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  1. Banned for perm. No perms on hairs.
  2. Floor 4704: The 60,000+ pages of data from the Vega message in Contact.
  3. Used to. TUBM has an experience on school publications.
  4. 3/10 - just saw you now! Nice to meet you
  5. Banned for not using the negation sign.
  6. Hey @Little 908 ! Welcome to the forums. I'm Kerbal Productions - someone who makes KSP cinematics once in a while (often before). Nice to see you here! I hope to see you more around! (p,s, visit the forum games!) Clydesdale SRB, the Vector, and the Mainsail! They're a must-have for me. The first two helps me in my first stages, EVEN IF THEY BRING MY PERIAPSIS FAR FROM 100KM! The Mainsail works great for second-stages. Really helps with orbit insertion and stuff.
  7. Banned for NOT INFORMING ME of @Venusian Explorer's return.
  8. Granted. However, it's a LEGO figure... shattered, even. I wish to be more active here.
  9. Floor 4159: All walls are engraved with the number 19. Well, because if you add up all the digits of this floor, it adds up to 19! It also has mangoes.
  10. Ummm... no comment...??? TUBM is very busy.
  11. 3/10 - interstellar species can still make their way to grammatical mistakes, as simple as misspelling their words. I like Taylor Swift a lot. I buy her merch and follows up on everything related to her. Does that make me human?
  12. 8/10 you are starting to be everywhere!
  13. Floor 4103: Multiple signages saying "do not the cat"
  14. Floor 4034: A pile of the said "solutions" to the Collatz Conjecture.
  15. 9/10 - still aerodynamic as usual! Keep beating the wind Thank you! I promise that the third one won't disappoint
  16. Granted, here is your bowl of Ice Spice's grocery list. I wish to excel another school year
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