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  1. @Kari I love your mod I love it so much, I wrote it a (20 minute) love letter (Best watched in 4k )
  2. I also have a weird transparent floor and walls in IVA mode: https://ibb.co/zS3h4G3 Anyone seen that? It is a great mod by the way, and basically is the only set of vehicles I play with at the moment! Man, that was my bad! The engines were enabled and firing while trapped under the interstage We're all good
  3. Does anyone else have a problem with the Vacuum Raptors exploding during launch (RSS/RO)
  4. @Katniss218 Can you outline the method you used to create this? I am interested in doing the same for Boca Chica...
  5. @Theysen I did some testing of the residuals and it seems to me that tank size has no effect. The result of this being that when I'm trying to land the StarShip, the Raptor engine cuts out when the header tank is still about 45% full This is surely ridiculous, SpaceX are using a little header tank in the nose to carry the small amount of fuel required for a propulsive landing. I'm pretty sure that they don't expect the Raptor burn to cease when the header tank is still nearly half-full Is there any way I can disable or edit the parameters of this feature?
  6. Hi guys. Just wondiering, is there any information on how the 'residuals' mechanic works? For instance, will the amount of unburnt fuel remaining in a tank depend on the size of the tank? Or is it all to do with the engine? What if the engine is being supplied by multiple tanks of different capacity? Will that have an effect? Many thanks!
  7. @Kari Has anyone got QD to QD docking working? I have both StarShips set to use QD docking and I'm basically brushing the QD ports against each other, but they just won't bite: https://ibb.co/RDYQyKC https://ibb.co/2Nsg0fS Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  8. @Cerious, @PeterGW, @serialblack I realise this is an old thread and possibly a dead mod, but I just wanted to say, I think the 'too many city lights' at low altitudes issue is due to an incorrect alpha mask The problem one has landmasses that are almost completely red, when it should just be the city lights that are red. I used the NASA 2016 city lights map to create a better alphamask, which I've uploaded to DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pi76rq84om9exlb/Masks.zip?dl=0 If you unzip this and copy it to \GameData\RVE\Textures\EVE\Masks.dds, overwriting the original, it clears up the masses of low level lights. PS. I additionally had to change some of the _ShadowFactor values in Clouds.cfg as the clouds were casting jet black shadows, which looked pretty weird...
  9. @ColdJ - Thanks for your continued attention, I'm extremely grateful! So, you were right that I could affect the reflections by manipulating the smooth shader function. I can't make it match the original piece though, which I assume was made in Unity: https://ibb.co/FX9DnGD Nevertheless, I have made enormous progress and learned a great deal about Blender! I think next I will try your idea about duplicating sections of mesh from the original piece, I am becoming much quicker with making the changes as I become more familiar with Blender, so I can easily start from scratch multiple times I'm trying to create this new piece to act as a 'depot' StarShip for a future video. The depot variant will never return to Earth, so will be launched without flaps or a heatshield. Man, I thought this was going to be so easy when I started...!
  10. @ColdJ - I'm sorry to keep coming to you. I patched up some holes in the mesh I had copied by selecting verticies and using Ctrl-V to create a new face between the selected verticies. Now the new faces reflect the light in a different direction to those around them: https://ibb.co/h8psrgY It took me an age to create all the new faces, surely there is an easy funciton to make them reflect in the same direction?
  11. @ColdJ Oh man, yeah it was the upside down thing! lol So I used a png and now I see my texture! The thing that was confusing me was that the whole dds image was the texture, so I couldn't understand why it was black if it was the wrong way up and not just an upside down texture, but I have noticed that the other dds files are all square, like 4096x4096 and mine was a slim rectangle, so maybe they always have to be square images? Not sure but there is progress at least
  12. @ColdJ - Hey! The next thing I am trying to do is alter the texture on my new piece. I could use the existing one (SEP_S20_Spec.dds), but the belly of the ship doesn't have the same seams and markings on, so I have successfully edited the dds file (SEP_S20_Spec_belly), created a new material, imported the dds file, applied it to the new piece, edited the UV mapping (All of this is brand new to me, it's exhausting...), and within blender it all looks as it should. When I export, I see the name of the new material at the very end of the MU file (using a hex editor), but in game, the texture is just black I also notice in the KSP.log, that my new dds file (SEP_S20_Spec_belly.dds) is not being loaded, while the original ones either side of it are all being loaded: I assume that my model section is black because the texture is not being loaded. Do you have any idea how I can resolve this? (I have read almost all of "Somewhere to put any knowledge learned about using the .mu plugin.", certainly all of the entries with the word 'texture' plus a 25 minute video you linked to, which did help me with the UV mapping, but I have not managed to load my newly create texture...)
  13. @ColdJ Hooray!!!! Thank you my friend, there is a cfg file called TexturesUnlimited.cfg which had an entry for the original part. I added the name for the new part and voila, it now has the silver material applied This opens up so many possibilities, I am (almost literally) over the moon Thank you once again!!
  14. @ColdJ - Many thanks for your long and detailed reply!! I will try and explain exactly what is happening. I have downloaded a mod: StarShip Expansion Project, which contains a lot of beautiful StarShip parts all loving coloured by the mod owner I would like to modify one or two of these parts in order to create a StarShip variant with no heat shield. So I'm starting with a piece named SEP_S20_BODY. The original piece looks like this in game: https://ibb.co/TBd8M3J Note the reflective surface on the right! So, I just want that reflective surface to remain as it is. I have noted that if I import the MU file in place and immediately export it without making any changes it loses the colour. This is the same piece and all I did was import it (SEP_S20_BODY.mu) and then export it as SEP_S20_BODY_NHS.mu (for No Heat Shield) https://ibb.co/Ptd5C96 I duplicated the SEP_S20_BODY.cfg file as SEP_S20_BODY_NHS.cfg and renamed all instances of SEP_S20_BODY within to SEP_S20_BODY_NHS, this has enabled me to select it as a separate part in the VAB So, I'm not sure I can copy the material from the Squad foil tanks, as I need it to continue to match the other pieces in the mod. And I don't think I can examine the materials of the existing mod pieces as they seem to lose their shiny material as soon as I import them into Blender Below is the contents of SEP_S20_BODY_NHS.cfg Below is what I see if I examine the material properties of one of the shiny metal pieces directly after importing the original piece into Blender: https://ibb.co/VCTG5dR I don't know if this is valid though, because like I say, if I export it like that, the colour vanishes Hope that all makes sense. Do you have any idea what is going on?
  15. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me! I am editing a mu file. I'm very new to Blender but I have managed to edit the model in the way I want, unfortunately, when I export to mu, the model has lost the silver reflective coating: https://ibb.co/nDhRvxb I guess I need to do something with 'materials' although the detailed lines are all correct, it is just the wrong colour and not reflective Any help gratefully received
  16. Hi, does this mean I can just install it and it will work in RSS/RO? I am running RSS/RO and I tried to follow the install instructions completely, but I don't see any scatters anywhere. Do I need to do something extra? Many thanks man, I would love to get this running in my game it looks so cool... Edit: I just read that Ctrl-P opens the config. If I do that, I get the message: Error - Body Earth is not parallax configured
  17. @R-T-B I removed MiniAVC (Within RCS Build Aid) and it is still exactly the same. Looks just like the screenshot above from @LNugget315
  18. @R-T-B Hi, I'm still getting issues with the latest version (90): WARNING: Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process. Loading your saved game is NOT recommended, because the missing planets could corrupt it and delete your progress. Please contact the planet pack author or the Kopernicus team about the issue and send them a valid bug report, including your KSP.log, your ModuleManager.ConfigCache file and the folder Logs/Kopernicus/ from your KSP root directory. Files can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/36bojockf96lnvv/Kopernicus.zip?dl=0 Please help me! Thanks!
  19. The number of mods that you continue to maintain is absolutely incredible, I and the rest of the community are eternally grateful Kudos!
  20. My apologies, I thought I had mode those public. Insert from image constantly going red when I try it. The upshot is that actual venting plumes are 25 times longer than those from the part https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2wbi2u4veek2yk/SH Booster 4 venting side by side.PNG Also, I am using the Fuel Valve smart part from this mod, sorry that wasn't clear!
  21. @linuxgurugamer - Hi! Do you know if there is an easy way to increase the length of the plumes coming from these drain valves? I am trying to use them to replicate the venting from SuperHeavy and StarShip, but they are pretty tiny in comparison: IRL https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOXux_P-PmViOcB6TzL7t50t1Av_WRz4tThZkuT KSP https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipN_ItyfmqiYJL_Y6RpUytU_NsYGGYcPZqSKGQ4E Many thanks!
  22. @R-T-BI'm using this with RSS in a new KSP 1.12.3 install and I'm getting the following error: Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process It is complaining about Ceres being null. I collected all the log files and made them available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gl7jtozaspk0a4d/KSP.zip?dl=0 Can you help? Many thanks!
  23. Oh man! You released a working version (December 27th) literally the day after I posted my issue (December 26th)!! I had no idea. Yeah, it works perfectly now and I will be using it for future videos Many thanks dude, much appreciated
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