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  1. Thank you @ShadowZone! You certainly went through a lot of work to make this great video! As you said, this community is strong, and I add that you are part of its strength! Despite all these (not unexpected) bad news, there still is a big community that keeps a place for a game like KSP2, and I still think that there may be some ways to salvage it, if it gets out of T2's hands.
  2. Solved the Proton / DirectX issue! Somehow, my nvidia drivers were not updating and I was running on an older version! Updated to nvidia-driver-535 and now everything runs perfect on Proton 8 and Experimental.
  3. Thanks for your tip! Tried your suggestion, but I always get the same error message when using Proton 8: Failed to initialize graphics. Make sure you have DirectX 11 installed, have up to date drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration in display settings. InitializeEngineGraphics failed I can only run the game on Proton 7. If I add PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 , it does run on Proton 8, but with terrible performance.
  4. These are some (eventually) simple things I'd like to have which the roadmap doesn't clearly promise: Comets and asteroids IVA and first person view Kerbal parachutes and headlight Robotics and programming EVA construction / repair Make my own Kerbal! Life Support Mission planner tools like transfer window calculator, alarm clock and atmospheric landing trajectories Full TWR/dV per stage and by celestial body in the VAB Scanning and mapping for celestial bodies (including telescopes)
  5. Patch 0.1.5 works fine with me, performance improved a lot! No sound issues.
  6. Had this issue too on 0.1.4. If you wait for while it launches. (sometimes it took me a couple of minutes)
  7. Very good so far! Made the simplest rocket to get into orbit and land just at sunset! Clouds look great, performance is getting better for me. Bug-less mission so far
  8. I had those video issues, solved it with the following settings on Steam: In your Library, open the KSP2 page. Click the Manage icon, select Properties... In the GENERAL tab uses these launch options: eval $( echo "LC_ALL=C PROTON_LOG=1 %command%" | sed "s/PDLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/KSP2_x64.exe'/" ) In the compatibility tab, check Force the use of specific... and choose Proton 7.0-6
  9. This lack of remaining dV sometimes really gets on my nerves! KSP1 is far more precise, and this change has no benefits whatsoever, imo. Hardly ever I can make a very accurate maneuver. On this case, prettier is definitely not better. Regarding the maneuver node placement, I think KSP2 is having a broader view and going the right way: even though you need to loose some extra time in placing simple short burns, it feels much better for longer burns. I sent a small probe to Moho with xenon engines and I liked the way it worked out. (I used metalox engines to get out of kerbin SOI). @Sea_Kerman's idea could be a simple QOL improvement Looking back to February, there's a lot o progress already done and I still keep high expectations for this game
  10. Thanks a lot! I got bepinex running on my install, so far I'm just using a custom flag loader and it works!
  11. Thanks a lot! I managed to install this on a Linux / Steam install!
  12. After playing for a few days with the new patch (KSP2 v0.1.1.0), I managed to get the game going with a pretty decent performance. As far as I can read on multiple posts, the game seems to run quite like most Windows players. With settings all at max, I'm getting around 35 fps in KSC, around 25 at the launchpad with a small rocket, 35 fps in orbit and map views. Much smoother than before. I'm using Steam on Ubuntu 22.10, 16 GB RAM, CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600 12 core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Forcing Proton 7.0-6 I always get an error in proton Experimental stating it can't find DX11 if not using WINE3D If running Proton Experimental must add PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 in launch options to run, causing lots of terrain bugs and much slower performance. Launch options: eval $( echo "LC_ALL=C PROTON_LOG=1 %command%" | sed "s/PDLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/KSP2_x64.exe'/" ) Skips the annoying launcher Not using WINE3D: much better performance, clouds present, much less terrain glitches
  13. Method 1 is clearly the best if you are short on fuel and have a lot of time. Real life space travelling uses gravity assists and the Oberth Effect for maximal efficiency ( meaning a lot of weight reduction and fuel sparing in a industry where the $$$ for Kg is really astronomical ). As an example, you can check the BepiColombo probe flight plan to Mercury: it makes 9 fly-bies between Earth, Venus and Mercury but it will take 7 years to get there! Method 2 is faster and more Kerbalish : just add moar boosters!!! I found it useful when learning the basics of KSP: Hommann transfers, orbital inclinations / plane alignment and understanding how to get anywere without external aids such as MechJeb, maneuver planers and the like. In KSP2, I'm using mostly method 1.5: trying the first one and correcting with the second because of the insufficiencies the game still presents in precise planning and execution of IP maneuvers. (KSP1 is much better at that at the moment).
  14. Same for me: tried to use SpaceWarp and it didn't work.
  15. I've played KSP for over 1000 hours, and that makes it by far my lowest euro per hour game ever. Now I'm about 12h into KSP2, but a lot of that time has been wasted on load, reload, and restart, redo crafts and general bug circumventing. Managed to get to Mun and back, also went do Dres but bugs ruined the save. It has been disappointing to see many gross errors at some very basic features, afecting the core playability. Contrary to many members on these forums, I'm not furious and I kind of expected part of this when we had EA announced and very few gameplay footage posted pre-release. But it is worse than I thought it would be. If the game keeps its financial viability, it shall be corrected just like KSP1 and I'll still be playing. My fears lie on the possibilty that someone at the top may look at the mess it's in and decides that the best option is just to accept a loss and close the tap...
  16. Ubuntu 22.10 16 GB RAM AMD Ryzen 5 1600 12 core NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 I got the game running, but not out of the box. Ran directly the KSP2_x64.exe from the steam install directory, using Wine. It skips the useless launcher. Also tried your suggestions with steam and PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 . It also ran, can´t see a difference from using Wine directly. I can't use the runway as it appears underground. Videos don't show. I have no clouds. Quite frequently the Kraken shows up, had to make some restarts. Nevertheless, I already managed to land on the Mun and get back to Kerbin! It runs on Linux from day 1, I feel happy !
  17. My excitement on day 0 is about flying to and landing on Dres! After all these years in the waiting, I'm hoping the Ugly Duckling days are done!
  18. This is really getting on my nerves! I'll probably need to make a few updates so KSP2 will run in my old potato , and it does not make sense to release minimum requirements on the eve of game launch! It looks like I won't be ready for the game on day 1...
  19. This is great news! I play KSP1 on Steam-Linux, using Proton for compatibility. If it works, I'm definitely in for Early Acess!
  20. I'd bet on 2 star systems: 1. That's all we've heard so far 2. The devs have made a big effort to focus their speeches on quality and uniqueness of all those planets presented to date, so I'm not expecting a bunch of random generated 'No Man's Sky' galaxy. 3. Since KSP 1, the goal was making distinct challenges out of each planet, getting progressively harder. 2 star systems can do that just fine. 4. It's quite possible that the vast majority of players will spend a lot of game-play hours on these two systems. I'm not a rocket scientist nor all-day intensive player, but it took me months of playing until I made a non catastrophic landing mission on Moho, and even then I had to send a rescue mission due to slightly optimistic deltaV calculations! With all the extras such as colonies, there is time to expand later on, without further delays to the launch date. A third system would obviously be a very nice surprise!
  21. On this topic, I can only express my personal situation: I have played KSP using Steam in a Linux (Ubuntu) OS and I manage my mods with CKAN. I only use Mac or Windows at work, where gaming is completely out of the question. If KSP2 won't be compatible with Linux systems, I will most certainly be excluded. Nevertheless, there are multiple Windows-based games on Steam that also run in Linux systems, using Steam Play. I could live with that.
  22. I really don't think procedural star systems fit in KSP2's mindset. They focus a lot on the immensity of space and that is not compatible with sci-fi star-hopping. Just like humanity, Kerbals will probably be extremely lucky to reach the nearest star in some generations' time (if you think 'lucky' means leaving everything behind and spend your whole life in a tin can so your grandchildren may see a new -probably inhospitable - world). Besides, the planets we already know of previous videos don't point in procedural generation's way: KSP1 had each planet and moon designed as a different challenge, and KSP2 seems to go the same way (fortunately).
  23. Congrats to the winners, specially @Snark. I have Planet Info installed, it is a great mod: simple, discreet and smart!
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