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  1. let me guess, south florida? last time it snowed there was in 1977!
  2. Nate. This is not a subtle change. This is absolutely amazing!
  3. KSP 1 had a burn time indicator in the VAB staging UI. Apparently, this isn't a thing anymore in KSP 2
  4. bruh how. the ksp 1 music was literally royalty-free kevin macleod music. not to hate on kevin macleod, but that doesn't exactly seem to be the best soundtrack for a game with such high expectations. can you imagine entering the ksp 2 vab, excited to play the new game, and sneaky snitch starts playing, just like in ksp 1? it would totally throw off the mood.
  5. the fact that we already have mods that are so useful is absolutely insane. this community is crazy!
  6. weekly challenge #4: get ksp 2 to run on your computer without causing nuclear fallout.
  7. finally, i can play KSP 2 on my graphing calculator!
  8. it says that the purpose is to make building easier, but i don't understand where it's supposed to connect to the truck cab, and what other parts i'm supposed to add to it.
  9. thank god. i expected this, but it's just nice to hear it from a dev lol
  10. Wow! i didn't think anyone would actually do this challenge! if you ever get a chance, please try making a video, i would love to see it!
  11. No, it's not. The last delay said it would be available in early 2023. i think February counts as early 2023, and early access or not, can't you just be happy that the release date is finally on the horizon, without whinging about it not being "The Game That Was Promised"TM?
  12. yeah, i guess it's probably not an issue, i'll change it to a points objective (you get extra points for if you don't refuel in orbit) Nope! No chutes allowed, I'm wanting this to be more like starship than a traditional rocket landing. you get extra points if you land back on the same pad afterwards!
  13. COMFORTABLE RIDE CHALLENGE Kerbal space tourists are getting fed up with rockets that break their necks and make loads of space junk! This is why we need YOU to design a single stage rocket that can get to orbit and back without giving our tourists a bumpy ride. RULES 1. Rocket must launch from the launchpad and land vertically. 2.Rocket must return in one piece. This means that it must be single staged. engine switching is allowed. 3. Refueling in orbit is not required, but i can't see a way for this challenge to be completed without it. 4. At 5 times Kerbin's gravity, your tourists will most likely pass out, which is Not OptimalTM . Keep your kerbals under this threshold at all times*, or you will be disqualified. Also, try not to make your kerbals withstand G forces over 3 Gs for more that 5 seconds. 5. Your rocket must be able to: Launch vertically (remember to stay under 4 Gs!) Reach low Kerbin orbit. You get points for style, i.e smooth launch profile. Don't just burn straight up and then burn prograde at apoapsis, try to make it pretty. Accommodate at least 5 tourists. Any more gets you bonus points! Powered landing back on kerbin. Speed below 1 m/s so the tourists dont get jolted. 6. No Kraken drives. Come on people. MODS Near Future Suite (optional but recommended) Kerbal Atomics (optional) Cryogenic engines (optional) SSPX Redux (optional) Mechjeb- this is a piloting challenge, so for obvious reasons this is not allowed. Any planet pack: banned, unless it is only there to make the game better looking (aka Stock Visual Terrain) You can use other mods, but please check with me first. SETTINGS (NEW SANDBOX SAVE) Stock settings: Normal difficulty, turn on Kerbal g force limits. POINTS: 1 point for each extra tourist you bring along. Your score is doubled if you land on another celestial body before landing on Kerbin. Remember, all landings must be below 1 m/s. Bonus style points if you have a beautiful ship/nice launch profile! LEADERBOARD: I will also be trying this challenge out to make sure it's possible
  14. great, thanks for your help guys! also welcome to the forums Octavio1!
  15. hey @DocNappers, does the ai for bda+ work with FAR physics?
  16. agreed. Minecraft alpha, for example, had almost no features compared to the 1.0 release, and major things were changed.
  17. i'm kind of torn as to how far they should go with life support for ksp 2. on one hand, having a complex life support system would remind ksp 1 players of Umbra Space Industries life support, which i think would be amazing, but on the other hand, unless the life support is gradually introduced (all small ships have enough snacks/oxygen/whatever for a short trip and stuff like that) the entire group of "novice" players will be alienated. i think it's best if they keep it simple, but not so simple that it feels like an afterthought.
  18. good point, only one problem: kerbals don't care if you spend 5000 years in space, they'll do everything just the same, so there's no point in any trajectory except a normal intercept however, if the snacks system required you to get your kerbals somewhere in a reasonable amount of time, then yes, time would matter! this. unless you are travelling at like 50% the speed of light through a GIANT asteroid belt, you'd be lucky to even come across a single asteroid!
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