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  1. It was set to normal physics warp. Oh wait nvr mind. It’s a bug with drag cubes and the water model
  2. Umm so I recently encountered a new bug where if your wings rip off with an occluded fuselage it doesn’t crash into the water but it collides with a surface. Idk what is happening here. the original plane
  3. The payload is attached to the cockpit so maybe that’s what is happening?
  4. Hello fellow KSP players. Today I made a decent ssto that can cary about 50 tons into orbit with the drag from the engines and radial parts occluded. However the cargo bay that is closed doesn’t get it’s drag removed and produces the most amount of drag. Any way to combat this and or reduce most of it? Thanks in advance
  5. 0.5 meter ones like the baguettes and solar panels.
  6. Mainly it’s the micro parts. If you’ve seen videos from people like Vaos then you can see he had to remove ReStock since it changed those values.
  7. Seriously I can’t stress enough for you guys to look into texture baking. The verts are one of the reasons the game is taking in fps. Us Star Trek ship models do have to take that into account if we are gonna use them in games and we let normal details do the visual work.
  8. Fantastic mod! I was wondering if there could be a module manager patch to apply the stock drag model to the retextured parts since with micro missions this could affect some of that.
  9. It's the amount of clouds. Could you forward me a text file with a reduction either from 30% or 50% so I can see the surface please?
  10. Hey Blackrack. I hope you’re having a good day. I was having an issue with the stock config you’ve provided makes the surface of Eve dark to where I can barely see my vehicle. Is there s fix for that? Is it an issue with Scatterer or some weird installation bug? I’m working on an Eve mission and I want to be able to see on the surface without it affecting my mission.
  11. I was experimenting with high altitude propeller assisted launch vehicles for low eve orbit. I can just about reach 20k in height before loosing speed and flipping out. The propellers don’t rotate the craft and are at the com. They are constantly getting fed power so I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. I want to be able to reach 30k or higher to save vessel mass but I was wondering if anyone has help for this issue. Also the launcher can go into orbit. It just needs props that can go that height.
  12. Oh hell yes I would absolutely love these! When I was young I used to watch aircraft assembly videos and having these parts would be great spacecraft parts too.
  13. This is directly to @Nate Simpson from an abid plane lover. Though I have yet to play the second game I do love the new procedural wings. Idk why they didn’t get added stock in the first game but these are probably one of the best features in the second game for me who builds planes. If possible could you in a future update add more plane parts specifically wide body passenger and cargo modules and wing boxes in varying sizes. Mods like Airplanes Plus have added this in KSP1 but I’d like to be able to have them in the stock fame in KSP2. I also like to make the 747 and other large jet replicas in the first game but since you kind of require part clipping to make an accurate model which makes them heavier than the Goliath engines can provide, it can be a real pain in the ass to build and fly them. And finally as an also shuttle lover could there be shuttle lifting bodies, heat surfaces like in the real shuttle that get added? If these can get added into KSP2 stock that’ll be greatly appreciated since I love to go into the little detail in airplanes.
  14. I know that in real life wingtip flaps can help reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency for aircraft but in the stock game do they have any effect on aircraft design? I know Jet engines in the game are already one of the most efficient engines in the game compared to other engines like the xenon thruster but I was wondering would that affect the performance or would you need FAR for this level of aerodynamics design?
  15. Is the black line separating the time to periapsis and rotation period a division line because it was a bit unclear in the video.
  16. When will the SRBs get added as an effect? I’d love to hear something similar to the SLS’s boosters like in the Artemis One launch
  17. Today I built a rover that was based on one of NASA's recent pressurized lunar rover concepts with the swiveling wheels and even on normal control and rotors locked it just sucks to even press the W key. It won't even move pass 0.2 m/s which is abysmal for a small less than 10 ton rover that is only supposed to hold 4 kerbals which main mass is the mk2 lander can and the mk1 crew cabin and 2 small BG cargo containers. Even when converted to docking mode with controlled from the docking port the steering just doesn't work at all. Not to mention that SAS and Wheel Authority are put to zero. I had no problem driving it on the Mun before when testing. I even did research on how cars are designed to not flip etc. Am I doing something wrong or is the game just trying to be a dick to me? Bugs like these are a killer for me when trying to do anything in the game even with the parts doing the intended purpose. Here's a picture https://www.instagram.com/p/ClwqYcKJ2O-/
  18. That reminds me, my heaviest Eve lander I’ve built so far had like 5 Kerbals 2 of which were engineers and another 2 were scientist. Hopefully I can dig up the file at some point and reverse engineer it.
  19. To clarify Eve Landers I usually make are around the 1.5-meter range usually with 1 Kerbal on board and what I meant by a reasonable timeframe is around a year at minimum. I’ll probably just send over a mining/refueling rover on the surface of Eve for this kind of task if I don’t already have an ISRU on board.
  20. Thanks for the help. The general reentry path I like to follow is Bradley Whistance’s old 1.0.5 SSTO tutorial.
  21. Ah, this is what is probably causing the issue. Thanks for the tip. I usually put solar panels on the side and that’s it but it’s surprising how much drag Solar Panels and Antennae create. I might have to put them into a cargo bay or a service bay.
  22. I put my wings flat most of the time when making aircraft and I’m mainly working with a medium to small vertical stabilizer. On drag, I try to incubus the parts that have large drag into cargo bays and fairings and I like to be around a 30 to 40-degree AOA for reentry. I don’t have my computer on me at the moment so I can’t provide imagery.
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