion, I tried getting into existing OSE sources & similar mods but, even if I found the code side, the "artistic" side seems like a dead end. For example, I would be really interested in the elements/textures you used to style the Toolbar Widget (I've found it is used in SystemHeat, butall the UI elements are laid out and "textured"inside an AssetBundle, so I really don't know how to dig deeper). I should admit I don't understand how to find stock textures / GUI elements, or how to use them in my projects; I've found only "simple" elements (Buttons, Windows), but things like the B9PS part switcher element, or the already said Toolbar Widgets, seem like a black box to me. Do you have some references / hints about reproducing stock game elements and would you be so gentle to share them?
  9. I’m using Universal Storage II in a 1.12.3 Kerbalism game without any issue so far. Furthermore, linuxgurugamer released a new version a few days ago, so it should be pretty much usable. Not sure if its compatibility list has been updated on CKAN however
  10. I digged in EPL & SCANSat configs, the only thing I noticed is the GLOBAL_RESOURCE tag from EPL: Removing it with a "!" MM patch seems to remove it correctly from resources, but I'm not sure this has collateral effects. Aside of that, I've found some Scanner PartModules (ModuleResourceScanner & ModuleAnalysisResource) which where not updated to remove the MetalOre resource added by EPL, and patched them too. I put all in this commit, I hope you can check it and verify I got it right! https://github.com/AngleCanMods/SIMPLEXResources/pull/1/commits/8fb6cad7d9258927d5793e93d9633a732def0d87
  11. Is it desired that no Natural Ore is available on Minmus, but Metal Ore is shown? I'm attaching SCANSat results: It shows "Minerali Naturali" (Natural Ore) and "Minerali Rari" (RareOre), plus a Metal Ore. I suspect there's some distribution config residual from Extraplanetary Launchpads?
  12. This is really interesting @Alphathon , and your work here in term of mods compatibility and GUI is awesome. Do you have a Git repository with the progress? I'd be really interested in how you tackled many things here, surely a great way to learn. Obviously like anybody else, cannot wait to have OSE Workshop 2.0 in my toolkit!
  13. Thanks for clarifying that, will test and file a report/PR if I find something. Kudos!
  14. Congrats for the release @linuxgurugamer ! I'd like to ask (I didn't see any info in last thread pages) if there are compatibility issues with previous US2 release ( Given the major version bump, I suppose this is not retrocompatible, but I'd like to know if you (or someone else) experimented and there are any suggestions on how to handle the switch between the two versions in an existing save game.
  15. Awesome @theJesuit! Can't wait for the release. Don't worry about Github, I'll download your release, just replace the files in my local environment and see the changes and eventual differences! Thanks for your work as always
  16. Hi @linuxgurugamer , I tested the release and the problem was still present. With a bit of debugging, I've found the source in two parts, kerbalEVAFuture and kerbalEVAfemaleFuture. Honestly, I didn't find where the parts are defined, but I suppose it's just Breaking Ground DLC stuff and it really doesn't matter for AntennaHelper. Catching the exceptions and just skipping the parts finally restored AHShipList functionality. I prepared a Pull Request that should fix this here: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/Antenna-Helper/pull/4/files
  17. Something like that is implemented in Kerbalism. Experiments that generate samples must be recovered or analysed in a Lab, they are useless without bringing them back. On the other side, if something is just a Temperature Reading, it can be transmitted for 100%. Kerbalism builds on top of this idea and, while reimagining all the science system (in an incredibly interesting adventure imho), it provides even a time dimension, since experiments require time to complete.
  18. Some updates! I nearly completed the localization support, except for the "System/Science/" patches, Stock Ore, and something in the between, but I think it's in a good shape. I've updated the files directly on Github. By the way, I added support for US2 Fuel Cells and Base & Stations Contract Pack, which I found out requiring "Food" resource for some contracts, and replaced it with Consumables so Jeb in that lonely munar outpost will finally get a snack.
  19. Hello! @theJesuit following my good intentions, I've started translating SIMPLEXResources too. As for KerbalismSimplex, I put online my changes on GitHub, you can find the differences from your latest release here: https://github.com/leonardfactory/SIMPLEXResources/pull/1 I started from the basics, just the resources, but in the next days I'll try to add some other patches. If you're interested, you can just download the files directly from there, or ask me if you prefer. By the way, since I'm a programmer anyway, I'd be glad to help you setting up a GitHub organization (I mean, owned by you clearly) to archive all the patches under the "Simplex" umbrella, and since I've read somewhere in the topics you're not a developer, feel free to ask me if there's some feature you'd like to develop that requires some C#. Kudos!
  20. Maybe it's another mod that did something similar, not pretty sure, interesting however! Probably copypasting it in another file and readdressing the parts to something like: @PART[msrc-cargobay]:NEEDS[MiniSampleReturnCapsule] ... @PART[msrc-parachute]:NEEDS[... should work!
  21. Are you playing KerbalismSimplex or KerbalismConfig/ScienceOnly? I could setup a simple MM patch for you for the Mini Sample Return probably, I'm digging down in Kerbalism modding these days. Talking about Solar Science, seems more difficult but probably could be done too, but I'm not expert in Kerbalism experiment requirements.
  22. @linuxgurugamer glad to be helpful! Your work here is outstanding. Thanks for the fast release!
  23. I'm not sure about your use-case, however given your description I can think of GameEvents.onPartPack or GameEvents.onVesselGoOnRails. Have you already checked out the GameEvents documention? (the links are from the docs)
  24. EDIT: Following the crash log, I've found the problem is in https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/Antenna-Helper/blob/master/AntennaHelper/AHShipList.cs#L50. I've found another post of yours @linuxgurugamer where you explain probably the same issue, some parts may be null; probably just adding an if (availablePart == null) continue; could help. Surely some mod is doing something strange here, unfortunately I don't know which one. Original: Hello! I'd like to report another error I've found: [EXC 01:46:22.203] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Part.FindModulesImplementing[T] () (at <39c0323fb6b449a4aaf3465c00ed3c8d>:0) AntennaHelper.AHShipList.GetPartList () (at <410b4d9350104f37b1e9f94804bc30cc>:0) AntennaHelper.AHShipList.DoStart () (at <410b4d9350104f37b1e9f94804bc30cc>:0) AntennaHelper.AHShipList.UpdateLoadedGame () (at <410b4d9350104f37b1e9f94804bc30cc>:0) AntennaHelper.AHShipListListener.Start () (at <410b4d9350104f37b1e9f94804bc30cc>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) I think this may be the reason why no "In Flight Ships" is shown in the Editor. Screenshot: Full log here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqQ0YW9so_5OgQ7QnLDxo61c9FuD?e=x1DC6N Thanks guys for this mod, it is really a must-have.
  25. I hope you don't mind, I setup a Github repository in order to share the changes with you (and to preserve them for me.. I always lose something without git ). Obviously I put a disclaimer about you being the original developer: I hope this is enough, feel free to tell me if this is something that bothers you so I'll take immediate action. Anyway, here are the changes I'm working on: italian translations are pretty much complete, while I'm still adding other localizable strings inside original profile to be able to translate them too (for these, I'm adding strings back to en-us.cfg). Universal Storage 2 is pretty much a draft (no converters, still shows useless tanks like the water one), but for my missions I only needed the life support tanks, so here they are. https://github.com/leonardfactory/KerbalismSimplex/pull/1 Hope to get some feedback by you, I'm pretty new to MM & KSP developing in general, so feel free to tell me any change that may be needed!
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