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  1. Made some progress the last few days, the most important being the ability to copy data from KAL curves to files, and vice-versa! The next thing to do (hopefully that won't take long) is to add track creation/removal functions. Hopefully that won't be hard, and won't take too long (the behind-the-scenes function is already made, all that's left is to make an interface to it). I know it's a bit silly to have to start a main script that only proposes another script, but who knows, it may be useful. Still, you can directly launch /kal-utils-main as the start script, but it doesn't support file saving/opening... etc etc etc. (oh, and it works with actions as well as axes!) -- Upd. -- The 'delete' buttons now work, and the track's target is now shown under the track preview. Only thing left is the 'create new track' thing. I guess I'll put it in the bottom-right empty space.
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