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  1. WHOAH Glad to see so many new incredible mods coming out right now, this being the next one.
  2. Yes, you can! I have a long running Gu + GPP save, so yeah, you can! The only really cosmetic problem for me is that latest GPP works with Scaterrer 0.0722 so GU planets don't have Scaterrer since they use the latest one.
  3. No, probally isn't currently. KSPI-e has KerboNerd's work, an Epstein Drive basically the same as shown in his demonstrations here. Unless he says so, there is no progress I believe.
  4. You have my respect smushanoob, I know whats hapenning, you are making amazing and great planets. Stay strong man ! Also looking to full release of this mod.
  5. nope, scaterrer is just hard, and we are trying our best to finish only the atmospheres (no clouds) by the end of the month.
  6. For the love of Kraken, thank you so much for this mod!
  7. Aaaand it didn't work. The shadow of the ring is visible, but the ring itself doesn't have shadows. I also saw that every moon behind saturn doesn't seem to be affected by the lack of sunlight and one side of their surface is still bright, like Saturn didn't block any light and it passed right through him. The moon on the picture is Enceladus
  8. Hello lads! I absolutely love this mod, for me its all I wanted, but I have one problem with it, or more like a bug. Saturn's rings don't get shadows on them, and that is kinda frustrating. Does anybody know how to fix this? Any help will be aprieceated. Sending screenshot of GameData Folder and In-Game Saturn. Cheers!
  9. That Beltegeuse, thats hot! And is the nebulla around Gamma Velorum a skybox or a real object in-game? Great work!
  10. @Shbibe, I have a proposal. I want to help you with making this mod, but like you, I have no moding expierience. I know how to use scaterrer config and a litle about cloud making. Could you tell me which planets need scaterrer configs? I am eager to help
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