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  1. I know that this thing exists...but it lacks bole booster aesthetics....
  2. Hello everyone! Has anyone previosly suggested making 6 segment variant for BO-L5 Advanced Solid Rocket Motor...it would be quite useful for those LONG SDLV launchers... And since all textures and other things are done it would not be that difficult to implement. Thanks for any answers in advance;)
  3. Very pleased that i have discovered this thread... waiting for future missions)) Gorgeous missions!
  4. Not really...i have been doing appolo stuff for the past few month But i can recreate some crafts for you)) It will be difficult to stop myself from using all my mods...certainly will have to restrict myself
  5. Hmm...i am not him, but most of his crafts so far are very easy to rercreate in about 30 min Lets wait and see...mars crafts certainly would be interesting
  6. My variation of Charles Peregrino's Valkyrie near lightspeed interstellar ship [This post was heavily inspired by InfoTheGamer (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/profile/207226-infothegamer/) I even used same captions as him] Some specs: Valkyrie mk2 ≈3500 parts (without cargo) ≈3200m in length 6000 tons fueled mass (without cargo) dV: around 1.6-1.8c Max speed: around 0.9c (I hope that there is enough resolution in this uploaded picture to see at least something)
  7. Are you planning to finish this timeline with mars mission? Good luck with your real life stuff))
  8. Probably author just took a break. Sometimes ksp burnout gets you)) All we have is to wait....patiently
  9. Have been following this thread for a long time already... Very nice work...Constellation is the best architecture ever(for now) Where did you get constellation flags?
  10. Ah.....another question: Has your modpack changed from last time you shared it somewhere in this thread?
  11. This is just gorgeous! One small question:How do you manevour modules with habtech 2 robotic arm? They are so unstable and shaky,wobbly..... Also, how you attached docking ports [cx100 if i remember correctly] to the side of the cylindrical modules?
  12. What about nuclear reactor on skylab b? It would be quite bad for nuclear reactor to burn up in the atmosphere (More of a real life question)
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/116QDWNlGDayC2rHQ5-Uz3-agPgHklVbe/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aUcgrKKfNsqJoBL7tkYQtpYfVsCPbII3/view?usp=sharing (log) What is wrong?
  14. One of booster 7 engines was removed [How can i attach images to the post?]
  15. Would there be any mars rover concepts implemented into bdb at some point?(Something like Pathfinder/MER/MSL)With BDB level of detail it would be very interesting to see something like this.
  16. Last week spacex installed water deluge manifold on LC39A pad. So i have a couple questions: 1.Why install manifold in the ground with nozzles pointing up,wont it be better to install it around the table,and pour the water top to bottom.Also nozzles at ground level are quite vulnerable to FOD. 2.What about boca pad? I think they cant install it know,it will require a lot of ground and gse work.Also there is no water tower to provide enormous quantities of water needed.
  17. Hello Everybody! Dont know if anyone discussed it here,but i will. When we saw B7 rollout i almost immediately had a question about new outer engine thermal shielding,it appears that it is only a thin layer of foil.So will we see a rollback to Highbay after finishing test campaign?
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