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  1. You don't need the launcher to play the game, it actually has nouse except getting in the way (see this thread). Tl;dr: just find out where KSP files are installed (see here), and you will find an executable (KSP.exe, KSP.app, KSP.x86_64 or something like that, depending on your OS). Launching it will launch the game. You can then add a shortcut to it on your desktop.
  2. Log 24.2 Wiring complete! The 256 register bank now has 768 buffers in it, in 513 KALs. Next: implement the MOV instruction. That will take some more time. File size: 15 Mb. Loading time: approx. 30 seconds in KSP, less than 1 in cfp. cfp is python so it's supposed to run like 10x slower than KSP. However it actually runs 30x faster, which means KSP does stuff 300x slower than cfp. Isn't there, like, an optimisation problem? Also, removing or placing a part takes like 20 seconds. lol. -- Upd. -- There is now a KAL controller with 1030 tracks. I think it's a new world record.
  3. N -17 Ah, the wonders of xkb configuration... I just realized I spent the day on it.
  4. Log 24.1 Well well well, I have some good news! I just finished the track adding part and fixed a lot of quirks and bugs. cfp 0.3 is now usable! Here is a tgz if you wish to mess around with KAL controllers: cfp.tgz It includes a test craft (kaltest) which you can use as a sandbox. If you want to edit some text, look in the 'msg' dictionnary at the beginning of each file. To launch: open a terminal in the 'CFP' folder from the tgz and run './cfp -i <path-to-craft-file>' (without the quotes). There can be as many '-i' options as you want, and of course there also is a '--help' option, which will tell you of all other options. Some documentation will come soon. We can soon start doing stuff again! Just give me some time to get some documentation and some prebuilt curves. I have a 256 register array in progress, which will have a file size of (quick estimation) 20 Mb. It is currently at 6.3 Mb, with 512 KAL controllers, 256 of which have a track with 512 points, and 16 structural panels. It takes 10 seconds to load. Of course, I'll do it for 256 registers, then make the first 16 or so "special" ones (adder and stuff), add a bus, and if you need less just remove some. Thanks to Emacs kbd macros, I got unique names for each register (R00 to RFF and R00r to RFFr). I also made a modified version of the KAL editor, to blend the KAL list and the KAL editor; so much more practical.
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