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  1. 8/10 - you might have confused me there, you're probably not alien. I rely on YouTube tutorials on Math other than my Math teacher's PDFs, therefore I must be human!
  2. Floor 3171: An Indian guy teaching 50k... viewers about integrals... on algebra, apparently
  3. @Gevdeiand @henryjac13, Feel free to roam around the forums and enjoy
  4. 7, one for each letter. What do we use to cut the cheesecake?
  5. Sorry sir, self-service is implemented in this restaurant. Waiter! Did you or did you not infuse gamma rays in my soup? I can feel it!
  6. They're thinking caps, for those teachers who always use it for activities. Fun, isn't it? Waiter! Why is there a worksheet about rational expressions on my soup?
  7. 150 degrees Fahrenheit, or the melting point of someone when they see the one that they like. What to do if you have your finger stuck in a bottle?
  8. Banned for using reputation as a countermeasure.
  9. Categorizing stuff for your own advantage. Cheater!
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