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  1. well no wonder the heat and reentry system is taking a while, its way loveing more complicated than I thought.
  2. I am so glad to hear your publisher hasn't screwed you over thanks nate
  3. ey this is awesome as we know there are files in game for interstellar stuff and colonies is this due to a parallel developement process? if so could you give us a rough time estimate between updates? also will roadmap goals be completed in multiple updates or singular updates?
  4. dont worry about it worst that happens is you get a stern talking to and or detention any contracts you signed are null and void as you are a minor no property damage will have taken place nothing will really change for them trust me it's worth it
  5. could you devs possibly add a system that allows us the player to control a kerbal on the inside of a craft it would work as if the inside of the craft had those seats that you can already use in the base game you get out and can walk around while your doing this the game only loads a model and physics for the iva of cockpit or crew module your currently in of course the exterior will de load textures but keep physics to help with performance you could possibly place stuff like a console that remotely operates experiments maybe in order to do eva in space you need a special interior piece if this isn't already coming maybe something to think about in the future
  6. hey so it's been a year or so devs if you see this can you please ask the people in charge of the console port for at least a rough estimate on the amount of time till the console release of 1.11 and 1.12 updates?
  7. based on what I have seen in this thread and my personal opinion here's how I think multiplayer will pan out. this type of multiplayer would be highly cooperative and would require coordination. 1. multiple players fulfilling positions on an individual craft or group of crafts 2. separated players managing vehicles and colonies and other stuff at separate rates of time a resinc system will be implemented where all players can press a button(everybody has to press it to resinc) to resinc time once everything they need to do is done in their reference frame. a single unsinced reference frame is essentially a singleplayer mode even in multiplayer till sinc occurs except with other players stuff in it. you can dock with other players stuff in the past and when a resinc occurs that craft will remain docked(note in case of players in the future they will be prohibited from changing that structure till resinc. when a resinc has been decided apon the players decide on a reference frame to sinc to usually the one farthest in the future. players cooperating in the management of a vehicle or group of vehicles/colony will be treated as a single reference frame where one of those players has the ability to warp time but all others will be dragged along with that select player through time if they choose to warp(at resinc reference frame decision this will treated as a single reference frame) a resinc consists of all craft being moved ahead in time(except for ones in the chosen reference frame) and their positions updated if they are in motion accordingly(so let's say the chosen reference frame is 10 months from your frame any satellites would move ahead by a certain distance depending apon their velocity). this means if you have an intercept for a craft coming up get that out of the way first otherwise you might miss intercept. you don't necessarily have to land the craft all you have to do is get it into orbit around your target planet or docked with your target craft. tell me what you think about this idea
  8. ok freal what is happening it's been months we need something
  9. as far as multiplayer goes maybe people can collaborate to control a single complex vessel.
  10. that would make sense maybe we will have the option to toggle a heat shield on the exterior surface of plane parts or exterior non plane parts included on a plane at the cost of a little weight also more footage of hud new parts and vab
  11. you have no idea how much this means to me thank you I play on console btw
  12. ksp 1.11 and 1.12 for console might be out by the time ksp2 is out on pc indicated by the lack of news about well ksp1
  13. just reminds me how long it's been since 1.11/1.12 came out for pc can't wait for console release(I have a ps4)
  14. this could simply be to a pessimistic view would not be surprised though if it came out around june 2023 at the latest
  15. the poodle engine, it's completely outclassed by the wolfhound in pretty much ever possible way it's only useful if you don't have making history.
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