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  1. Because it features a fox who is experienced in something. A Paradox is just a species named "Dox" parasailing. If two angles are congruent, could they be gruesome?
  2. Summer vacation!

    I should be active almost every day now. Don't worry, I have a widget saying, "go to the KSP forums!"

  3. 6/10! There are a lot of forum threads that you're active on! I'm impressed.
  4. Banned by the yeti for the following reason(s):
  5. Here's a broken life and finance! Broken leg is now a freebie. Broken finance not related to the 1929 Wall Street Crash. I would like to be in my own lavender haze, and a lavender-flavored soup
  6. Have I seen one of it? Let me see! TUBM knows me... and doesn't miss me
  7. 3/10 - hey there! never met you but now I did!
  8. Yep, like what I always tell - I'm very busy lately. As much as I really want to check the forums everyday, I don't... for some reason. Yes! I! Did! Also, you're still a 10/10 for how famous you are.
  9. So StarCrusher advised me to post this in here For those who are interested, here is the trailer for Chapter 3 of the GU series! also available in the main post
  10. You will never stay inside a crew pod. That's how you kerbal. How do you obtain Arsenic in a kerbal's hand?
  11. 5/10 - I... just saw you but why do I feel like I know you?
  12. Because they're busy. Does the energy in integrals equate to the cereal compositions?
  13. StarCrusher might take that into account Thank you! I'm doing one with GU again. It'll be similar to my first GU cinematic
  14. Be bad in jokes to think that bad jokes are AWEFULLY AWESOME How to be an atom?
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