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  1. for some reason rescale wont work on jnsq but the added planets are still here
  2. I'm hyped for the colonies and interstellar, as well as the new and improved features.
  3. Whenever I try to zoom into a planet the game crashes with scatterer, without scatter it doesn't crash but white lights flash.
  4. The issue was WarpPlugin, I removed it and cryotanks as well as ACK are working just fine now.
  5. No idea about redist, I’ll remove it tomorrow and I’ll see about csr.
  6. I said before I didn't have it installed and I still didn't have two fuel options. I don't have IFS, it's not installed, I deleted it but I'm still not getting two fuel options.
  7. Nope, but NFLV seems to have LH2/O and stuff I don't know why it's not working
  8. Cryotanks isn't working for me, I can only choose one fuel type. Does anyone have a list of incompatible mods for cryotanks?
  9. I'm having a problem where I can't get LH2/Ox on ACK fuel tanks but I can on NFLV, I don't have IFS installed. So I installed interstellar fuel switch, NFLV and BDB works but ACK only has one fuel option.
  10. How do I attach the spacecraft adapter to orion? The viking engine won't attach.
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