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  1. Release v0.6.1 is out! https://spacedock.info/mod/3541/Science Arkive#changelog Add completed percentage for each experiment in the planet detail. Now each experiment shows the accumulated science points and the percentage relative to available reports Fix UI to hide experiments in low orbit for discoverables since they cannot be conducted in a discoverable region in low orbit Fix progress bar not showing the correct percentage Fix Marine Survey experiment not showing the "Landed" situation even if the report could be taken in game Ignore unused/unavailable "Crew Report" science experiment Enhanced general UI layout and reduced bundle size Thanks @schlosrat and Dolphin from Discord for the ideas and the bug reports! New UI:
  2. Release v0.5.0 is out Add science total in the Flight Report Window and enhance the UI styles Add localization support (english and italian for now) Fix some regions missing in the experiments list, like Minmus "Sheet Ice" Fix NullReferenceError in sandbox games @zande thanks for the report, it is now fixed
  3. Release v0.4.0 "Are we alone?" Add science experiments progress bar for each celestial body Add support for Orbital Survey mod Fix UI fonts loading to support fallback fonts (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) @Traveydius I made this mod because I cannot play without it, so I feel you! About the points recap, I started with the existing UI but it should be pretty easy to add a total. I'll try to add it in a future release @Deadly_Laser Technically it should be supported by default, but the mechanic I used to detect experiments availability was not so good. I updated it in this release, plus I added some UI goodies for Orbital Survey since there are technically 4 different experiments but I didn't like to saw them as separated foldouts
  4. Release v0.3.0 "Missing Research" Added the missing "Research" panel in the stock Vessel Recovered UI window, displaying all the recovered science reports! Fix performance issues related to UI refresh, especially during timewarp
  5. Release v0.2.1 Fix Kerbal EVA experiments (Surface Survey) that should always be visible Fix Click-Through blocking in VAB and Flight view Fix available experiments not refreshing on Tech unlock
  6. @fourfa Click-thru should now be working, I think it's going into UITK core library so it should be available to other mods soon. Surface surveys will be in the patch I'm releasing right now. About the cross-region locations, it shouldn't be a problem since discoveries are handled through KSP2 Messages. About the SpaceWarp settings windows, it will be fixed in SpaceWarp 1.8, in the meantime you can just use F1 to show the old settings panel @planchet It's working for different people, may you uploadyour player.log file / share how you setup the mod? Maybe there's something faulty in your installation
  7. v0.2.0 is out! https://spacedock.info/mod/3541/Science Arkive#changelog Changelog: Fix UI refresh on experiment retrieval: now the UI updates as soon as an experiment is recovered No spoilers mode: by default the Archive window doesn't show unexplored planets, hidden locations or unavailable experiments. You can toggle the options through SpaceWarp Mods Settings window Window position and selected body persistance after game saving & reload Collapsed experiments remain collapsed when selecting another planet Scrolling inside the Archive Windows doesn't zoom in game @Traveydius your spreadsheet is incredibile, congrats for the great work! @fourfa this should address the majority of the issues you reported (from UI not updating to spoilers), feel free to tell me if I missed something @Schneider21 done! Thank you all for the reports. In the next releases I'd like to address: Progress Bar (to show percentage of completion for each body) Science report on vessel recovered Feel free to ping me if you have other ideas!
  8. I like both the ideas, in general the idea of hiding what has not yet been discovered seems fundamental to me. I'd like to include: Discoverables (will be shown only if experiments have been conducted / the region has been explored) Celestial Bodies (will be shown only if reached, could be toggled through settings) Experiments (will be shown only when tech tree node is unlocked) I just need to figure out how to do it, will update soon Regarding the UI, yes it's very rough right now, I didn't want to fight with Persistance until first release, but I'll try to change the behaviour in the next patches
  9. Oh, thanks for the report; I could’ve missed some update logic after some optimization, I’ll fix it asap
  10. Science Arkive See all your science experiments at a glance, and check where you can pick some more points! Download: SpaceDock | GitHub Description: Are you desperately craving some more science points to unlock that essential node in your tech tree? Have your Kerbals forgotten where they've been in the last missions in a terrible bout of amnesia? Just check your shiny Experiments Archive and you're ready to go! In order to use the mod, just use the "Science Arkive" button in the App Bar (available in Flight, Map & VAB) Plus, it restores the missing "Research" panel in the stock Vessel Recovered window! Review: Here we go with a full review: Installation: The preferred way to install this mod will be through CKAN. If you really want to install it manually, download the release from SpaceDock / GitHub (the links are up here), and then install manually: Install BepInEx + SpaceWarp + UITK for KSP2 (all these dependencies are required) Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip into your KSP2 installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2) Mod folder will then be positioned in <your installation path>\Kerbal Space Program 2\BepInEx\plugins\ (No) Spoiler Warning: Due to the nature of the Science Regions, the Science Archive window by default will "hide" them (showing as "???") in the regions list. Furthermore, unexplored planets or unavailable experiments due to Tech Tree research, will be hidden. You can configure these settings from Settings > Mods Source Code: https://github.com/Kerbalight/ScienceArkive Changelog:
  11. I'm having this issue too. Attaching a video, not really sure if it can help. I'm pressing F & B almost continously.
  12. KSP Version - Translation error location - Flight UI English Error - Not sure if missing translations count, however stopping time/replaying with time warp causes a span of "_TRANSLATE_ME_" messages Your Language Correction - Not pretty sure what should be inside. Notes / Screenshots:
  13. I'd also suggest SIMPLEX Kerbalism if you want a simplified experience
  14. @caipiI understand your point, I feel the compatibility really frustrating sometimes, even if as you do, I respect all the mod authors. Given that, and premising that I don't want to convince anyone, my opinion on SIMPLEX Resources is that it's not just an alternative to CRP but a simplification of CRP; it provides a way to play KSP with different resources besides simple Ore, while trying to minimize its impact in actual gameplay. I've found myself with more than 20 different resources to manage on a bases and I felt like the gaming pleasure vanished. While using SIMPLEX Resources instead I've found a sweet compromise between complexity and fun. Anyway,I'm happy you've got a working config (plus, your bug finding about gravity sensor is awesome!) @theJesuit I'm sorry to hear that, I wish you and your family all the best.
  15. Sounds awesome! Yes SIMPLEX works the same, just a different (and limited) set of resources. Can't wait for new updates, and thank you for replying and staying around.
  16. Hi @caipi, well I think the main reason is that all these harvesters are pretty much useless if you don't use Simplex Resources, anyway if you're using a plain setup (with just Ore) I can provide you the necessary patches. (Besides that, you should really try Simplex Resources, it's awesome ) Edit: Just to be sure, didn't mean to be rude. What I mean with useless is that most of the tools are moar awesome if you need different tools to extract different resources, different sizes provide different extraction capacity, etc.. As I said before, if you're just using plain Ore I'll be happy to setup the patches for you.
  17. Hello! I'm posting here since we did some work on Kerbalism & Localization: 1) We added Italian localization in this PR: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/pull/802 2) I added a bit of functionality in order to support localization of Resource display (using it's localized title) and Configure Module options, here: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/pull/803 (the details are written in the PR). Let me know if there's something to change, I'd be happy to hear back from you authors
  18. Awesome! Thank you for the fast update. Regarding the mod, I'd take the opportunity to ask you two questions: 1) I love that this mod uses default stock Inventory, anyway I'm wondering if you would accept a PR regarding KIS inventory support (not required, just optional support). It's just an idea, in order to support printing of almost anything, but I'd like to know your opionin on this since you have surely a pretty good idea of possible issues. 2) I've seen the Print Shop allows to define a "speed" field, anyway it seems to that in the code it's used inverted in "handleCatchup" (https://github.com/Angel-125/Sandcastle/blob/main/source/Sandcastle/PrintShop/PartModules/WBIPrintShop.cs#L361), shouldn't it be a division? Pretty sure I didn't get it right, so take this just as a question
  19. Hi @Alphathon, while dreaming your awesome mod, I was playing with Sandcastle and I was reading one of your previous messages, where you outline that CRP will be a required dependency. Since I've got a game where I use SIMPLEX Resources, it would be interesting to have a way to use different resources. Sandcastle implements this with a MATERIALS_LIST config node which defines percentages of different resources needed to build a part. Do you think something like that would be feasible with OSE 2.0?
  20. Hi @benjee10! First of all, thank you, this mod is outstanding. I'd like to translate it in Italian, do you think you could merge this pull request (https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_MMSEV/pull/6) that provides the translations token so we can work on a common basis? Are there any issues that need to be fixed? Thank you!
  21. Hello @Angel-125! I've translated the mod in italian, you can find the GitHub Pull Request here: https://github.com/Angel-125/Sandcastle/pull/2 Let me know if everything's ok for you!
  22. Done! I've got the PR here: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/universal-storage-2/pull/4/files , let me know if it sounds right to you. Regarding my previous comment, I've found the "strange pattern" I didn't get at first was needed in order to allow gui name customization directly from .cfg patches. Now it completely makes sense! I left it as it is, while just adding missing localization strings and some defaults.
  23. I can begin working on it if you want, maybe if there is some module you're heavily touching you can tell me so I leave it aside for now. Is it okay for you?
  24. Hi @linuxgurugamer (and everyone involved in the development!), I was looking at the code in order to translate some sections and I've found something I don't understand exactly. Edit: Whoops, I didn't get your Covid line in the previous comment. I hope you're well! In order to localize the PAW Buttons (and other things), in many PartModule classes there is this pattern (only relevant bits shown for a single string, example taken from https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/universal-storage-2/blob/master/USSourceDev/UniversalStorage/SwitchModules/USFuelSwitch.cs#L43): [KSPField] public string DisplayCostName = "Dry Cost"; // ... private string _localizedDryCostString = "Dry Cost"; // ... public override void OnStart(PartModule.StartState state) { // ... _localizedDryCostString = Localizer.Format(DisplayCostName); Fields["addedCost"].guiName = _localizedDryCostString; } However I can't get my head around it since it seems that: It doesn't really use a localizable string ("Dry Cost" is not a translation token, furthermore it's not present in the localization files) Since they're not static tokens, can we replace it with something simpler in the following way? Fields["addedCost"].guiName = Localizer.Format("#autoLOC_US_DryCost"); I'm pretty new to KSP modding, so please don't take my words as a complaint, I'm pretty sure there is something I'm missing here. In case it's doable anyway I'd be happy to do a Pull Request to update the tokens (updating localization files too). Thank you!
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