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  1. I don't have pictures since I'm not at home, but all the vehicles from a save that I was accessing from a different computer but with the same mods, says that stages that have fuel and the correct engine for that stage have no Delta V and the info thing is blank next to the Delta V for each stage when you expand it.
  2. Hi, I recently tried downloading your mod on a different computer so I can continue the same save. It seems that tweakscale does not like it for some reason and does that thing where it makes you quit KSP. I am on the latest version of KSP with the latest version of Tweakscale
  3. Hey @Vanamonde, is it possible if you can please change my name to "Toasty Dyna-Soar" Cheers,
  4. Got to say, this is another epic mission report. Thanks for making this!
  5. This mods is a total life saver when part sizes aren't the same or you want a better looking part smaller/bigger to fit in place of a worser one. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. Yet some people like that grind and made it even more "grindier" and realistic with mods like RP-1 so I guess some people maybe would enjoy it.
  7. Sounds interesting! I think KSP2 will just continue with the regular sandbox, adventure, etc. types of game modes. Yet I do think a mod could be made for this to happen just like RP-1. If a mod for this is made, I would happily play it (since my computer can barely handle RP-1 with reasonable fps) as a substitute for it.
  8. Most likely @Akagi since I doubt the X-20 would be able to hold up for a interplanetary journey like so. Gravitational forces would probably rip it apart.
  9. KSP 2, will turn my computer into an airplane that I will be able to fly by varying the thrust of the fans by placing parts down.
  10. If you put Jeb in a rocket, he might, *just might* not crash so called rocket.
  11. 8/10, usually see you at least 3-5 times a day I go on for the forums.
  12. This series was truly AWESOME! I hope to see it continue on!
  13. I finally found a station messier then mine!
  14. Floor 2958: You see Jeb pressed up against the window breathing heavily right before a long tentacle hits him off!
  15. Gotta love this mod! I love watching my rockets flip out of control and break into many pieces wether it's launching or reentering the atmosphere at mach 6!
  16. Absolutely stunning photos, wish my computer could handle that, lol.
  17. Granted, yet everybody speaks in an alien language. I wish for my computer to be able to handle a part count of over 100!
  18. Downloaded the mod and started loading the game, it seems to be loading when I look at the loading bar when it says what it is currently loading. Went into my game and there is nothing. Any ideas? Currently have the game data of X-20 mod (Not the overall download from github) but the gamedata inside of the mod, then replaced that into my KSP gamedata folder.
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