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  1. no, like, genuinely really really profitable. Too profitable for it to just be shutdown. OlliOlli made a LOT of money
  2. I agree with most of your arguments except the last bit. The current state of the game but their fixing of so many deep-rooted bugs and its current stability (considering its launch) shows its workable, and able to do more than ksp 1 with burn under timewarp and its new terrain systems. I think it does have potential, but just as it was turning around (and playable) its truly sad that they pulled the plug before the stuff the game was designed to do (interstellar, colonies) were not able to have been shown. Also they have also laid of R7 - a very popular and successful dev studio, the one behind OlliOlli for the same reasons, so its not what you said in P2. Oh thank goodness this part of the community is still nice. I saw people celebrating them losing their jobs on the reddit. R7 was super profitable - OlliOlli world was the highest selling new switch game for two months when it came out lol
  3. interesting. Mike said something cool on twitter though: They are ""handing the game off"" to another group. So someone will work on it apparently.
  4. There is a lot of misinformation in here, let me try and clarify. During the ST-IG overtake dev was reset, then the new game dev team was hit by covid. This puts us at approx 4 years of dev, maximum - not counting lowered efficiency during covid. I think the sate of the game is dire, but not yet entirely over. We should expect everything up to 1.0 to be pushed out in ~ 60 days, and then PD to do bugfixes for a few months after. Not entirely over, but pretty much so. When it comes to management, the CEO of Uber entertainment was fired, but a lot of the other highups were actually moved across. Thats bad. One final comment: We have no knowledge of what is happening. At all. If we can, lets stay calm until any solid news arises. This may be good or bad for the future
  5. not quite. They have said dev will continue, most likely will be a rush job from PD
  6. Not a scam if you think its worth your money. I've gotten a lotta hours outta this game
  7. Both can be true. There isnt enough info to know right now. Looking at things, we'll either get a skeleton crew, a rush team, or a new studio changeover
  8. if anything it was the toxisity that was caused from this kind of mindset. This had not only no impact on the game but is also untrue. THe discord and forums are 90% complaints, they just aren't as awful as you want them to be
  9. Jaypeg

    KSP2 Was

    Looks maybe like studio switchover?
  10. they already said "development is still underway" Looks like another studio changeover, folks
  11. people are specialized in game dev. At a point getting modelling/animation people to bugfix will do more harm than good. Looks like a different company will get development. Hoping thatll be a good thing
  12. Uber entertainment CEO. They've done this twice before In other news, I think the game will be fine. Better than fine, in fact. Looking at tweets, and how these things pan out - the game is being moved into a different, more experienced studio to be worked on. Thats good. At least the game wont die
  13. not how it works creative direction aint the one in charge in that kinda way. That would be upper management.
  14. dont call failiure before its confirmed, and nate is a creative director. What you describe is a pretty normal way of doing your job. Also creative directors are just the arts people. Not the marketing or management.
  15. Letting everyone know. In the EA trailer, they said that all milestones til 1.0 would be developed. You can sue if it gets cancelled.
  16. I we are currently 14 days beyond the average update time. We will most likely get a big update within the next 2 weeks.
  17. yes, of course they will add it. its one of the roadmap milestones yes its called having a plan. Its the first step in the design process, after brainstorming We will get more info when we get closer to the date
  18. I think the problem is mostly missions/$ making poeople play the most efficiently they can in a bad way - just grinding for hours before anything fun. You dont want that
  19. haven't been any lies as far as I can see since launch?
  20. this is about non-colonies stuff. They are mostly working on colonies I mean, its more complex on things they've actually worked on so far vs ksp 1 (maneuver nodes, different fuel types, science/missions). Its definitely not a conscious decision, more about just being in development. E.g. fuel flow is still a thing, but its harder to do. everything except the jet fuel thing are planned. The jet fuel thing is disconfirmed because they want it to work like ksp 1 in gameplay. holy moly
  21. its a little better with 0.2.1 but Im most waiting for when they make it change colors based on planet
  22. Yeah. It should come sooner than later. Ksp 2 is currently around ~700 players down from 5000 at 0.2's launch
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